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Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

333 West Harbor Drive

San Diego, CA 92101

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Refund Policy

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INFLUENCER is the only business growth event for influencers, by influencers. No agencies, brands or fans. Just influencers ready to scale.

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Ticket prices double July 31st.

INFLUENCER is October 10-12, 2019, in San Diego, California.

INFLUENCER Magazine presents the first-ever conference exclusively for influencers, by influencers, on how to grow your personal brand, monetize your content, reach more people, and dramatically scale your business.

You'll learn HOW TO START and HOW TO SCALE.

You'll learn from real influencers who started from scratch and all generate over 7-figures of revenue per year.

You'll learn real-world strategies you can implement NOW, no matter how experienced you are.

You'll get tactical training and step-by-step instruction on:

  • Hosting lucrative live events, meet ups and masterminds
  • Creating viral videos that lead to business growth
  • Filming and selling your documentary
  • Creating and selling online courses
  • Selling subscriptions/memberships
  • Launching and growing your podcast
  • Writing and launching best-selling books
  • Starting online challenges that sell products
  • Building marketing funnels that run automatically
  • Automating email sequences that sell
  • Landing six-figure sponsors and brand deals
  • Hiring and scaling your team
  • Getting high-fee speaking engagements

INFLUENCER is for both UP-AND-COMING and experienced influencers who want to learn TACTICAL STRATEGIES to grow their audience and revenue.


It's not an expo. Not a fan party.

It is *not* for agencies, brands, fans, or executives.

It's for us, the real influencers out here doing the work.

Look, you know the drill. Those other so-called "influencer" or "content" events have become corporate executive meet ups, fan selfie fests, bro parties, and expo money machines that take more than they give.

So let's be clear, INFLUENCER is *not* that kind of expo, corporate sampler, or costume party.

Influencers need real training. We want to know WHERE TO START and EXACTLY how to build REAL BUSINESSES through smart marketing strategies that give us lifestyle freedom, time freedom, location freedom, and financial freedom that lasts.

We need marketing and business training, not more selfies, pitches or parties.


Whether you're starting or already at millions of fans and dollars, you can learn to grow at INFLUENCER.

This is for those of us who have to wake up every day, create content, serve our audience, monetize our content, and build our brand day by day while trying to stay sane while living real lives beyond the screens.

THAT is what INFLUENCER is about.

We need to learn how to deal with the workload, create and sell our own products, get book deals, rock podcasts, film documentaries, grow our subs, monetize content, hire teams, and start subscription programs that don’t suck.

INFLUENCER is a TRAINING event that shows you how influencers are actually making money, running campaigns, monetizing email lists, launching products, filming sales videos, converting leads, running lucrative ads, and selling memberships.

This is FOR the real influencer who does the work every day.

It's for us.


You'll be learning tactical strategies and implementation from some of the most financially successful influencers in the world today.

  • You'll learn from host Brendon Burchard, a 3-time New York Times bestselling author who has launched over 20 online courses and memberships earning over $15M per year long before "influencer" was a career. Brendon has two mega podcasts, produces 8 lucrative events per year, owns two more brands doing over 8-figures per year, and has a decade of experience creating, posting, filming, and promoting all his own content. He's created courses with Oprah Winfrey Network, been featured on Success Magazine, and runs the highest-level Influencer mastermind in the world. Behind the scenes, he's trained and mentored more mega thought leaders than anyone in the business.
  • You'll learn from Rachel Hollis, one of the most successful authors, podcasters and social influencers in the world. She sold 4 million books last year, and two of her podcasts are top 5 in their categories. She grew to over a million fans on Instagram... in less than 12 months. She has clothing lines, monthly memberships, and a blockbuster IG morning show.
  • You'll learn from Trent Shelton, one of social media's most followed inspirations with 7 million fans on Facebook and 1.6 million on Instagram. No one has toured more or worked harder to inspire youth. Trent is also a master of viral video across all formats.
  • You'll learn from Lewis Howes and how he's created not just 1M fans on social but how he turned a podcast with 100,000,000 downloads into a full empire of books, content, memberships, and events.
  • You'll learn from Dean Graziosi, and how he and Tony Robbins executed an online launch campaign that generated over $30,000,000 in sales.
  • You'll learn from Tom Bilyeu, on his tactical approach to building 1M subs on YouTube and building a billion-dollar supplement brand.
  • You'll learn from 5 more women -- over a DOZEN more influencers all together -- ALL of whom earn more than $1,000,000 per year as a full-time influencer! The rest of the lineup will be announced this summer. But you don't come here to fan out. You come here because it's the ONLY TRAINING EVENT in the world exclusively for influencers to grow their business. This is TACTICAL training.


Every person who trains you from the INFLUENCER stage makes $1,000,000 or more per year, has more than 1 million fans, and makes being an influencer both an authentic art and a full-time career. So you come to this event because you are SERIOUS about making an impact and income.

We take your growth, and our influencer community, incredibly seriously. So there's no sales from the stage. No corporate suits. No hype. Just results-focused teaching.

It's your peers and inspirations standing in their power on stage and proclaiming, "This is how we make money, build our audience, and live lives of greatness."

INFLUENCER is for the creators, the makers, the bloggers and vloggers, the thought leaders, the social media mavens, the HUMANS who dream of this and actually do the thing and want to scale the thing.

So if you're someone who wakes up, produces the magic, posts the magic, DMs your people, makes the money, does the collabs, loves on your fans, and no joke wants to change the world, then, YES, this is for you, INFLUENCER.


INFLUENCER is October 10-12, 2019, in San Diego, California.

Oct 10-11: 9am-1pm with a 2 hour lunch on your own, then 3pm-7pm.

Oct 12: 9am-1pm with a 2 hour lunch on your own, then 3pm-5pm.

As this is a training event, all the activity happens in one large room, and there are no breaks other than lunch except for "share breaks" curated by the speakers. Hour by hour schedules are not released prior to the event as this is a training event and attendees should be present the entire day. (Again this is not an expo. It's real training to grow your personal brand, audience, revenue and business. So plan to be there the full schedule above).

Age Restrictions: All attendees must be over the age of 15, due to potentially mature concepts and language. Infants and children under the age of 15 will not be admitted under any circumstances.

Food Restrictions: Meals are not provided at this event with ticket purchase. Meals will be on your own at the hotel or surrounding area.

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Date and Time


Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

333 West Harbor Drive

San Diego, CA 92101

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Refunds up to 30 days before event

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