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Special Capital Region of Jakarta

NQA Training Center

Graha ISKA 165, Jl Pramuka Raya No 165, Central Jakarta

Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 10570


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This seminar will be useful to all site managers, especially to first-line supervisors and middle- to upper-level managers, safety professionals and to management trainees.

In order participants to have an effective workshop, maximum participants should not be more than 20 persons per workshop.


This seminar is designed to help participants conduct incident investigations systematically and thoroughly that will make it possible to prevent future incidents of the same type.

Incident investigation is a team approach. A team of people, including the injured or involved employee, works together to determine all the apparent and underlying key factors in an incident and determine how they are to be addressed. The objective is to find out what happened and why it happened, not blaming.

Establishing root cause analysis by understanding the loop hole in the system is stressed during the workshop.

This workshop focuses on developing skills that are needed to conduct incident investigation effectively and recommend the right and problem-solving recommendations. These skills include the ability to

  • Observe incident areas to understand real condition.
  • How to interview employees involved in incidents and / or witness to build up their trust, obtain their cooperation and gain complete and accurate information.
  • Systematically thinking through key aspects of any incident to determine all the factors that could contribute to the incident. Develop reasonable hypothesis and using real information to support those hypotheses to develop recommendation.
  • Determine the key factors of the incident.
  • Apply criteria for selecting preventive actions.
  • Develop incident investigation report.
  • Process to ensure the recommendation is useful to improve safety system.


  • 5-6 April 2017
  • 5-6 July 2017
  • 4-5 October 2017


Save money: If you have several people with the same training requirement you will probably find it more cost effective to have us deliver your training locally at a venue of your choice. We are always happy to come to you - we go ANYWHERE.

Make the training specific to your company and your challenges: A major benefit of in house training is that it offers you the opportunity to have aspects of the course customized to be more specific to your company and the challenges you have. We can tailor the delivery of the event to be consistent to your own policies, processes, and systems so that your people can relate the learning points covered to the real work more readily. In addition to tailoring an existing course to meet your requirements more closely we can also develop bespoke courses. With a bespoke course, we design the course from scratch with your input. That means you can decide on duration, content, delivery modes, timings, and a host of other variables.


This seminar is using 70:20:10 approach (70% through practice, 20% through learning from others, 10% from formal learning)* where most of the activities during the workshop are practice and learning from others (including from facilitator).

The seminar format is based on adult group-learning principles, in which participants interact as they discuss, analyze, and apply information from presentations, case discussions, and situational analyses to their own experience and organizations.


The seminar instructor are an experience competent safety management implementer and consultant with long and wide range experience in Indonesia and abroad. He has hands on experience in managing several incident investigations. He is also trained in facilitating group workshop and discussion.

*70-20-10 by Charless Jenning



Why Incident Happened?

  • Strengths and Weaknesses in your organization
  • How Incident Happened?
  • Effect of Incident

Challenges in incident investigation


Collect and analyses information

  • Benefits of incident investigation
  • Incident investigation step
  • The importance of team selection

Effective interview

  • Skill to conduct interview
  • Using interviewing skill

Conduct root cause analysis

  • Key factors
  • Contributing factors
  • Why tree model – logic thinking

Root cause analysis

Strengthening safety management system

  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Corrective and preventive actions

Establishing report and communications of result

Commitment to zero

  • Follow up
  • Implementation of incident investigation process


  • IDR 4,000,000 / participant
  • Including:
    • Delegate Material
    • Souvenir
    • Certificate
    • 2X Coffee Break & 1X Lunch per day







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Date and Time


Special Capital Region of Jakarta

NQA Training Center

Graha ISKA 165, Jl Pramuka Raya No 165, Central Jakarta

Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 10570


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