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Intro to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain - explained in Simple English

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London Central Zone 1 TBC


United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

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The event will be a full day introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. We will cover all of the following subjects and you will leave with an understanding of all of the below.

What is cryptocurrency – an introduction:

- What is Bitcoin

- What is cryptocurrency

- Why are there now over 1800 different cryptocurrencies?

- History of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

- Why are Crypto, Bitcoin and blockchain so hot now?

What is the purpose and benefit of Crypto – does cryptocurrency have any uses today?

- What do the cryptocurrencies do?

- Real world uses for crypto

- Reasons to get excited about crypto and its potential

Which are the best crypto projects?

- There are 1800 cryptocurrencies and many more new ones being added – how to know which are the best ones to look into

- You will get your own takeaway guide of exactly what to look for in a crypto project and what to avoid- an extensive checklist put together with 2 years of extensive research

- You will leave being able to easily analyse cryptocurrencies for yourself


- What are Altcoins

- What do altcoins do? Some real life examples of how they are used and why they are so exciting

- The main Alts explained in simple English – Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin

- Overview in simple English of many other new, exciting crypto projects with their altcoins

- How to asses those with great value and those that will die


- What are ICOs?

- How to recognise a good ICO and avoid the bad ones

- ICO trends

- How to buy into ICOs

- You will get a takeaway full extensive guide on exactly what to look for and what to avoid in an ICO project with real life examples

- You will leave being able to easily analyse ICOs for yourself

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

- A lot of people are talking about blockchain. How does blockchain relate to cryptocurrency?

- What are the uses of blockchain?

- What are smart contracts?

- Everything you need to know about Blockchain 101

- The best blockchain projects

How to get started with Bitcoin and crypto

- How and where tobuy your first bitcoin or cryptocurrency

- How and where to buy Altcoins

- Which sites and exchanges are best and safest

- You will get your own full guides to takeaway with written instructions and screenshots on how to get set up at home

How to cash out back into your bank

- How to cash out back into real money £

- The best platforms to use depending on your priorities

Scams and how to stay safe in crypto

- There are many scams around crypto. It’s also possible to stay safe and avoid problems if you know what you’re doing.

- 101 guide on what scams are out there and how to recognise and avoid them

- Safety measures and precautions to take to avoid risks

- How to set up and use Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Crypto Wallets

- What are wallets- hard wallets and online wallets?

- Which are best and safest?

- How to set them up – live demonstration of how to set up MyEtherWallet

- You will get a takeaway guide with instructions on how to set up the 2 main crypto wallets so you will be able to do so easily at home

Crypto Mining

- What is Mining? What is cloud Mining, and rig mining from home?

- What are the risks, and why is it best avoided

Different ways of making money from Crypto

- Invest in cryptocurrencies – long term holds

- Invest in crypto currencies – short term holds

- Trading cryptocurrencies – day trades or short quick trade

- Invest in ICOs

- Trading Bitcoin against the $ Dollar

- Choosing two good crypto projects you know well to trade against each other

Trading and Investing

- When to buy and sell

- Stop-losses

- The psychology and mindset of trading – important to know before you start and make these mistakes

Understanding the Market

- What factors influence the crypto market and prices

- What has caused the huge rise in crypto and the drops

- Where will crypto and Bitcoin go from here?

- What factors and sources to follow to best understand the market and predict as best as possible future events

The event location will be in Zone 1 London and will be confirmed nearer the time. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch which isn't included in the price of the tickets.

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Date and Time


London Central Zone 1 TBC


United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 1 day before event

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