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Verhaert New Products & Services

Hogenakkerhoekstraat 21

9150 Kruibeke


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Industries have to transform rapidly. New technologies and societal challenges urge us to rethink our business, products, services and processes.

At this annual conference, innovation and R&D professionals find inspiration and motivation to innovate. They learn from new insights and best practices on new product and innovation management and technology development. With 16 inspiring sessions based on 4 tracks you learn what innovation initiatives you can take to make your company future proof.

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Attend Innovation Day and discover

  • New technologies that are reshaping every industry
  • How to transform into new services and business models.
  • How to make your organization user centered.
  • Major industry trends and how others transformed their business.

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Create your personal program

Sign up before 13 October, select 5 sessions of your interest and you are ready for Innovation Day!

Track 1: Transformational technologies

Enabling technologies to disrupt industries creating new user interactions, delivery processes, products and business models. They lead transformation in many sectors.

1.1 Three flavors of smart product development

Are you developing a new product from scratch? Targetting a retrofit market? Or looking to valorize a huge amount of available data? Each scenario has its typical problems and constraints. Therefore they require a tailored approach. Get useful insights and potential solutions to deal with each of these three situations.
By Rudy Van Raemdonck, Coordinator EmbeddedLab at Verhaert

1.2 3D printing will continue to transform manufacturing

By Paul Poelmans, Key Account Manager Technology Transfer at Verhaert

1.3 Conversational user interfaces

By Jochem Grietens, Consultant PhysicsLab at Verhaert

1.4 Sensors for electromagnetic positioning

Electromagnetic positioning may be a game-changing technology for your products. During this presentation, we will elaborate on the possibilities and advantages of this enabling technology as well as on how it was applied successfully in different product developments.
By Guus Colman, Consultant EmbeddedLab at Verhaert

Track 2: Servitization and new business models

Companies develop capabilities to add new services and solutions to their traditional product offerings. This calls for a thoughtful approach of new business models.

2.1 A closer look at circular economy :: Interactive session ::

Explanation of the currently all-over-the-place Circular Economy concept in a policy context. Showcase and discussion on examples that implemented a combination of strategies on both sustainable material management, business and value networks. Some new tools will get you further on the circular road as a path of innovation.

By Stijn Smet, Consultant InnoLab at Verhaert & Philip Marynissen, Facilitator at VITO@Circular Flanders

2.2 New services & business models to create impact

By Alexander Frimout, Consultant InnoLab at Verhaert

2.3 Open innovation & co-creation to transform businesses

By Zane Smilga, Coordinator InnoLab at Verhaert

2.4 Services enabled by weather augmented maps

By Dirck Seynaeve, Consultant EmbeddedLab at Verhaert

Track 3: User centricity

Connect your business and technology with people to deliver exceptional experiences and remain relevant to your customers. Start thinking in a user-centric approach.

3.1 The whole product model: from niche to mainstream

How do you prepare your business from a niche market to a more lucrative mainstream market? Prepare your beloved minimum viable product based on the whole product model.
By David Pas, Coordinator DesignLab at Verhaert

3.2 Design thinking for organizational change

Design thinking as a user centric approach to reshape your organization. Demonstration and try-out of the simple but effective ‘profiler tool’: assess your design thinking skills towards your company’s ambition.
By David Pas, Coordinator DesignLab at Verhaert & Frans Joziasse, Director at PARK

3.3 How to drive behavioral change?

Innovation always involves a change of behavior, which has an impact on the adoption of new technologies, products and services. During this session, you learn how to use behavioral change in your innovation process and achieve success.
By Dany Robberecht, Director Consulting Office at Verhaert

3.4 Customer focused product positioning

Being relevant to your customers is the foundation of a sustainable engagement. How do you design and position a product for a specific market, instead of creating a market around a product?
By David Pas, Coordinator DesignLab at Verhaert & Alexander Frimout, Consultant InnoLab at Verhaert

Track 4: Smart industries

Major industry trends outlined and illustrated with inspiring cases and best practices. Technological innovation accelerates transformation.

4.1 New Space: transformation of the space industry

For a long time, the space industry was seen as a stable business environment. Nowadays it starts to feel the pressure of rapid technology developments and industry disruptions. Discover the drivers of space disruption and be inspired to cope with change in your industry.
By Sam Waes, Coordinator Technology Transfer Program at Verhaert

4.2 Changing mobility: the new automotive landscape

Mobility behavior, disruptive technology-driven trends and new competition and cooperations are transforming the automotive market. Insights and cases as an inspiration to deal with these changing factors.
By Lieven Claeys, Key Account Manager Internet of Things at Verhaert

4.3 Industry 4.0: big industrial transformation

By Joris Vanderschrick, Key Account Manager Industry at Verhaert

4.4 Smart Health, driven by human factors engineering

By Bart Penninger, Coordinator Medical Program at Verhaert

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Date and Time


Verhaert New Products & Services

Hogenakkerhoekstraat 21

9150 Kruibeke


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