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International Conference on e-Health and Healthcare Innovations (CSE)

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International Conference on e-Health and Healthcare Innovations

About the conference

“Using digital tools to reach patients is no longer a question of ‘if’-it’s question of ‘how’ and it’s a matter of now”- Chris Boyer

International Conference on e-Health and Healthcare Innovations mainly focus on the latest research in the field of Electronic Health and all the innovations in Healthcare system. e-Health 2019 invites young researchers, leaders in healthcare industry, clinicians, health authorities, deans, directors, CEO’s emerging professionals, healthcare industrial delegates, talented student, experts, communities in the field of digital healthcare under a single roof, where networking and global partnering will happens for the acceleration of future research and expected to grow at a high rate in upcoming years with drift to boost the growth of the medical care technology and health. e-health conference also invites the exhibitors to participate and promote their medical devices, software’s and e-health applications as well as mobile apps and other medical and wellness products. e-health conference provides an opportunity to promote newly updated online health applications and mobile health products through this platform. Conference is scheduled on May 8th - 9th, 2019 at Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Session and Tracks

Track 1: e-Health (Electronic Health)

E-Health is defined as use of internet and other related technologies in the health care, health education, knowledge, research and industry to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, quality of treatment, business process utilized by healthcare organizations, practitioners, patients and consumers with the help of Next Generation Network (NGN) to improve the health and status of patient.

Access to product/information/knowledge
Access to Health Service.
Access to Experts/Doctors.

Track 2: Digital Health Start-up Forum

Recent advancements in the field of healthcare technologies and more need for advanced healthcare regime, number of start-up companies is utilizing digital and Internet-based health technologies to make behavioural and lifestyle changes for patients. In few last year’s number of start-up businesses seemed to light like digital health therapeutics, tele-health, digital pathology, digital health, e-health, m-health companies is being promoted with their latest innovative methodologies that use digital implements like mobile-devices, apps, sensors, etc. to trigger behavioural changes in patients.

Track 3:e-Health Applications

It is improved quality of treatment through cooperative care. Cost and time savings from fewer unnecessary examinations as existing patient data are centrally available efficient workflows and effortless cross-institutional communication. e-Health Solutions offer dedicated portals for patients and physicians, providing all parties involved in the care process access to the data they need.

The e-Health physician portal provides physicians Web access to selected content and supports them in efficiently managing patient treatments. Easy and fast exchange of treatment data between hospitals and private practices saves unnecessary examinations and thus time and costs. Keeps everyone involved in the care process up to date and renders manual sending of clinical results unnecessary. Instant online viewing of clinical content with an well renowned doctors. Efficient communication with everyone involved in the care process saves time.

The e-Health patient portal allows patients web access to their health data and enables them to actively participate in their treatment. It allows patients to organize their own health record, Access their own data Adapt their personal data, Interact with physicians’ online connect external devices and load data into the portal. Easy online access to treatment data, no more paper/CD records, reduced effort to keep personal patient data up to date as patients manage their own data.

Track 4: Electronic Health Records

It is a record in digital format that's capable of being shared across completely different health care settings, by being embedded in network-connected enterprise-wide data systems. Such records, might embody a full vary of knowledge in comprehensive or outline type, together with demographics, medical record, medication and allergies, immunization standing, laboratory take a look at results, radiology pictures, important signs, personal stats like age and weight, and charge data.

Its purpose is understood as an entire record of patient encounters that enables the automation and streamlining of the work flow in health care settings and will increase safety through evidence-based call support, quality management, and outcomes coverage.

Track 5: Electronic Medical Record

EMR stands for Electronic medical records, that area unit the digital equivalent of paper records, or charts at a clinician’s workplace. EMRs generally contain general info like treatment and case history a couple of patient because it is collected by the individual practice. By implementing EMR, patient information will be half-track over Associate in nursing extended amount of your time by multiple aid suppliers. It will facilitate determine people who area unit due for preventive checkups and screenings and monitor however every patient measures up to sure needs like vaccinations and force per unit area readings.

EMRs area unit designed to assist organizations offer economical and precise care. May be the foremost vital distinction is that EMR records area unit universal, which means that rather than having completely different charts at different aid facilities, a patient can have one electronic chart which will be accessed from any medical building victimisation EMR code.

Track 6: Telemedicine

Telemedicine may be a quickly developing application of clinical medication wherever medical information is transferred through interactive audio visual media for the aim of consulting, and typically remote medical procedures or examinations. Telemedicine could also be as straightforward as two health professionals discussing a case over the phone to phone, or as advanced as exploitation satellite technology and videoconferencing instrumentality to conduct a period of time consultation between medical specialists in two completely different countries.

Telemedicine usually refers to the utilization of communications and knowledge technologies for the delivery of clinical care. Care at a distance (also referred to as in absentia care), Associate in nursing recent observe that was typically conducted via post. There has been a protracted and flourishing history of in absentia health care that, because of trendy communication technology has evolved into what we all know as trendy telemedicine.

Track 7: Mobile Health

m-Health conjointly referred to as mobile health - refers to the apply of drugs and public health supported by mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, personal digital assistants and therefore the wireless infrastructure at intervals digital health, m-health encompasses all applications of telecommunications and transmission technologies for the delivery of care and health info. Patients receive phone calls or text/voice messages associated with health education, treatment adherence, contacting employees’ doctors, physicians, medical experts or organizing transport to health healthcare workers are provided with needed resources to access the most up-to-date clinical guidelines, collaborate with colleagues, analyse data, receive diagnostic support, and interact with clients.

Disease and epidemic outbreak tracking
Health care supply chain management
Diagnostic and treatment support
Chronic disease management

Track 8: Over-The-Counter Drugs (OTC)

OTC drugs are those drugs which are safe and effective for use by the general public without a doctor’s prescription. Also known as prescription de controlled drugs. These are the non-prescription or over the counter drugs. These have little significant pharmacological activity and therefore the physician need not be very much concerned about their use by the patient themselves. It is used for primarily for symptomatic relief and not as substitutes for prescription drugs .chemist himself may prescribe OTC. It is considered as time saving medications. Some patients do not want to spend much time at physicians’ clinic.


Track 9:Prescription Drugs

A written or verbal order for a medication by a licensed individual (physician, dentist etc).It have been used since ancient times. Medication must be prescribed a registered medical practitioner. Should be clearly written, typed or computed generated and be indelible and dated. If a drug replaces a previously prescribed drug then the outdated one must be cancelled, signed and dated. Information regarding changes in medication must be communicated to all who need to know Nursing staff, patient.

Prescription in general practice
Hospital prescription for in – patients
Hospital prescription for a non-hospital pharmacy
Private prescriptions

Track 10: Consumer Health Informatics

Use of electronic resources on medical topics by healthy population or patients. Client Health informatics helps bridge the gap between patients and health resources. Client Health informatics embrace technologies focused on patients as a result of the first users to health information. Client Health informatics includes: information Resources, Communications, Remote observance, Videoconferencing, and Telepresence. Client health informatics is that the branch of medical informatics that analyses customers' needs for information; studies and implements ways that of constructing info accessible to customers and models and integrates consumers' preferences into medical info systems.

Track 11: Health IT Systems

The integration of health information technology (IT) into medical care includes a range of electronic strategies that area unit accustomed manage info regarding people’s health and health care, for each individual and patients and cluster of patients .The use of health IT will improve the standard of care, whilst it makes health care a lot of price effective. Health IT makes it potential for health care suppliers to higher manage patient care through the secure use and sharing of health info. By developing secure and personal electronic health records for many Americans and creating health info out there electronically once and wherever it's required, health IT will improve the standard of care, while it makes health care best.

Track 12: Virtual Healthcare

Virtual attention refers to the “virtual visits” that present itself between patients and clinicians -via technology the video and audio property that enables “virtual” conferences to occur in real time, from nearly any location. A virtual visit will be a videoconference between a doctor and patient. It can even provide patients the prospect to additional pronto realizes qualified second opinions on-line. Thus far, virtual attention has been used primarily for conferences and consultations, and standing reports, instead of in-depth diagnosing or treatments. Still, because the technology evolves, additional serious conditions like polygenic disorder are falling below the influence of virtual attention.

Virtual healthcare also better enables specialists to monitor situations or procedures from remote locations. Patient monitoring at home has also been shown to be useful for treating patients with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, where rehospitalizations too often occur due to lack of communications or transparency about the patient’s condition.

Track 13: Virtual Health Different from Telehealth

Virtual care could be a term that’s generally used synonymously with telehealth or telemedicine - however they’re not an equivalent issue. Virtual care is truly a part of telehealth that could be a broader term encompassing the whole thing of remote and/or technology-driven care. “Telehealth could be a terribly broad class of solutions that service patients at a distance — so it can be doctor visits at a distance, it can be chronic condition management, and it can be managing bad maternity.

However doing that at a distance, doing it remotely.” That the terms square measure thus usually confused indicates however integral virtual care is to telehealth delivery. Either way, demand is growing for a way to avoid the expense, burden and time spent traveling to and from clinics or doctor’s offices. And in rural areas troubled to draw in physicians and practitioners in the least, eliminating the necessity for transportation isn’t simply a matter of convenience however additionally of basic access - particularly for those unable to drive.

Track 14: Medical Informatics

Medical informatics means the application of computers, communications and information technology and systems in all fields of medicine - medical care, medical education and medical research. The definition of Medical Informatics is a new, exciting and evolving field. New specialties and careers are now possible in this field. The expectation is that information technology will improve medical quality, patient safety, educational resources and patient-physician communication, while decreasing cost.

Applied Medical Informatics mainly deals with the proper regulation statistics associated with medical research and the management of all the data with the help of computer technology and is also concerned with the effect of these strategies on restorative research and education.


Day 1 May 08, 2019
09:30-10:00Opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech
Slot Avsilable For Speaker
11:05-11:40Start-up Pitch
Slots Available for start-up pitch
11:40-12:10Sponsor Symposium
Slots Available for sponsor symposium
12:10-12:40“ I bought it but… I don’t use it anymore”: a qualitative study of social
representations about health digital technology.
Géraldine Escriva-Boulley, Lyon 2 University, France
12:40-13:10 mHealth app to support Parkinson's patients to be more engaged.
Andrea Giovanni Migliavacca, Think4Future Srl - Milan- Italy
14:00-14:30Sponsor Symposium
Slot Available for Sponsor Symposium
14:30-15:00Better primary healthcare through technology
Ersin AKPINAR, Cukurova University, Adana - Turkey

16:10-16:40The real causes of the crisis in the healthcare system and the Austrian model
Ylli Permeti, Albania
16:40-17:10Feasibility of mHealth intervention to improve uptake of antenatal and
postnatal care services in peri-urban areas of Karachi: a qualitative exploratory
Anam Feroz, The Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan
09:30-10:00Opening Ceremony
Healthcare Errors And Patient Redress: How Can Complaints and Patient
Health Informatics Improve Quality?
Karen Cusack, Office of the Health Complaints Commissioner, Victoria,
Coffee Break 15:30-16:10

Day 2 May 09, 2019
Keynote Sessions
Coffee Break 10:45-11:05
11:05-11:40Preventing Overtreatment/Overutilisation of Medical Services - A systematic
driven analytics approach based on specialists input
Nir Kaminer, MedRev / Medical Reviews International | Ireland
11:40-12:10Personalized medication advice using mobile apps
Paula Hodgson, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
12:10-12:40Double Trouble: A case of bilateral ectopic pregnancy
Christine Joy P. Chang, Quezon City General Hospital, Philippines
12:40-13:10E-Health ecosystems in the context of Organized Complexity and Post-normal
Arturo Serrano Santoyo, Mexico
14:00-14:30 Sponsor Symposia
Slots Available for Sponsor Symposium
14:30-15:00 Product Pitch
Slots Available for Product Pitch
16:10-16:40Oral Presentation
Slot Avsilable For Speaker
16:40-17:10 Oral Presentation
Slots Available for Speaker

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