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Intro to Financial Investing the BetterInvesting Way

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Intro to Financial Investing the BetterInvesting Way

Christ Church United Methodist, Denver, CO

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The first in a series of classes to help individual investors understand and implement the principles used by BetterInvesting (BI) and how the principles contribute to investment success. Attendees learn basic financial terms, how to perform basic calculations needed for stock analysis, where to find research information, what data is important in Value Line, and where information is located on a Value Line report. The class defines commonly used terms that are critical for an investor to understand. Attendees also learn how to use stock screening to find stocks to study in an industry.

Many individuals find learning about investing with other individuals adds to their learning process, and may want to look into joining or forming an investment club.  This subject is also covered during the presentation.

The next class in the series is "Stock Selection Guide - Learning the Basics" (SSG). This class guides the beginning investor through the SSG, section by section, digging deeper into the use of the form to aid in evaluating an individual stock. The SSG class also is recommended as a refesher for club members who want to review the basics.

Christ Church United Methodist - 690 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80206 - View Map
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