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Insider Threat Program Management With Legal Guidance Training Course

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Dell Technologies

701 East Parmer Lane

Building # 3 - Technology Briefing Center

Austin, TX 78753

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This training provides the Core Knowledge, Blueprint, Resources needed for developing, managing, enhancing an Insider Threat Program.

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The Insider Threat Defense Group (ITDG) will be holding the next Insider Threat Program (ITP) Management With Legal Guidance Training Course, on April 1-2, 2020, at Dell Technologies, in Austin, Texas.

This 2 day training course will ensure the ITP Manager / Senior Official, Insider Threat Analyst, FSO, and others who support the ITP (CSO, CIO, CISO, IT, Network Security, Human Resources, Etc.), have the Core Knowledge, Blueprint, Resources needed for developing, managing, enhancing an ITP / Working Group.

This training will provide legal guidance from a licensed attorney, related to the legal aspects of an ITP, and on the collection, use and sharing of employee information, and on computer user activity monitoring. (Privacy-Civil Liberties of Employees, Legal Issues, Challenges, Considerations)

This training will provide actionable and detailed guidance for Insider Threat Mitigation (ITM). We use the word "training", but you will actually receive the same expert consulting advice that we have provided on-site to our clients, helping them build, manage, or enhance their ITP's, or from performing Insider Threat Risk Assessments.

ITM training requires more then just attending a course, reviewing PowerPoint presentations and taking an exam. We provide our students with an ITP Management Toolkit. The toolkit provides students with a How To - Step By Step Guide (ITP Management Handbook), templates, resources and a variety of Insider Threat Vulnerability checklists, to ensure your organization has a robust and effective ITP. Except for the handbook, all training materials will be provided in electronic format (USB Thumb Drive).

This training will provide students with the knowledge and resources to ensure your government agency or business has a robust and effective ITP, that goes beyond compliance regulations (National Insider Threat Policy, NISPOM Conforming Change 2).

This course is also very well suited for any organization or business that is not required to implement an ITP, but is looking to develop or enhance their ITP, or is concerned with employee threat identification and mitigation.

At the completion of the training students will be issued an ITP Manager Certificate. The certificate will validate and provide confidence to employers that the student;

  • Has the core knowledge and resources required to develop, implement and manage a comprehensive ITP / Working Group
  • Has the in-depth knowledge and resources required to conduct Insider Threat Risk Assessments, to identify vulnerabilities, and provide actionable risk mitigation strategies to detect, deter and mitigate Insider Threats.

Course Instructors

Instructor #1: Jim Henderson

Mr. Jim Henderson of the ITDG, developed and currently teaches the ITP Development - Management Training (ITPDM) Course. This highly sought after training has been taught to security professionals, working for; Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Government Agencies (Department of Defense, Intelligence Community), Defense Contractors, Critical Infrastructure Providers, Aviation / Airline Industry, Spacecraft Manufacturing / Launch Providers, Technology Companies, Banking / Financial Industry, Health Care Industry, and other large and small businesses (U.S., Globally). Mr. Henderson is the Founder / Chairman Of The National Insider Threat Special Interest Group (NITSIG). The NITSIG serves as an Insider Threat Information Sharing And Analysis Center, providing NITSIG Members with a Central Source for ITM guidance.

Instructor #2: Mr. Shawn M. Thompson

Mr. Shawn Thompson of the Insider Threat Management Group (ITMG) / Insider Threat Training Academy, is a licensed attorney with over 15 years of experience investigating and prosecuting malicious employees, and developing and managing ITP's for numerous federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Thompson is a member of the Maryland Bar Association, former Federal Prosecutor, Special Agent, and ITP Manager. He has over 20 years of experience investigating, prosecuting, and mitigating Insider Threat risks. Mr. Thompson serves as the Legal Advisor to the National Insider Threat Special Interest Group. (NITSIG)

Please See The Training Course Brochure For Complete Details


Company / Training Recognition & Endorsements

The ITDG is considered a Trusted Source for ITM training and guidance to the U.S. Government and companies such as; Microsoft Corporation, Walmart, Tesla Automotive Company, Dell Computers, Symantec Corporation, United Parcel Service, FedEx Custom Critical, Visa, Capital One Bank, BB&T Bank, American Express, Equifax, TransUnion, JetBlue Airways, Delta Airlines and many more. The ITDG has provided training and services to over 600+ organizations. Over 780+ individuals have attended our ITPDM Training Course and received Insider Threat Program Manager Certificates. (Client List)

Our training courses and consulting services have been recognized, endorsed and validated by the U.S. Government and businesses, as some of the most affordable, comprehensive and resourceful available. These are not the words of the ITDG, but of our clients. Our client satisfaction levels are in the exceptional range. We encourage you to read the feedback from our clients. (Client Comments)

Foundations Of Our Training / Services

Our training and services are based off of 10+ years of experience. We have helped the U.S Government, DoD, IC agencies and businesses develop robust and effective ITP's. We use a proven and comprehensive ITM Framework to meet and exceed our clients requirements.

A robust and effective ITP is built on top of a solid foundation of security. Our training and services incorporate these foundations from other training courses we have developed and taught. For example, in 2009 the NSA awarded the ITDG a contract for an Information Systems Security Program / Insider Threat Training Course. This course was taught to 100 NSA Security Professionals, and the DoD, Navy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Energy National Labs, and to many other organizations.

Our training courses are continuously updated and enhanced to reflect the ever changing Insider Threat landscape, with inputs from the National Insider Threat Special Interest Group (NITSIG). The NITSIG is an Insider Threat Information Sharing & Analysis Center. The NITSIG Membership is the largest network (1000+) of ITM Professionals in the U.S. and globally. The CEO of the ITDG is the Founder / Chairman of the NITSIG, and the Insider Threat Symposium and Expo (ITS&E).

Combing ITDG training, with NITSIG meetings, ITS&E events, the ITDG + NITSIG have provided ITM training and guidance to over 2300+ individuals.

COST: $1,295.00 per person

If 2 or more people attend the training from the same organization, the cost for the 2nd person + is $895.00.

NO REFUNDS (Tickets May Be Transferred Or Used For A Future Class With Approval From The ITDG)

Training Course Guarantee

The ITDG is extremely confident that you will find our training courses very affordable, comprehensive and resourceful, compared to other training providers. This is why we offer a Training Course Guarantee. If any student feels that the training does not provide them with the knowledge and resources to develop, manage or enhance an ITP, we will refund the course fee. The ITDG is the ONLY training provider to offer this type of guarantee. We have never had to refund the course fee to a student.


Dell Technologies

701 E. Parmer Lane

Austin, TX, 78753

Building # 3 - Technology Briefing Center (TBC)

TIME: 8:00am To 5:00pm

PARKING: There is NO CHARGE for parking


Coffee and water provided. Eating establishments are close by for lunch


U.S. Citizens Only. Drivers License Or Govt. Issued Picture ID Required.

CLOSET AIRPORT: Austin Bergstrom

Please contact the ITDG if you have any questions about this training, or the ITM consulting services we offer.

Jim Henderson, CISSP, CCISO

CEO Insider Threat Defense Group, Inc.

Insider Threat Program Development / Management Training Course Instructor

Insider Threat Analyst, Vulnerability Assessor & Mitigation Specialist

Founder / Chairman Of The National Insider Threat Special Interest Group

888-363-7241 / 561-809-6800





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Date and Time


Dell Technologies

701 East Parmer Lane

Building # 3 - Technology Briefing Center

Austin, TX 78753

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