Innovate your Life 2017- One Day Design Workshop Event offered on 3 different days
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Innovate your Life 2017- One Day Design Workshop Event offered on 3 different days

Innovate your Life 2017- One Day Design Workshop Event offered on 3 differe...

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WeWork Dupont Circle

1875 Connecticut Avenue Northwest

10th Floor

Washington, DC 20009

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8:30-9:00 am- Networking and Light Breakfast

9:00- 6:00 pm- Interactive and co-creative design workshop


We live in a VUCA World- of high Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Now more than ever you need to step-up and become the LEADER of your LIFE and your reality. It is possible. And whether you know it or not, every day you are writing the story of your life – either consciously or unconsciously.

Many of us are writing a story we don't like. A story that causes you to contract, feel stress, fear and/or doesn't reflect the highest possibility of who we REALLY are and can be. Have you ever wondered what makes a powerful conscious leader in these uncertain times? Or why only 2% of people keep their New Year's resolutions? Why 73% of professionals feel disengaged at work? And why most business startups fail in their first year?

We are sabotaging ourselves because of the limiting beliefs, thoughts and automatic negative response emotions stored in our unconscious mind and by giving our power to outside circumstances. Even when we put out our best intentions and efforts to create the life we want, the unconscious programming of the past and our inclination to fall victim to outside circumstances and project a fearful future always wins.

Is there a solution? Yes, there is.


1) Discover the negative beliefs/thoughts

2) Deprogram them

3) Create new beliefs & new habits

4) Become a conscious leader of your life and take effortless action.

In this workshop we have integrated over 40 years of combined experience with the most cutting-edge business, mindfulness, technology and neuroscience-based tools available, to allow you to innovate your life (CODE it , to step unto into the best conscious leader you can be and to do it in a way that is fun and dynamic.

You will be able to:

  • Give closure to 2016

  • Discover what truly moves you and what you really want at your core

  • Deprogram the silent saboteurs (limiting beliefs) standing in the way at cellular and neurological level

  • Identify your “secret powers”

  • Design and prototype what you want to create in 2017- no matter what the circumstances are

  • Create a specific action plan to get you there

  • Meet other amazing people of like mind

  • Have a blast in the process- this is not your regular sit down and take notes workshop. Come prepared to roll-up your sleeves and create your future the moment you step-in the door.



Do I need to participate all day or can I attend for only a half day?

Please plan to be present all day. We will be offering a lot of tools and will be doing a lot of inter-active work together. It will be very important for you to be there the whole time to get the most out of the workshop, as well as respect the other participants.

What about Lunch?

We will be offering healthy snacks, fruit, water and coffee throughout the day. For lunch you are welcome to bring your own or go outside to buy some. There are plenty of good options around. You will have about 1 hr for lunch.

What is the best way to get there? Can I drive?

We recommend that you don’t drive. It can get tricky to park around Dupont and you will most likely need to move your car at some point. There ARE multiple public transportation options. Including the Red-Line Metro stop. Accessing Car2Go and Uber is also very easy in that area.

What do I need to bring? Not bring?

An open mind and heart. A smile would be good. And please bring a notebook/pad to take notes and capture ideas. We will be giving out worksheets and sharing the few Powerpoint slides with all the participants after the event.

VERY IMPORTANT- How can I make the most of this event?

Along with an open mind -- curiosity and willingness to give this full-day to yourself and the creation of your highest possibility. For that reason, we will be asking you to turn-off all cell phones and to not use them during the event. Please ask your colleagues and family members to support you to be disconnected for hours of the workshop. Too much to ask? Might have to be reached? You can give them the WeWork number and in case of an emergency they will be able to call there and you will be notified.

Is there a dress code?

We want to feel that you be casual and relaxed. So guess what -- Wear comfy clothes -- jeans and tee shirt is fine, maybe a light sweater and a jacket. Whatever makes you feel cozy. We may go outside for a few minutes so bring something warm to wear too.

If I need to cancel my participation, will you reimburse me?

We are offering this event at cost, so we are unable to reimburse for cancellations. You are welcome to transfer the ticket to anyone you choose.

We are happy to help you with any needs that fall outside of what we have covered. Please contact us with any question or concern that might not have been answered.

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Date and Time


WeWork Dupont Circle

1875 Connecticut Avenue Northwest

10th Floor

Washington, DC 20009

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