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Elements of Byron

144 Bayshore Drive

Byron Bay, NSW 2481


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Hi 1overs :)

Welcome to a space of infinite love, infinite possibilities and the truth of who you are...


How do I even begin to describe an event, which in truth is more of an experience of remembering who you are. Not the YOU that most people would come to believe to be true but rather the truer YOU. The infinite energy of oneness that is all encompassing, that space of knowingness that is birthed from a feeling that is not tangible or logical.

This event is a space for people to come home to the truth of who they are, to experience the feeling of familiarity through the wisdom that is shared, knowledge remembered and raw realness of this human experience. You will be able to feel the truth from the space in which it is shared from, through tangible reference points like music, video clips, real life examples and from the space in which it lands in you, that feeling of home, that feeling of knowingness.


~Human made love Vs Infinite Love

~Fear Vs Love

~Who you ARE and who you are NOT

~The Blanket Truth (Oneness)

~Free-will Vs Pre-written

~The Energetic Blueprint of Your Life

If you have been searching and looking for the answers to both or one of these questions:


Then seek no more! I can tell you straight up that LOVE is who you are and that your purpose in life is somewhat pre-written, although unfolding in every moment via human freewill. However most of you won't be able to just take my word for it, you will need to feel and experience the truth for yourself. You will come to understand the dualistic experience we are living in each and every moment and how to allow your heart and soul to illuminate the path of truth for you and how your mind and physical body are merely here to aid this human experience.


Everyone! Anyone who feels drawn to this event, anyone who has been guided here to this page, been referred by a friend, stumbled across it. It's for anyone with a open heart and mind, for people who are just starting their journey or people who are wide awake and living the truth.

If this message resides with you below, then this is for you...

Birth Place: Earth

Race: Human

Politics: Freedom

Religion: Love


GENERAL: Day 1. Only! (Pay what you feel :) suggested ticket value $111)


VIP TICKET: Day 1. + Saturday Night VIP Dinner (Vegan) + Day 2. Circle of Truth ($333 love tokens)


GENERAL TICKET: Since remembering and living the truth, I have come to feel that no one owns "the truth" and therefore I want this wisdom, knowledge and experience to be accessible to all humans, no matter what their current story and situation is around finances... which is why a "pay what you feel" option feels true. I will share everything I possibly can with you in this one day, I will give you all the wisdom and knowledge i have and merge it with as many tangible experiences as I can for you. Remembering and understanding "the truth" is one aspect, but being courageous enough to live that is a whole other level of knowing. This is where follow on options, recommendations and the day 2. VIP option comes in.

General Ticketing Option needs to be paid through this Eventbrite Ticketing System.

VIP TICKET: You experience everything from day 1. (General Ticket) and then a more intimate group of truth seekers will continue the conversations over a private VIP Vegan Dinner (included in your VIP ticket). This is where you will see that I am no different "on stage" as I am off, you will be able to connect with me, my soul family, friends and clients who are also living the truth.

Then we will come back to connect in The Circle of Truth on day 2. where no questions will go un-answered and you will have the opportunity to have the truth shed upon your own personal life and its current stories.

A powerful, confronting, moving and transformational day where you will be able to drop the masks, peel back the layers, all from just drawing your attention back to the truth. The truth is much more simple and powerful then any tools, techniques or processes, it goes far beyond needing to entertain the ego, which is why once you remember and understand the truth, you won't NEED to do anymore courses, programs, seminars, events, workshops to know who you are or what your purpose is in life.

In fact after I remembered and understood the truth from Amir Zoghi's WTF Experience, that was the last event I ever NEEDED to do! That was 1.5 years ago and I have been living, breathing and sharing the truth ever since.

The VIP Ticket option is limited to 45 people and both ticket options require pre-payment/donation to confirm your attendance.

VIP Tickets can be paid through the Eventbrite Ticketing System where you'll pay a $16.50 booking fee ($0.50 for every $10) or you can avoid the booking fee and complete a direct bank transfer.*

*Please note you will also need to send an email with your name, email address and phone number to with the direct bank transfer option.

Please transfer $333 VIP love tokens to:

Bank: Bank of Queensland

Account Name: 1ove - A School For Life

BSB: 124001

Account No: 22481690

With YOUR NAME as reference

Love Montana Xx

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Date and Time

Elements of Byron

144 Bayshore Drive

Byron Bay, NSW 2481


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