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Infinite Love 4: Miami Parent Marriage Retreat

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Miami, FL 33186

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Hi, I'm Matthew Hoelscher, founder of the Infinite Love: Miami Marriage Retreat, the most successful one day event for transforming marriages in crisis into happiness.

My revolutionary approach of coaching couples into creating a deep emotional connection together is the secret to my 90% success rate, compared to traditional marriage counseling with a 75% failure rate.

The best news is that this is NOT THERAPY! We are not going to dig into your past, dredge up old problems or preach outdated advice about doing hard work, sacrificing, or putting others before yourself.

This one day event, held in a private location is going to give you the tools to find your inner happiness, stop the give and take, and empower both of your share the gifts you already have. This one day intensive will shift the momentum of your marriage to draw you both closer together and restore intimacy between you.

The event will specifically help with:

  • Broken Trust

  • Arguing

  • Threat of Divorce

  • No Affection

  • No Sex

  • Addictive Behaviors

  • Midlife Crisis

  • Emotional Affairs

  • Infidelity

  • Boredom

  • Lack of Appreciation

  • Emotional Neglect

My wife and I were deeply in love. We stayed up late talking about our dreams and goals in life. We went scuba diving almost every week sharing adventures under the sea in beautiful South Florida. I would come home from work and my wife would make a picada (meat & Cheese appetizer) for me before dinner. You know the feeling of being really connected?

Then my wife became pregnant with twins. She was high risk and it became a very difficult 9 months of pregnancy. We were both totally focused and committed to delivering healthy babies. Once they came home, I felt so relieved! I thought it was over, but the problems had just begun!

The drastic change in lifestyle, stress, lack of sleep, and loss of focus really took a turn on us. After two years, we started throwing out the dreaded "D" word. I felt like a pilot in an airplane where suddenly all the air was gone! The plane, (my marriage) was falling out of the sky even though all the guages said nothing was wrong.

Your situation was probably not so dramatic, but something happened? What was it? How did you lose each other? Or maybe like me, you just couldn't put your finger on it? That's common too.

One night we both decided that we wanted to stay together. We made a commitment to figure this out. I read over 500 books in 7 years. I graduated from the professional coaching program at the University of Miami. After another 3 years we figured out our core problems, she wanted more money and I wanted more sex. Neither one of us could change that overnight.

Then we had a breakthrough (not knowing it at that time).

So instead of continually fighting about the same thing over and over again, we both dropped it. We forgot about our problems. We started to focus our time and energy into connecting with each other. By establishing new relationship habits we brought new, positive energy to our marriage.

These habits are exactly what I will teach you during the intensive one day Miami Marriage Reboot!

  1. How to change destructive patterns of behavior

  2. How to stop dwelling on the past

  3. How to restore broken trust

  4. How to deal with a spouse who "checked-out"

  5. The 5 T's to rebuild that loving feeling

  6. Advanced sexuality

  7. How to survive and thrive after an affair

  8. How to become a team rather than 2 individuals

  9. How to keep small things small

  10. How to replace efficiency with intimacy

  11. How to leverage desire, romance, and attachment in the brain

  12. Asking for what you want

  13. How to argue amicably

  14. Romantic texting

  15. Harness the power of fantasy

  16. Multiple orgasm for him and her

  17. How to make marriage a spiritual practice

  18. Create a shared vision for the future

  19. Conquer the dark demons of fear and jealousy

  20. Feel and share unconditional love

It would have been nice to know how to do all this years ago, right? Well, it's NOT too late. In my experience, it's never too late.

The bottom line is this: if you're willing to learn new ways of relating to your spouse and if you're willing to apply what you learn to your situation, then the Infinite Love: Miami Marriage Retreat will work for you.

== Schedule ==

3:30 PM Introductions

4 PM Blame, Jealousy, Responsibility, 5 T's of Love

5 PM Communication, How To Argue, Romantic Texting


6 PM Desire in the Brain & Bedroom, Asking for What You Want, Dissolving Shame

7 PM Advanced Sexuality, Concentrated & Threshold Orgasm, Toys, Fantasy

Now I want to CAUTION YOU about one thing and be totally upfront. The Infinite Love: Miami Marriage Retreat is NOT a quick fix program. I'm not going to promise that if you register today you'll be healed tomorrow (don't believe anyone who makes such a promise).

I can give you instant access to everything you need to begin the reconciliation process, but it's going to take several weeks and real effort for you to climb your way out of this mess completely. But if you put in the time and the effort, then I'll show you how to transform your marriage. It won't be overnight, but the resulting love you experience will last you a lifetime.

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Date and Time


Miami, FL 33186

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