Innovation Hackathon - S3 Market & Competitor Research

Innovation Hackathon - S3 Market & Competitor Research

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A unique opportunity to explore innovation, meet & network with other curious people, and work on transformative solutions

About this event

Startups offer attractive opportunities.

Innovation is the key to building a better world.

I am open to exploring new opportunities.

Innovation offers a pathway to better professional opportunities.

I want to experience/learn innovation in an immersive way.

I want to meet curious people who might be potential partners.

I am interested in getting involved with a community to build transformative solutions.

If any of these statements resonate for you, or you have a problem worth solving you want to explore, please read further and sign up for a new kind of experience.

What we face in our world today are tough problems that cannot be solved by individuals or even small teams. They require the input of many diverse smart people, working in a focused way together, with astute guidance to become investable. That is what we believe startups building transformative solutions need today, and Serval Ventures has been working with partners to build a more robust framework to enable founders and startups to succeed.

We believe that the easy solutions worth building have been built. What remains are more complex problems to be solved requiring a range of expertise and experiences. We are putting out a broad call to those who might be interested in exploring innovation. All that is required is a short-term investment of time and energy. Out of this hackathon series, we expect to identify projects that will offer opportunities to many of the participants, and Serval will be looking for the most promising projects to bring into our portfolio to work with as capital partners and for investments.

Target audiences:

Skills - tech, data, business, product, innovation, creative, business development, partnerships, finance, marketing, etc.

Types - aspiring entrepreneurs, experienced founders, career transitioners, researchers, professionals entering the market, students, innovation advisors/mentors, etc.

Schedule - all events are virtual online. Participation info & links will be sent out to people before the event.

Ideally, people should expect to attend all sessions. However, it is mandatory to sign up for S3 & S4 together.

S1: Saturday, June 25, 9:30-1pmET - Problems Worth Solving

S2: Sunday, June 26, 1:30-5pmET - Problem-Solution Fit

S3: Saturday, July 9, 9:30am-1pmET - Competitor & Market Research

S4: Sunday, July 10, 1:30-5pmET - MVP Conceptualization

We do not want people to come in with startups ideas. However, thoughts of problems worth solving are welcome. Expect to meet and work with a range of people. We want you to come in with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to explore.

If you are interested in partnering or sponsoring, please email with the subject, Innovation Hackathon.

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