Insanity Webinar Event: Mental Illness talk and Performance

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ToniAnn Carriere, Actress on Paperdolls and Mental Health Speaker, will be giving her Insanity Event Webinar, which includes an Insanity talk and putting on a show for you! You will get to see what it is like for someone who is experiencing an "episode" live in the Webinar. It is an hour long, just enough time for everything you need to hear and see. Plus, everyone who attends, will receive one of ToniAnn's book, "tonianns - A Mental Health Guide". This is something you really do NOT want to miss. This is a once is a life time opportunity to see the real deal of what it is like to live in the dumps and down and out, how your life is really not that bad. Plus, you will get to hear a real life story of ToniAnn, a established speaker, who has gone through many struggles and have picked herself back up and is living a fulfilled, successful, recovered life. You will get motivated, feel empowered, and if you are feeling down and out, learn how to get your shine back!

Reviews at ToniAnns speeches: "You are inspiring" - "Keep doing what you are doing"

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