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Increase E-commerce Profitability and Conversion Rate: Hands-on Workshop

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Refund Policy

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Join us on this two-day, hands-on workshop that will help you turn your e-commerce marketing from intuition-driven into data-driven.

What Are the Perks of a Data-Driven E-commerce?

McKinsey Global Institute indicates that data driven organisations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain them and 19 times as likely to be profitable as a result.

How to Join The 5% Club of The Truly Data-Driven?

If you want your e-commerce store to become truly data-driven, increase profitability and conversion rate, you need to take care of the three areas:

  • Implementation: Ensure high quality data by implementing the right tools in the correct way.

  • Interpretation: Understand the picture painted by data and be able to analyse it.

  • Action: Implement derived insights, and take action upon them using a strict process.

In this workshop, we'll explore these areas with you in a hands-on fashion.

How Do We Know These 3 Areas Are The Key?

Because we cycle through them every day at Datomni creating marketing & growth engines for our clients - category leaders across various verticals including e-commerce. This approach helps produce results like these:

Lead Count Report of Our Client (screenshot from Mailchimp)

This chart shows the amount of valuable leads delivered to our client over our cooperation since November 2016. It's taken directly from the client's Mailchimp lead count report. We achieved this while considerably reducing cost per lead acquisition and ensuring statistical significance in creative variants. Such results wouldn't be possible without deep analytics, data science, and a strong process. Armed with this practical knowledge, we know what works, and what doesn't.

Now we want to share this knowledge for the benefit of your e-commerce.

What Are the Specific Outcomes of the Workshop?

  • Tools - implementation. Full setup and integrations of needed marketing & analytics tools for e-commerce (Tag Manager, Basic & Enhanced E-commerce, Goal Conversion, Data Studio, and others).

  • Data - interpration. Ability to use data to increase conversion rate and profitability of your e-commerce. Ability to understand the language of data and be able to communicate in this language.

  • Strategy - action. Ability to allocate marketing budgets better using insights from data.

Who Should Attend?

  • E-commerce owners.

  • Digital e-commerce marketers.

  • Analysts.

  • Marketing managers.

How Will This Workshop Be Delivered?

  • The workshop will be conducted by two people. The first person will be presenting lectures and step-by-step implementations, while the second will walk around the room and assist you in the implementations.

  • The workshop will be followed up with 5 hours of analytics consulting per participating company. This is to ensure you have everything set up and running properly.

  • You’ll also receive a helper booklet. It will help you retain more information.

Which Topics Will be Covered?

Ecommerce tracking - general introduction

  • Analytics in your e-commerce: the motivation.
  • Typical marketing & analytics plan with KPIs and metrics for e-commerce: the set-up and components (from awareness to profitability).
  • Improving behaviour, conversions, profitability - charting out the scope of this workshop.

Improving behaviour, conversions, and profitability | Basic level, part 1: E-commerce tracking

  • Introduction basic ecommerce tracking: user level and technical level.

Implementation section

  • Launching basic ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics.
  • Understanding and utilising data layer. Setting up Tag Manager. Workflows in Tag Manager.
  • Integrating Tag Manager and Google Analytics, part 1: introduction & motivation.
  • Integrating Tag Manager and Google Analytics, part 2: transaction-related data.
  • Integrating Tag Manager and Google Analytics, part 3: product¤cy-related data.
  • Ensuring data quality in basic e-commerce tracking: apostrophes, currency conversion, dots, and more.
  • Interpreting basic e-commerce tracking reports.

Interpretation and action section

  • Getting the most out of basic e-commerce tracking: asking good data-driven questions and answering them with a tested exploratory process.
  • Taking the interpretation to the next level: integration with data visualization tools like Data Studio, Tableau, and others.

Improving behaviour, conversions, and profitability | Medium level, part 2: Goal conversion tracking

  • Introduction to Analytics goal tracking. Possibilities and limitations. Motivation and technical introduction.
  • Kinds of goals for behaviour, conversion, and profitability tracking.

Implementation section

  • Improving behaviour, conversion, and flow: setup of macro & microconversions as KPIs. Analytics Goals setup for primary and secondary conversion funnels with monetary values.
  • Fine-turning the tracking with funnels based on the virtual pageviews, popup, events, mouseovers, browsing history, form activity, media activity. Tracking cross-session funnels. Testing goals and funnels. Red flags.

Interpretation and action section

  • Interpretation of basic conversion funnel reports. Asking good exploratory questions. Getting insights.
  • Taking the basic goal funnel interpretation to the next level: integration with data visualization tools like Data Studio, Tableau, and others.

Improving behaviour, conversions, and profitability | Advanced level, part 3: Enhanced ecommerce tracking

  • Introducing enhanced e-commerce tracking: understanding e-commerce conversion reports and goals. User level and technical level. Enhanced e-commerce versus basic e-commerce tracking and goal tracking.

Implementation section

  • Setting up enhanced ecommerce. Checkout labelling.
  • Implementing enhanced ecommerce using GA & GTM tandem and dataLayer, part 1: the philosophy, product data (know which products work best, and are most often viewed, clicked, acted upon, as well as initiate a refund), cart data, checkout data (know which products are the worst), refund data, promotion data (creating ROI-positive in-site promotions).

Interpretation section

  • Interpretation of enhanced ecommerce funnel reports. Asking good exploratory questions. Getting insights.
  • Taking enhanced e-commerce exploratory analysis to the next level: integrations with data visualization tools like Tableau and others.

Who Will Conduct This Workshop?

Maciej Miętek

Founder, CEO at Datomni. Educational background in graduate level data science (research focused on statistical modelling of user engagement and user journey execution) and philosophy. Practical background in building innovative products and marketing them using data science, analytics, and focused creativity. Founder of 700+ member community focused on exploring applications of data science and analytics to marketing called "10X - Practical Data Science". The community is based in Berlin, Brussels, and Vilnius. The average event grade is 4.9/5. Passionate about productive forward thinking. Co-creator of international creative community called Dreamers and Executors with over 200 members delivering social entrepreneurship projects. Receiver of national awards in data-based projects.

LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Personal Page

Kacper Gilarowski

Co-founder of Datomni with several years of experience in the Digital Marketing filed. Graduate with the degree in Computer Science and Econometrics. Data Analyst and Technical Manager in one of the leading retargeting company in Europe. Responsible for marketing campaigns optimization of more than 100 top e-commerce brands in CEE region. Specialized in e-commerce segment, utilizing enhanced e-commerce tracking in everyday work.



How much does it cost?

This two-day practical workshop costs EUR590 per participant (date showed by Eventbrite is VAT-inclusive, but if you're registering as a EU business, you won't be charged VAT). This price covers everything, including snacks during the workshop, learning materials, and a followup consulting.

What's the refund policy?

You can cancel your reservation 30 days before the workshop date and get the full refund.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?


Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

Yes, no problem.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Send us an e-mail (Maciej: mac AT, Kacper: kacper AT

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Date and Time


Location will be revealed to registered workshop participants.



Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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