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The tickets for this event are no longer available. But if you are interested in learning more about the Information Overload Research Group, please visit our website at IORGFORUM.ORG

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Sales Have Ended

Registrations are closed
The tickets for this event are no longer available. But if you are interested in learning more about the Information Overload Research Group, please visit our website at IORGFORUM.ORG
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Information Overload Day 2019

Beyond Email - The Next Generation of Solutions

For this year's "Information Overload Day" on October 15th, the Information Overload Research Group is sponsoring an online Webinar featuring speakers that are focusing on the specialized topics of "Beyond Email - The Next Generation of Solutions".

Topics and Presenters:

  • Welcome - Nathan Zeldes, President IORG and Founder of Nathan Zeldes Consulting

  • Introduction - Jonathan Spira, Vice President IORG and Director of Accura Media

  • Solutions Beyond Email - Marc Wright, founder of simply-communicate, will chair a panel of technology experts that will examine solutions beyond email. Participating in the panel will be Nicole Alvino of SocialChorus; Larraine Solomon Global Vice President at, and Martyn Perks, a strategic adviser on enterprise social networks.

  • Collaborative Team Tools - Marc Powell, managing director of Emailogic Ltd., will share insight on how we can embed new collaborative tools in our teams that will help us achieve our goals beyond what email permits.

  • Using Microsoft OneNote to Reduce IO - Dr. Monica Seeley, founder of Mesmo Consultancy, will discuss the benefits of Microsoft OneNote over conventional email and how it helps reduce information overload.

  • Concluding Remarks - Jonathan Spira

The Information Overload Research Group (IORG) is excited to bring a valuable webinar where renowned experts and speakers offer fresh insights on the science, stories, and solutions for managing information overload.

Webinar Details:

Who is this for: Managers, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, or anyone looking to better manage information overload.

When: October 15th, 2019, 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m EDT.

Where: Online Webinar (webinar details to be provided)

Price: Although there is no cost to attend the Webinar, we are asking attendees to please consider choosing a "donation" or "sponsor" ticket type. We are a non-profit organization and only through your support can continue to bring you events like this.

Webinar Sponsor:

Information Overload Day 2019 is being sponsored this year by Interaworks - Integrated learning @ work.

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Webinar Speaker Bios:

Nathan Zeldes - President & Chairman, IORG and Founder - Nathan Zeldes Consulting

In a nutshell: I’ve been working on Email Overload at Intel since 1995, when I realized that this problem is not only a major productivity killer, but is also making countless people miserable; something had to be done! Since then I’ve developed a variety of organization-wide remedial programs, first for Email Overload and later also for Interruptions. Some of these I shared external to Intel, which formed the connections that later led to my co-founding the IORG with Mary Czerwinski and Sheizaf Rafaeli. At present I continue to drive this subject in my new career as an independent technology consultant.

Marc Wright - Founder and Publisher of simply-communicate

Marc Wright is the founder and publisher of, the website used by 19,000 communicators each month to keep up to date with developments in the fast-changing world of internal communications. He advises on the implementation of social media inside organisations through his seminars and annual conference. He is the writer and director of the BBC TV series 20Steps to Better Business and editor of the Gower Handbook of Internal Communications. He consults for companies such as the European Investment Bank, Tetra Pak, NATO, GSK and the European Training Foundation.

Jonathan Spira - Vice President of Research and Founding Member IORG, Director of Accura Media

A founding board member of the Information Overload Research Group and a noted author and expert in the field of Information Overload, Jonathan Spira is Sr. Managing Director of Accura Media. He is the former CEO and chief analyst of Basex, a research firm that focused on issues companies faced as they navigated the knowledge economy. He is the author of "Overload! How Too Much Information Is Hazardous To Your Organization", "Managing the Knowledge Workforce: Understanding the Information Revolution that’s Changing the Business World" and co-author of "The History of Photography".

Nicole Alvino - Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, SocialChorus

Nicole is the founder and Chief Strategy Officer of SocialChorus, a workforce communications company powering the future of work. She guides the company's strategic growth and works with leaders across the Global 500 to help them digitally transform the employee experience. Prior to founding SocialChorus, she was the Founder and CEO of Dermalounge and a pioneer in using new technologies to engage employees. She holds degrees in Economics and Japanese from Vanderbilt University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. She is a frequent contributor to Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Inc. and Forbes and lives in Seattle with husband and three young sons.

Larraine Solomon - VP of Communications, Engagement and Change at Monster Worldwide.

Larraine is the Vice President of Internal Communications, Employee Engagement and Change at Monster, a global leader in connecting people to jobs. She is also the Managing Director of Inspiring Conversations, a delivery focussed communication and engagement consultancy. Prior to establishing her own business, she held key senior positions at Lloyds Bank, HMRC and Thomson Reuters as well as leading consultancy organisations.

Martyn Perks -
Digital Workplace Consultant

Martyn Perks is a digital workplace consultant and has wide-ranging experience in both public and private sectors. With an optimistic, yet critical perspective, he often works with senior leadership helping make complex ideas simple. He regularly comments on, writes and speaks about design, technology and innovation including for CMSwire, Sky News, the Independent, spiked and Design Week and at the Battle of Ideas festival. He can be found on

Monica Seeley, PhD - Director, IORG and Founder, Mesmo Consultancy

Dr Monica Seeley, founder of Mesmo Consultancy is an international expert on email best practice and especially how to reduce email overload. Monica helps organisations and individuals to manage their use of email more effectively to improve business and personal performance, communications and well-being. Monica is author of several books on email best practice including ‘Brilliant Email’ and ‘Taking Control of Your Inbox’.

Marc Powell - Steering Team Member, IORG, and Founder and Managing Director, Emailogic

Marc is founder and Managing Director of Emailogic – a consultancy and training company that specializes in changing organizational email cultures. His background spans Psychology, Information Technology, HR and Theatre. Originally he trained as an engineer, then as a professional actor after which he acted for 6 years. Since then and for the last 25 years he has been helping businesses use technology more effectively through changing human behaviors.

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