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Northern Lights Wellness Professional Education LLC

31 W Superior Street

Suite 501

Duluth, Minnesota 55802

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Refund Policy

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  • Day 1, 2 & 3: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
  • Day 4: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

NOTE: Our days together will be very full and they are long days. We recommend that participants keep evenings free and consider this as part of your time for integration, transformation, and healing.


  • Regular Registration is $1000 USD.
  • Early Registration Discount Price: $850.
  • Note: Any requests to attend after registration is closed can only be accommodated based on availably and will be charged $1200.

Special Multiple Class Discount: 10% off of two workshops, 15% off of all three. Qualifying classes include: Integral Touch of Birth, Fasciatherapy, Psoas.

Two class discount code (10%): TwoClassDiscount10

Three class discount code (15%): 3ClassDiscount15

Please note: if you use these codes and do not sign up for the correct number of classes you will be required to pay the difference before attending.


  • Practicing Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist, MD, Midwife, L&D Nurse, or other professional bodywork trained in hands-on therapy. Experienced birth doulas are welcome.
  • Suggested: Attended at least one Spinning Babies Workshop
  • NOTE: The Spinning Babies organization has a number of other requirements that must be met for practitioners to apply to be recognized as a “Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner”. Refer to their website for details.


Bring practical support for physiological birth to your community.

  • Revolutionize your assessment and learn new leading-edge techniques for restoring balance within the pregnant body.
  • Global and specific themes unite the modalities of the teachers in this new birth of bodywork.
  • Learn the relevant anatomy in practical detail and understand the requirements and conditions that allow a natural development in fetal positioning.
  • Deepen your understanding and enrich your tools and skills of your ability to manually communicate with the life within, yourself, and your client.
  • Gain a greater depth in your work with clients and your own fundamental approach to work.
  • Your personal exploration of concepts originating in Fasciatherapy (Method Danis Bois) provide an introduction powerful enough to transform the presence you bring to your current work.
  • We have incorporated professional coaching sessions to focus on how to integrate what you learn into your own session flow.

This 4-day workshop is designed to: introduce bodywork concepts, relevant anatomy in practical detail, specific assessment tools, and structural techniques to create space in a pregnant person’s body for the baby to find their best position. Participants will:

  • Develop assessment skills to identify structural imbalances throughout pregnancy and appropriate interventions to improve comfort during pregnancy, reduce preterm and long labors, and improve birth outcomes.
  • Improve skills in patient/client education to facilitate greater autonomy and compliance with recommendations.
  • Explore concepts originating in Fasciatherapy Method Dani Bois (MDB) to provide an introduction powerful enough to transform the presence practitioners bring to their current work. The material presented is designed to guide the participant through perceptual introspections that develop the internal richness of experience.
  • Focus on how to integrate the new principles and techniques learned into participants existing practice and own session flow with pregnant clients/patients.

These four-days immerse practitioners in the Spinning BabiesTM paradigm by promoting a gentle approach to care and awareness of the baby, body, and pregnant person.Each day will include a combination of education, training, hands-on practice, and professional coaching by founding educators Debra McLaughlin, Adrienne Caldwell, and Marcello Windolph.

ITB Philosophy

Throughout the 4-day workshop we bring together the knowledge of global touch with the specificity of anatomical precision, and move back into the global picture of health and balance of the parent and baby. Deb, Marcello, and Adrienne work together to blend their unique skill sets into a usable and fully integrated application for those providing care to the pregnant population. You will go on a journey through the depths of self-examination as a practitioner, bringing your best self out into your hands and assessment skills, finding the global rhythm of the body, honing into the specific imbalance, and blending it all together to provide a holistic level of care to your clients.

ITB: Hands-on Experience

The hands-on experience of integral touch of birth is varied and unique. Participants (travel into their meditative mind) train to stabilize their perception, anchoring themselves deeply into their own presence and sensorial globality. This competence allows the practitioner to work in such a way that attention is not limited to her hands and fingertips but is resonant throughout her whole interior. The development of “presence of reciprocity” in the participant will train the skill to adjust her hand in every moment to what is needed, responses of tonic modulation become richer and more profound and vitality increases. This mode of touch is able to tangibly perceive tonic modulation in the fascia and participants will be guided through useful protocols of harmonizing the tonic environment in the fascia. When fascia globalizes sensorially in the patient it appears as a perceptual instrument in itself and this leads to more possibilities of release, empowering physiological coherence in movement, structure and psycho-emotional anchorage in the self. This solidity gained through the sensorial unification of the fascia system nurtures the relationship to the self, and therefore also to the baby. Participants will discover to feel pure life between their hands and bring that peace and balance into their touch through the teachings of Fasciatherapy MDB presented by Marcello Windolph. He gently guides each participant to tune into varying levels of fascia and perceive the movements that reset the body into a deep balance.

Debra McLaughlin presents the efficiency of her MAP for Better BirthTM protocol complete with corrections for dysfunctions found in the assessment process. Her hands-on approach engages the gentle and powerful Craniosacral therapy tools that create change in the profound depths of the central nervous system.

Adrienne Caldwell guides students into the realm of detail through 3-dimensional anatomy. Each participant has the opportunity to experience the global changes that occur with the release of specific structures in the pelvis, and how this can affect the position of baby in utero.

Together, the three instructors, blend their skills into well integrated days of hands-on course work that create confidence for the provider to begin using their new tools immediately.

MAP for Better BirthTM (McLaughlin Assessment Protocol for Better Birth)

We know that babies accommodate the space available to them. MAPTM is a powerful, yet simple, 4-point evaluation protocol designed to be incorporate into every prenatal visit without adding more time to the visit. MAP will allow you to identify structural patterns in mothers that might indicate a likelihood for a fetal position issue later in pregnancy or labor. Frequent and consistent assessment will pay off with fewer fetal malposition issues at birth and less pregnancy related pain for mothers during pregnancy. (Developed by midwife and craniosacral therapist Debra McLaughlin.)

TMTrademark of Northern Lights Wellness Professional Education, LLC


Northern Lights Wellness Professional Education LLC, 31 W Superior Street, Suite 501, Duluth, MN 55802

Where? Duluth, MN – Duluth is a beautiful port city located at the head of Lake Superior. For convenience there is a skywalk system (an enclosed walking space) between the hotel and the classroom. Over a dozen restaurants are also accessible via skywalk. Participants can fly directly to Duluth International Airport (DLH) or fly into Minneapolis/St Paul (MSP). There is a shuttle service from MSP, bus, or rental car. Drive time from Minneapolis/ St Paul is approximately 2 ½ hours.


DEBRA MCLAUGHLIN, is a Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Professional Midwife, educator, and mother. She has over seventeen years of experience in craniosacral and fasciatherapy working with people of all ages, specializing in working with pregnancy and pediatrics. Founder of Northern Lights Wellness, Deb has worked with thousands of families in her clinical practice.

Her experience as a birth doula and midwife has led to her development of MAP for Better Birth™, an amazing, fast system for assessment during pregnancy that can improve comfort, fetal position, ease birth, and contribute to happier newborns. She has developed and taught curriculum for midwives, nurses, doctors, chiropractors, body workers, parents, and teens.

Deb is a passionate life-long learner. In addition to her clinical practice and teaching, she is currently studying Fasciatherapy MDB in Clarmont-Ferrand and Paris France.

ADRIENNE C. CALDWELL is a board certified bodyworker. She holds certifications in professional massage, chair massage, reflexology, orthopedic massage & bodywork, and prenatal & postpartum massage & bodywork. She has studied acupressure, craniosacral therapy, and various forms of energy work in depth. Her specialization in prenatal & postpartum care has taken her into the loving arms of several phenomenal midwifery mentors (Adrienne is not a midwife). She has trained as a doula with DONA and Enlightened Mama. In addition, she holds two bachelors degrees, one in music, and the other in marine biology. Adrienne is a consummate learner, and holds teaching as a privilege.

Adrienne lives in rural Minnesota with her two children, and her sweet wiggly puppy. She enjoys music, cooking, gardening, all things outdoors, and gym time. Her greatest joy is traveling with her children.

MARCELLO WINDOLPH is a certified Fasciatherapist MDB based in Amsterdam. Having trained first in Chinese traditional arts of healing and ‘developing perception’, his passion turned into profession over the years. Marcello’s therapeutic approach is based in western scientific methods as a student of Prof. Dr. Danis Bois (founder of Fasciatherapie MDB and Perceptual Education) and he is currently assisting the Perceptual Education course at the University in Paris and the Fasciatherapy MDB course in Clermont-Ferrand. Marcello maintains a clinical practice in the Netherlands.




Waiver Required:

Participants will be required to sign a waiver regarding use of material presented

Continuing Education Credits:

  • NCBTMB: approved for 34 Hours

Applied for:

  • Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • American College of Nurse-Midwives

This workshop was originally developed at the request of Gail Tully from Spinning Babies® as the professional bodywork education required for practitioners pursuing Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner status. Please review the information on the Spinning Babies website for more information about that program.

Attendance Policy:

Participants are expected to attend the entire workshop. If there is a family emergency or life emergency, a student may be excused early. If a student misses 2 hours or less of the workshop, an assignment will be provided by the instructor(s) to make up the time missed. This assignment must be turned in 3 months, at the latest, once it is received by the participant. The participant is responsible for completing all aspects of the assignment in order to receive full credit for the time missed. Partial credit will not be assigned. Once the assignment is received and reviewed by the instructor(s), the student will receive their certificate of completion for the workshop. A fee of $75.00 will be assessed to process assignments.

If a student misses more than 2 hours of the workshop, they may do the assignment to make up the missed 2 hours, but will not be able to make up additional time. The only exception to this policy is an emergency situation – this means severe illness, hospitalization, etc. The participant will not be able to make up the time missed beyond 2 hours, and will only receive the number of continuing education units attended. This policy is not negotiable. Please plan your travel accordingly.

Cancelation/Refund Policy:

Cancellations may be made up until 60 days prior to the workshop, refunds will be made less a $25 processing fee. Between 60 and 30 days prior to the workshop refunds will be made less a $100 fee. Due to expenses being incurred well in advance of any workshop NO money will be refunded for cancellations after 30 days before a workshop date.

Substitutes: You may send a qualified participant in your place (please see details below*). If the organizer has a waiting list and someone from that list can take your place a 10% service charge will be deducted and the balance of your registration fee will be refunded.

Illness or other personal crisis: if you are unable to get to the workshop for whatever reason on the day of the workshop or if you leave the workshop early for any reason no part of your registration fee will be returned. If you do not show up without notice, no further financial arrangements will be made. Students who miss part or all of a day of a multi-day workshop are welcome to attend the other days. If CEU credit is being awarded your certificate will reflect only the amount of time you were actually in class.

If our instructor(s) are unable to teach the workshop it will be rescheduled and you will have the option of attending the makeup workshop or have your money fully refunded.

*Substitute Process: You may send a qualified participant in your place if arrangements are made at least 5 days prior to the workshop. A $25 processing fee will be charged. The person you are substituting to come must meet the prerequisites. To arrange a substitution you must provide us the full contact information of the person to whom you are giving or selling your registration. You may arrange a substitution by explaining your intent in an email with the full contact information of the substitute.

Make sure your substitute is eligible! If your substitute is not eligible, follow the refund schedule. It is your responsibility to work out the payment with your substitute.


We have negotiated discounted rates and reserved accommodations at the following location. You will receive a reservation code with your registration confirmation: `

Holiday Inn & Suites-Duluth-Downtown

  • Standard Room - $89/night + tax
  • Two-Room Suite - $109/night + tax
  • Executive Room - $119/night + tax

There are many other options for accommodations in the Duluth area. Attendees are free to choose any hotel or other lodging. For more information www.visitduluth.com.


  • For those staying downtown: You will not need a car. There are 12 restaurants and the classroom space accessible without going outside. (Duluth has a “Skyway” system.) There are numerous other restaurants and hotels available within a very short walk as well.
  • Duluth is an international port at the head of the Great Lakes. (Airport Code: DLH.)
  • Transportation from the Minneapolis/St Paul airport (MSP) is available from Skyline Shuttle (Groome Transportation) and Jefferson Bus Lines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to bring?

  • A notebook and pen (electronics are not allowed in the classroom)
  • Your favorite anatomy book (for personal reference)
  • Clothing to wear for movement.
  • NOTE: No street shoes allowed in the studio

When will the pre-workshop reading and quiz be available and how?
  • This will be available via GoogleDocs at least 45 days prior to the workshop. Registered attendees will receive access via email.

Is the classroom space handicapped accessible?
  • Unfortunately, no, there is not an elevator in the building and a full flight of stairs up to the classroom space.

Can you accommodate special needs?
  • Please be sure to contact us prior to registering to discuss any special needs you may have as a student.

Are meals included in my tuition?
  • No, we will take a lunch break and there are numerous options available for lunch within an easy walk. Students may bring a bag lunch as well.

Are nursing babies welcome?
  • No, babies may not be present all-day. This is a four-day, hands-on intensive workshop. Our days are long. For you to fully participate and be present for your hands-on partner(s) you would need a full-time care provider for your child who could come to you to nurse as needed. There is a private room with electricity and running water for participants who need to pump.

Is it required to have hands-on practice on/by fellow students?
  • Yes, this is a bodywork intensive so you will be practicing on fellow students. Since this is a pregnancy related workshop there will also be sessions with pregnant volunteers. Students will be closely supervised by the instructors throughout all hands-on practice.

Can I get a flight out of Duluth the last day of the workshop?
  • Generally you will need to either travel to Minneapolis airport for later flights or stay in Duluth the last night of the class and depart the following day.

Does this course qualify me to teach this material to other professionals?

  • No, that's our job. This course will prepare you to use these techniques with your clients.
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Northern Lights Wellness Professional Education LLC

31 W Superior Street

Suite 501

Duluth, Minnesota 55802

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