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Hey Mate,

I am a London Dating Coach.

Maybe some of these sound familiar to you?

  • When you see an attractive girl you like, you feel a crippling sense of fear and anxiety, that prevents you from talking to her?

  • You don't know what to talk about with women?

  • When you do find yourself interacting with a girl you like, you end up running out of things to talk about?

  • You typically find yourself in the Friendzone?

  • You find girls seem to not really respond to your texts and end up flaking on you?

  • When you do find a girl that might like you, you struggle to move things forwards?

These are just a handful of problems I used to live with...

It wasn't long though before I'd had enough and decided to get this area of my life handled..

I wanted this so badly that I started approaching 1000's of women day and night...

... After about 2 years of doing this, I hadn't really gotten anywhere.

Things were still the same. I still sucked.

One day though, I came up with an amazing idea...

All thanks to befriending a guy who was naturally good with women.

And that was to seek out more guys who were like this, analyse them and figure out what they were all doing.

Before long I found myself living in different part of the world with various guys who seemed to have these super power like abilities with women.

The funny thing is...

These handful of guys were all very different from one another.

After going out with them day and night and watching them interact with girls, I saw the patterns and came up with a set of principles that they all seemed to be unknowingly following.

I did the obvious, I started doing it for myself and I started getting similar success to these guys.

Before long I shared it with some of my close friends I had made along the way who were on a similar path to me.

After seeing them transform I decide to start teaching this stuff.

4 years later, I am still teaching this stuff today.

I am offering you a one-off 1 Hour Consultation for just £5 (Worth £100)

Who is this for?

  • Guys who want the ability to approach and attract beautiful women

  • Guys who want to find partners

  • Guys who want the ability to take girls home

  • Guys who want to get more dates

  • Guys who want to crush their fears and anxiety

  • Guys who want to cultivate charm and charisma

When you sign up you will also receive my Cheat Sheet on Figuring Out Your Ideal Girl to prepare you for the consultation.

In this consultation, we will:

- Figure out your situation
- Discuss your sticking points in your dating life
- Create you an action plan
- Cover some of the fundamentals on how to approach girls
- Some Q&A
- Cover some of the Principles I teach

For further information on my story, who I am and the courses I offer, check out my website:


See you soon


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United Kingdom

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