Institute for Personalized Learning: Extended Training for K-12 Teachers

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The Teacher Resource Center is proud to host the Wisconsin-based Institute for Personalized Learning.

In a series of five trainings and collaborative sessions over the course of six months, NYC teachers will work with consultants from the Institute for Personalized Learning to understand the elements of personalized learning, how those elements are put into practice in the classroom, and how school-level systems and structures need to change to support personalized learning.

This is a blended course with three online sessions and two virtual sessions between September, 2017 and January, 2018. Your registration for this course reflects your commitment to attend/participate on all dates. There are approximately six weeks between training dates (in-person and online). CTLE credit is available for all New York State teachers.

What is personalized learning?

Personalized learning is about creating a dynamic, student-centered education system to maximize the potential of all students. In this model, learners are active participants in setting goals, planning learning paths, tracking progress and determining how learning will be demonstrated. At any given time, learning objectives, content, methods and pacing are likely to vary from learner to learner as they pursue proficiency relative to strong academic standards. Click here to see how personalized training can transform classrooms.

How is personalized learning different from differentiation?

A truly personalized learning environment moves beyond curriculum differentiation and focuses on learning as the core purpose. Designing learning and instruction based on individual learner readiness, strengths, needs and interests fosters a shared commitment to success, nurtures learner efficacy, ownership, and agency, and has been shown to increase student engagement and graduation rates. While personalized learning can benefit all learners, it is an even more pressing and life­-changing strategy for our most disadvantaged learners, who thrive when they are given voice and choice.

A full description of each session is below. Course dates:

  • In-person sessions for teachers in grades K-6: September 6th, November 7th, and January 2018 (date TBD)

  • Asynchronous online sessions in October and December

Session 1 – Foundational Overview – Face-to-Face – At this session participants will learn about the Institute’s model to personalize learning, supporting research, the work currently underway, and a survey of emerging results. Participants will discuss why they are in the cohort, what they plan to accomplish, engage in activities to build understanding and initial experience and will begin their journey to explore, understand, and implement personalized learning.

Session 2 – Shifting Your Classrooms’ Focus – Online – In this online unit, participants will analyze what they can do in their current classroom setting to transition to a student-centered personalized learning classroom. Participants will create a draft learner’s profile that will help learners identify how they learn best and can be used as learners and educators co-design learning paths.

Session 3 – Create implementation action plan – Face-to-Face – This session will guide participants to create a vision and plan for implementation in their classroom. What strategies and ‘look fors’ will you apply to your own classroom? Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other to build a network for collaboration and support.

Session 4 – Peer review and feedback on implementation plans – Online – Participants will share their implementation plans with their colleagues for advice and feedback. Peers will provide effective descriptive peer feedback during the virtual “Wow” and “Wonder” gallery walk.

Session 5 – Early implementation reflection and support / review and revise – Face-to-face – At this final session, participants will have the chance to connect with others in the cohort to discuss early implementation across schools. This will provide a chance to learn from others and discuss pitfalls and opportunities. Participants will also begin thinking about adjustments, changes they plan to make, and how to scale their work.


The Institute for Personalized Learning, created in 2010, works with a network of over 65 member school districts from across the country, representing approximately 1,000 educators and 15,000 learners actively implementing and experiencing personalized learning daily. We have developed a model and process for schools to use to redesign their educational ecosystem. Through a unique action network approach we use multiple sites to simultaneously test a variety of strategies and share learning and research to accelerate the effort. We are excited to expand this network to include NYC teachers and schools. To learn more, visit institute4pl.org or find us on Twitter @Institute4PL.

The Teacher Resource Center provides professional development and library services to NYC teachers and preservice teachers in the School of Education at Long Island University Brooklyn, with a focus on innovative ways to meet the unique needs of each student in a diverse environment. Our programs are made possible by a grant from the Tietz Family Foundation.


This program will go forward as planned pending adequate registration. In the event that we do not receive enough registration in either the K-6 or 7-12 cohort, we may combine consecutive training days into a single day. In the event that the schedule is changed or the course is cancelled, registrants will receive a full refund. No refunds will be given for registrations cancelled after May 15th.

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Date and Time


Downtown Brooklyn

New York, NY

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