Intro Watermedia Techniques, Experimenting w/Shape and Color w/April Rimpo

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HorseSpirit Arts Gallery

8600 Foundry Street

#Suite 2063

Savage, MD 20763

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Jazz up your style using experimental techniques, while working abstractly with shapes and colors in watercolor or fluid acrylic paints.

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Day & Date: October 19, Saturday Workshop

Time:11:30 am – 5:30 pm, doors open for setup at 11:15 am.

All skill levels welcomed, 18 and older!

Jazz up your paintings! Work in watercolor or fluid acrylic and learn a few approaches to work more abstractly than in traditional realism. Here’s an opportunity to explore great color combinations to enhance your work!

You'll experiment with:

  • Monochromatic palette: one color in light & dark values
  • Complementary color schemes: opposite sides of the color wheel
  • Secondary & Tertiary Triads: 3 colors equidistant around the color wheel, offset from the primary colors, red/blue/yellow

Students provide their own materials, list below

  • Questions, or to register by ph call 301-490-2001, HorseSpirit Arts Gallery.
  • Classes are held in our upstairs artist loft, we'll help carry supplies, there is no elevator.
  • Please know that while not refundable, tickets are transferable.
  • Bring your lunch, for the 30 minutes lunch break.


April M Rimpo has been involved in art to some degree her whole life. Her father and grandfather both painted so her inclination to draw came naturally. In her early twenties she took classes from a local artist, which led to Rimpo’s first exhibit. At the exhibition she was approached by an art material manufacturer representative, who offered to purchase her painting to use in an ad for their materials. Despite the positive feedback, Rimpo knew she was not ready and has continued to attend local classes plus over 1000 hours of workshops from nationally and internationally known artists.

She has been selected in over 50 International and National watercolor and acrylic exhibitions and has received awards in both local and national shows. She has been accepted as a Signature Artist is six International or National organizations. She has seven paintings published in North Light Books: five paintings in Best of Acrylic and two in Best of Watercolor books. See more of her artwork on her website, www.AMRart.org.

Supply List:

First choose to work in either watercolor or fluid acrylic. April will demonstrate in both during the day. Please bring your usual painting supplies, to include:

April will have reference material available for the students. But feel free to bring a simple reference with one or two items in it (e.g., a couple pieces of fruit, a simple profile of a person) that you can use to test the color schemes. You'll create a variety of samples of the same image. April will have samples to inspire the class.

 Watercolor Paper – Four (4) 1/8 th sheets of watercolor paper (5.5” x 7.5”) and a scrap sheet to test colors on. April uses 140 lb Arches Cold Pressed, but any quality watercolor paper will be fine. Strathmore paper NOT recommended.

 Painting support boards are recommended to tape your paper to. Foam core is lightweight and works well.

 Paint - April uses primarily Daniel Smith watercolor and DaVinci or Golden Fluid Acrylics (Not tube acrylics or pouring resin acrylics). Bring whatever paint brand you have and like to use.

 We’ll be working in these color schemes:

1. Monochromatic: light and dark blues, and black or neutral tint to make the darkest colors)

2. Complements: leaf green/spring green with a cool red (e..g., Quinacridone Violet or Quinacridone Rose or Alizarin Red)

3. Tertiary triad: purple, leaf green/spring green, cadmium red light

If time permits...

4. A second Monochromatic: Warm Yellow, Sepia, and Black or Neutral Tint

5. A second complement of blue and orange

First choose whether you'll be working in either (not both) watercolor or fluid acrylic paint. April typically uses these colors in either watercolor or fluid acrylic:

 Quinacridone Gold or Transparent Raw Sienna – light value, warm yellow

 Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, or Manganese Blue – light value blue

 French Ultramarine Blue or Indanthrone Blue‐ dark value, warm blue

 Quinacridone Red or Rose – medium cool value

 Alizarin Crimson – dark value cool red

 Cadmium Red Light (hue) – light value, warm red

 Dioxazine Purple – dark value

 Leaf Green or Gold Green – light value

 Titanium White – if working in fluid acrylic paints

 Neutral Tint

If you decide to purchase fluid acrylic paints, they are available at many places. Here is one option:http://www.cheapjoes.com/da‐vinci‐fluid‐acrylics.html

 Palette You can bring your normal palette. Porcelain palettes clean up most easily if using fluid acrylic.

 An inexpensive option for a fluid acrylic palette is:

• Styrofoam egg cartoon with the lid removed. The egg cups can be used to hold the pools of paint and the lid can be used for mixing small amounts of color.If you want to buy something more permanent one of these options might be useful: Standard Watercolor palette for holding watercolors and for mixing (Not recommended for Fluid Acrylic)

 April also uses these: Cheap Joes - CJ18454 : AJ Flower Palette – 7” diameter with 8 Well– Porcelain

 Brushes: 1” flat brush, ½” flat, # 8 round, plus #10 to #12 pointed round

These are a minimum. Bring your favorites as well.

 Sketchbook or notebook for taking notes and making sketches, as needed.Essentials:

 Two Containers for water (old large tub of margarine, Cool Whip or deli container)

 Drawing pencil (HB) or what you prefer to use on watercolor paper and a Kneaded eraser

To reduce clean up time, bring the following:

 Plastic tablecloth and sponge in case paint leaks and we need to clean the table.

 If using fluid acrylic, an old bath towel, or something of similar that is very absorbent that you're okay with getting paint on – you'll use this on the table to catch dripping paint.

 Smock or apron– If you're using fluid acrylic, it won’t come out of your clothes

 Roll of Paper Towels

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Date and Time


HorseSpirit Arts Gallery

8600 Foundry Street

#Suite 2063

Savage, MD 20763

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