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Interchange is a humanities project. It introduces contrasting, sometimes polarizing, ideas into the same pot and gives them a stir. “We don’t necessarily need a solution when we’re finished,” remarks Tate Chamberlin, “though a good mind flush of new ideas and creativity can offer wisdom and perspective to our own process and development.” By doing so, Interchange creates a level platform for history, politics, religion, philosophy, criticism, ethics, self-consciousness, reason, creativity, human values and aspirations. Addressing multiple topics, provoking thoughtful dialogue and uniting people socially, Interchange harnesses the communion inherent in conversation to create strong communities empowered by similarities, rather than divided by differences.

An integral component of Interchange, Xchange is a moderated, talk show-style event that invites artists, activists, entrepreneurs and community members with differing perspectives to come together in thoughtful dialogue. The public is cordially invited to participate and be heard, fostering positive growth, communication and acceptance within the community. This year, Xchange dialogues will host:  guns, vaccines, income inequality, the state of the world and city-to-county. 

The entire event is recorded and developed into podcasts – available at – to further broaden the reach of these important conversations and invigorate communities throughout the United States and the world.

 Interchange will also involve a smattering of social events.

 Following is this year’s Interchange lineup. Attendees must register in order to participate.

****SEPTEMBER 7th****
XCHANGE- Audio Recording
Venue: Bozeman Public Library, 626 East Main Street
Doors: 5:30pm
-TOPIC: Income Inequality
Greg Smith- Poverty and Religion
Jeanne Brown- Social Security
Jake Troyer- Department of Labor
Sean Francis- Trans Community
More to be announced...

-TOPIC: Guns
Steve Crawford- Police Chief
Logan Olson- Students for Concealed Carry on Campus
Chris Forrest- Tactic, Concealed Carry Licensing
Betty Stroock- Gun Control
More to be announced....

9:30pm: Music by the Bent Bones, food, libations

****SEPTEMBER 8th****

XCHANGE- Audio Recording
Venue: Bozeman Public Library, 626 East Main Street
Doors: 5:30pm
-TOPIC: Vaccines
Erika Krumbeck- Naturopathic Physician
Karen Stanton- Nurse Practitioner
April Buonamici- Christian Science
Matt Kelly- Health Department
More to be announced....

-TOPIC: State of the World. 
Ed Stafman- Rabbi
Camilla Saberhagen- Infectious Disease / Pandemic 
General Don Loranger- Terrorism 
Danielle Egnew- Consciousness
Jay Smith- Christianity
Yarrow Kraner- Connectivity
Shadmani Amin- Muslim

9:30pm: Music, food, libations

****September 9th****

FIELD TRIP (Must have Full Conference Pass)
Venue: TBD
Participants will be taken on an evening surprise field trip and picnic filled with activities and performances.

****September 10th**** 

INTERCHANGE SUMMIT (Must have Full Conference Pass)
Venue: Blunderbuss, 5360 Love Lane
A day long summer camp style event curated for Artists, Activists, & Entrepreneurs. Participants will weave in and out of the gray areas of identity, political correctness, and community vision. By the end of the day, participants will have the gumption and skills to speak their values authentically and with daring without losing support from community members or customers who may disagree.

Venue: Blunderbuss, 5360 Love Lane

****September 11th****

KIKI GARDEN PARTY (Must have Full Conference Pass)
Venue: Bar IX Patio, 311 East Main Street
10:00am- 12:00pm
The Kiki Garden Party is hosted by the Nova Café & Bar IX. This Kentucky Derby style Garden Party pays tribute to the symposium, featuring gospel music, mimosas & brunch to digest the weekend. 

****SEPTEMBER 13th****

XCHANGE- Audio Recording
Venue: TBD
Doors: 6:30pm

-TOPIC: City to County.
Carson Taylor- Mayor of Bozeman
Joe Skinner- County Commissioner
Steve Crawford- Police Chief
Brian Popiel- SWIMBIA
Penelope Pierce- GVLT
Randy Carpenter- Future West

8:30pm: Music by One Leaf Clover, food, libations

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