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Wildscaping is a form of landscaping that mimics the way nature works, creating thriving plant communities based on natural relationships. Wildscapes invite the wild back into our lives, our yards, and our city. Wildscapes are as different as the gardeners who create them.

Be part of #rewildmylawn day, slated for October 5th. We're looking for 3 to a maximum of 10 lawns for rewilding. By rewilding, we mean swapping out a grass monoculture with wildscape alternatives such as:

  • meadow
  • woodland
  • edible forest
  • foodscape
  • rainscape
  • birdscape
  • tapestry flowering lawn
  • sedge lawn
  • native wildscape

We are looking for a MAXIMUM of 10 people who:
  • believe it's time to replace monoculture lawns with a rich tapestry of lawn alternatives that regenerate our soils, beautify our cities, and provide habitat for wildlife (helping mitigate our climate emergency)
  • want to cultivate a deeper connection to place by learning more about gardening in partnership with the natural world
  • are willing to purchase the plants for wildscaping their front yard
  • interested in their wildscaping story being part of an article or featured in blog posts

What we'll help with:

  • test your soil [WDYT Astrid? Informal (free) soil testing - texture, drainage, pH, worm count?]
  • we'll pair you with a mentor to help design your wildscape support you as a coach once it's planted
  • a team to help plant your wildscape on #rewildmylawn day

Interested in learning more about a local wildscape? Check out this recent article on a rewilded yard in Collins Bay.

Once you've indicated your interest, a Master Gardener will contact you to find out more about your lawn and your goals to see if it would be a good fit for #rewildmylawn day.

To learn more about wildscaping:

By changing the way you garden and manage your land, you can become part of a global regeneration movement that is drawing carbon out of the atmosphere, sequestering it in soil and regenerating ecosystem health.

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