In Search of Holloway’s Lost Cinemas (Walk: 8 June 2013)

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In Search of Holloway’s Lost Cinemas (Walk: 8 June 2013)

By Islington's Lost Cinemas

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Sat, 8 Jun 2013 17:30 - 19:30 BST


To be announced


In Search of Holloway’s Lost Cinemas

– an illuminating journey into local cinema history

Holloway Arts Festival: Artist-led cinema walk

8 June 2013: 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Approx 2hrs (timings may vary)

All on pavements.

The history of cinema in Islington goes back to the very invention of film in 1895. It was both the birthplace of one of the pioneers of British cinema R W Paul, as well as the site of countless cinemas over the years, and the Holloway Road has played an important role in this history as home to a number of cinemas since the turn of the century.

Join artist Sam Nightingale as he leads a Saturday evening walk along the Holloway Road in search of Islington’s Lost Cinemas. The walk is an opportunity to learn both about Islington’s rich cinematic past and the chance to discover the layers of history that are often hidden within the architecture of the urban everyday. In the walk we will see cinemas that are still standing, even if no longer used, picture-palaces that have left only spectral traces of their former glory and structures that need our imagination to project the past into the present.

More can be found out about Islington's Lost Cinemas at:, both a cultural history website and art project that sets to chart and celebrate the history of cinemas in Islington.

Details about the meeting point will be communicated once booked.

About the artist:

Sam Nightingale is an Islington-based artist who works with photography and the moving image; he exhibits internationally, and his work has been included in exhibitions and film festivals in America, Australia and Europe.

Nightingale’s practice is concerned with enlivening and imploding the hidden spaces within and between built structures – the uncertain spaces of story, memory and imagination. His passion for early cinema technologies and structures has led him to photograph cinemas in Islington and rural Australia.

About the organiser

Islington’s Lost Cinemas is an art and cultural heratage project initiated by artist Sam Nightingale that makes visible the little known history of film and cinema in the London Borough of Islington through photographing the everyday urban sites where these historic cinemas once stood.

The project unearths, collects, and illuminates the multiple histories and present-day realities of Islington’s cinematic past by developing and presenting the online archive: