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IntimacyFest 2018 ~ The Joy and Wonder of Connection

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Liberty Arising

1585 Jewel Valley Road

Jacumba Hot Springs, CA 91934

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Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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What stops you from loving people?

Maybe you’ve been hurt by someone, or many people.
Opening yourself to love can hurt, because that love can be taken away.

Maybe you’re afraid of letting people see you.

In a world where we constantly project our “best self” on social media, it can be scary to show people who we really are. Our pain, our insecurities — we all want to hide the things we aren’t proud of.

So how do we navigate this thing called “love” that comes at such a cost?

Maybe a better question is… what happens when we avoid it?

We feel separate. Disconnected. Lonely.
Loneliness has become our silent struggle.

Today the quantity of our friendships is greater than ever, but the quality has suffered, and we suffer with it. We don’t trust people with our hearts, or our bodies, and ultimately — we don’t trust ourselves.

IntimacyFest is a different kind of festival.

It’s not thousands of people, in fact it’s not even hundreds. It’s a tribe of 40 people who come together from all corners of the world to experience the possibility of community. It’s a place where it’s safe to show people who you are, because we’re committed to encouraging you for who you want to be.

It’s a place to experience love.
It’s a place to experience growth.
It’s a place to experience family.

What To Expect

  • Gain real tools for deep connection and intimacy in all your relationships.
  • Lean into your edges of self-expression, vulnerability and honesty.
  • Be seen, gotten, felt, and known like never before.
  • Participate in three full days of well-facilitated practices, games and workshops.
  • See your blind spots by receiving caring and honest reflections from other people.
  • Enjoy plenty of personal time to recharge and enjoy the beautiful land & surrounding nature.
  • Allow yourself to drop your armor, walls and masks so you can experience being fully yourself.
  • Join or watch our Impromptu Talent Show and non-sexual cuddle party.
  • Feel good in your own skin, and learn to trust your body’s wisdom and your authentic desires.
  • Become a part of a community of dear friends, chosen family, and allies who support who you want to be.


Early Bird (Ends May 15): $450
Regular Price: $500

Your ticket includes all 4 days, all meals and space to camp. We also have other sleeping accommodations if you want to upgrade.

Dorm (+$50): There is a 24 person dorm you may use, you will be provided with a bed, pillow and sheets (picture below).

Lotus Belle Tent (+$250): There are two beautiful glamping tents that sleep two people (see picture below). The price is to rent the entire Lotus Belle Tent so any other people that are staying in the tent only need a basic price ticket.

Private Room (+$400): There are 4 private rooms available (see picture below). The price is to rent the private room so any other people staying with you in the tent only need to buy a basic price ticket.

Food and Location

  • All meals cooked and prepared by our favorite Chef, Andrew Velasco. There will be six meals, all are included in the price. Food will be mostly vegetarian and you are welcome to bring any supplements, but make sure to bring your own cooler, fridge space is only for the prepared food.

  • The event is being held at Liberty Advance, a beautiful retreat center located in Jacumba Hot Springs, California, approximately 1 hour east of of San Diego. Below are some pictures form the location.

Your Hosts

Dave Booda is a writer, musician and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of TEDxCardiffbytheSea, co-founder of IntimacyFest, and writes weekly at about relationships, creativity and happiness. He is the host Darken the Page, a podcast about the creative process and he also moonlights as his alter-ego Boodananda, a spiritually satirical Kirtan singer who travels the world performing high-vibrational music for enlightened audiences.

Paula Padma is a healing artist, facilitator, and counselor. She has extensive personal and professional training in psychology, healing therapies, meditation, and Tantra. She is the co-founder of IntimacyFest and has led hundreds of workshops on the topics of relating, communication, love, intimacy, and embodiment. Paula's mission is to help people return home — by creating a safe space for them to melt their inner walls and barriers, revealing their true heart, their true beauty, and their raw pulsing aliveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I be attending with a partner?

Not necessarily. We typically have about half and half couples and singles. While attending IntimacyFest with a partner would be brilliant, it is by no means necessary. There will be many people there who are flying solo, in fact attending alone often gives you the chance to meet and connect with more people.

2. Will there be nudity?

You're welcome to enjoy nudity around the property. The land is very private and we will have it all to ourselves.

3. Is intimacy about sex?

We use the word to describe a simple feeling of closeness, which can include sexual energy, but can also be very easily limited by it. None of the exercises or events will involve any sex acts or intentional sexual energy.

In the past we’ve experimented with different levels of emphasis on sexuality, including having a dedicated tent for it, and also a facilitated play party. This year there won’t be a play party, or any designated areas for sex — however you are welcome to enjoy it in the privacy of your own tent.

4. Can I get a ride if I fly into LA or San Diego?

While there's no guarantee, chances are very good and we're happy to help make that happen. In the last three years we've gotten everyone a ride that needed one.

5. Does this festival promote polyamory or open relationships?

No, this is a festival for people in all relationship styles. Some of the attendees are in open relationships, but it's not the focus of the festival.

6. Is IntimacyFest LGBTQ friendly?

Yes, we have people of all kinds of sexual orientations.

7. What is your return policy?

Life happens, we understand. You may get a full refund up to one week before the event.

Got another question?

Send Dave an email:

Date and Time


Liberty Arising

1585 Jewel Valley Road

Jacumba Hot Springs, CA 91934

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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