Intro to Standup Comedy: It's Funny When It's True!
$97 – $147
Intro to Standup Comedy: It's Funny When It's True!

Intro to Standup Comedy: It's Funny When It's True!

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Jeffrey Bihr Studios

5390 Miles Ave

Oakland, CA 94618

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Just like everyone has at least one book or one album in them--the story of their life-- everyone has one standup comedy set in them. Even you. If you've never been on stage before, this is a safe place for it. If you're a veteran, this is a place you can take your work to the next level.

If you have ever dreamed of doing standup comedy, but thought, "I could never..." If your friends have told you, "You're so funny! You should get up on stage." If you have you ever dreamed of one day having your own Netflix comedy special, this class is for you.

Standup Comedy 101 is a journey into the heart of YOUR sense of humor. You'll explore and create and your work with culminate in a low-key final performance. Together, in an intimate group compadres, you'll be finding and honing your set, discovering your voice, your attitudes, and your opinions, and bringing your Self to the stage.

his standup comedy bootcamp will include working with some of the following:

  • discovering your "humor fingerprint"

  • turning your life into material

  • transforming stories into jokes

  • joke structure and clarity of the premise

  • act-outs

  • set structure

  • timing

  • physicality

  • authenticity

  • subversiveness ["Jon Stewart-ing"]

  • absurdism

  • honing your voice

  • creating and riffing on stage

  • comedy roundtable joke writing

It’s one part comedy, one part group therapy, one part alchemy. All parts dang good. Let's do this.

Alicia's Standup Comedy Story, in a Nutshell:

"I remember my fist time on stage doing standup. It was in 1996, and New York comdian Eugene Mirman's open mic at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. I had a crush on him--I'm embarrassed to admit that. But that wasn't why I wanted to do comedy. I had wanted to do standup since I was 8, after watching Comic Relief 60 times on my VCR. And this was my big chance. I took several weeks, writing notes down, things I thought were funny. I showed my notebook to Eugene. He showed me his three-page personally-typed letter from Emo Philips on how to be a good comedian. Eugene told me to put the punchlines at the end of jokes [rather than in the middle or somewhere else along the way].

On the big night of my first set, my entire body was flush with terror and thrill, heat and sweat. It was really happening. I got up, and I killed it. Actually, I didn't really kill, but it seemed like it through my adrenaline-filter. And I was hooked for life. Eugene said I had good stage presence. It took me 15 more years to get good at the joke part. But I am now, and I'd like to help you do it way faster than I did. You may not turn out to be Chris Rock, but you will turn out to be more of yourself, and you can learn to be funnier than when you started. I've seen it over and over. Plus, what really matters is finding out what YOU think is funny and digging that."

About Alicia's Students

People who have worked with Alicia have appeared Off-Broadway, on Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel, headlined The Improv in LA, started theatre companies, been featured on TED Talks that have gone viral, led troupes dancing in Carnaval, performed on musical stages internationally, acted in SF theatre productions, The Moth NYC, and been featured artists on NPR. Her students have incorporated standup comedy, storytelling, poetry, singing, dancing, and performance art into their work.

What Students are Saying

“Alicia's feedback is insightful, practical, thoughtful and supportive. I especially appreciated her insights and support for my piece.”

“Alicia is a brilliant facilitator. I'm grateful for her for her skill, her care, her gentleness, her power and her wisdom.”

“I’m blown away by Alicia's ability to work with everyone's material. She sees the potential and very eloquently and gracefully guides us. I am so impressed! I just love her approach. She's created a beautiful container for the essence of who we are to emerge.”

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Date and Time


Jeffrey Bihr Studios

5390 Miles Ave

Oakland, CA 94618

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