Interbeing Breathwork and Sound Journey plus integration circle

Interbeing Breathwork and Sound Journey plus integration circle

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$39 – $45


Ananda Yoga Belgrave

1681 Burwood Highway

Belgrave, VIC 3160


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Join Aguila and Nebular for a night of journeying into the inner heart, through the conscious breath and live intuitive ethno-soundscape.

About this event

“Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.” ― Hazrat Inayat Khan

Join Aguila and Nebular at Ananda Yoga in Belgrave for a night of tender journeying into the inner heart, through the conscious breath and live intuitive ethno-soundscapes.

Nebular; Yoga teacher, master bodyworker, Zhineng Qi Gong healer, and Feminine Embodiment Coach, offers her heart-centred facilitation of our Interbeing Breathwork Practice, connects us to the inner heart where we can experience our inextricability from this Living Universe. Nebular offers her gift of intuitive energetic bodywork during the breathwork to support a deep and safely-held journey. As a multi-instrumentalist, she also works together with Aguila to create rich soundscapes and sonic textures.

Aguila; Trauma-informed Somatic Psychotherapist, Creative Arts Therapist, Couples Therapist, Sound Healer/Producer and Sacred Sexuality Coach, creates intuitive sonic explorations of our inner nature and Mother Earth, igniting ancestral memory and non-ordinary states of consciousness through ethno-soundscapes from his connection with many ancient sonic cultures including African, South American, Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese, using large singing bowls, powerful gongs, chimes, dril-bu, djembe, frame drums, voice, mantras, polyrhythm, flute, guitar, shruti box, sound effects, and field recordings of natural environments including oceans and forests.

This is a soulful journey into the inner heart of consciousness where we have an opportunity to release and process emotional states that have been stored outside of conscious awareness, to come into alignment and deep remembering of our essential connection with Self, Mother Earth and each other.

"You will see many things that answer many questions. You will see living forms, living amoeba, almost animal-like creatures, you will see continents being formed, the earth itself coming into existence, explosions, eruptions, atomic explosions and bombs, you can see all this and watch it before your eyes. But everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound. Sound is a factor which holds it together. Sound is the basis of form and shape." ~ Hans Jenny


Breath is life, not only due to supplying oxygen to all our cells, but also because it contains Prana or Qi and moves energies around our subtle energetic body, cleaning out the old and bringing in fresh lifeforce. Our breath keeps us grounded and connected within our physical body, no matter what is going on around us. As freedivers we have learnt how to suspend the need to breathe, which brings us in contact with our most primal fears and powerful tools for emotional-regulation. When we consciously connect the breath, we connect to the essence of ourselves, including parts of ourselves that lie within somatic memory, deeper in consciousness than everyday conscious awareness, giving us a chance to reclaim lost parts of our Soul and integrate them, as we come back into Wholeness.


When we tune in to sound deeply, we hear the spaces between sound, we find the silence, and we find a stillness within us where sound resonates in our physical bodies. When we tune into this resonace deeply we find a point where the sound outside us and the sound inside us becomes one, and we cannot find a distinction between the two. We have a distinct awareness that we are sound. Resonant frequencies can vibrate the water within our bodies, forming geometric patterns and bringing our bodies into intelligent allignment. We can feel deeply emotionally moved by sound, as stuck emotions are brought to the surface of consciousness where we can feel them and release them. Some ancient sonic technologies have the capacity to help us remember deeply who we are beyond this lifetime. Music made with instruments from our ancient ancestors helps us to remember our deep sense of belonging with Mother Earth, connection to tribe, and indigenous ways of understanding our reciprocal caretaking relationship with the world - and the vital health-giving benefits of coming back into Inter-being.


Yoga mats and blankets are provided, but you are encourged to bring:

- additional cozy blankets and pillow

- a water bottle

- a journal and pen

Try your best to avoid eating anything within 90 minutes of our session.

If you would not like to recieve any touch or bodywork during the session, please let one of us know before the session begins.

* Doors will close STRICTLY at 6:20pm and no one will be able to enter to avoid disrupting the safe container for our journey together. *


• Deep nervous system relaxation

• Improve sleep and general wellbeing

• Increase energy and immunity

• Reduce anxiety and stress

• Releasing trauma, triggers, blockages, tension and stuck emotions held in the body

• Deepen sense of purpose and direction in life by increasing connection with your essential Self

CONTRAINDICATIONS (these are considered for your safety):

• Cardiovascular problems, including history of heart attacks

• High or abnormal blood pressure

• Personal or family history of aneurisms

• Glaucoma or retinal detachment

• Osteoporosis

• Recent surgery or physical injury

• Pregnancy

• Epilepsy or history of seizures

• Bipolar depression

• Persons with asthma should bring their inhaler and consult their primary care physician prior to the session


If you would like to go deeper in your personal journey you can book a private 1:1 in-person or online session by sending an email to

We offer sound healing, Qi Gong, acupressure and energetic bodywork, holistic psychotherapy, Sacred Union couples work, and Sacred Sexuality coaching.

Private group sessions also available.

Love & blessings

Aguila and Nebular

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