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Cathy Kline Fine Art Gallery


Parkville, MO 64152

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Refund Policy

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Please join us for an amazing opportunity to train with the Impressionist Master Painter, Slava Korolenkov. Slava is from Moscow. He studied at the Moscow State Stoganov Academy of Arts. His work is known worldwide, and he is represented by private collections in Japan, US, Germany, France, and Russia. In 2012, Slava began teaching workshops across the world.

You can read more about Slava on his Facebook page at


Stacy Krieg, a local Kansas City artist, is a friend of Slava's. Since meeting Slava on the Oregon coast, she was determined to bring him to the beautiful midwest. Not only did Stacy want to introduce Slava to our gorgeous landscape, she also wanted to share his wealth of knowledge with as many US artists as possible.

Laney Haake, also a local Kansas City artist, met Slava at his first workshop in Kansas City. She is also passionate about bringing wonderful talent to the Kansas City area and is a second contact for the workshop.

Cathy Kline will be hosting the workship and the public demo in her beautiful gallery in Parkville, MO. Cathy is a talented artist and a dedicated gallery owner. She hosts many workshops and weekly painting classes in her gallery.

Slava is such a gift and a joy! Slava is not only a talented artist, but he is a wonderful person. He is an outstanding art instructor, but more than that, he changes the way people think about art and gives people what they need to explore their own natural talents. Slava teaches artists to paint from the heart, with intense vigor and confidence. This will be Slava's third workshop in Kansas City!


Cathy Kline Fine Art Gallery

8701 NW River Park Dr.

Parkville, Mo 64152

DEMO EVENT - SUNDAY 5/17 - 3-5 pm

The demo will take place at Cathy Kline Fine Art Gallery, Parkville, MO. on Sunday, 5/17 from 3-5 pm. At the end of the demonstration, Slava will offer the demo painting to the highest bidder. He will also have other paintings available for purchase for anyone who is interested. THE EVENT IS FREE FOR ALL ART WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

TO R.S.V.P. send an email to


The workshop will also take place at Cathy Kline's Fine Art Gallery, Parkville, MO. Cathy hosts many workshops and has a wonderful space for us to utilize. We will paint some days indoors in the gallery, and other days we will paint outdoors in Parkville, MO.

The workshop is an amazing opportunity to work with a master artist who is an absolute joy as an instructor. Slava manages to teach students a great deal about themselves and to reach them on a personal level. This is more than an art instruction class. It is an opportunity to develop your skills, connect with people, and discover the joy that is painting like you never have before. Even if you are not a plein air painter, or an impressionist painter, you can benefit from the workshop. Slava works with students of all levels in all styles. He is an extremely approachable instructor.

The 5 day painting workshop is suited for every level of artist from beginner to master painter. Slava has a unique way of working with artists from all backgrounds to meet them where they are and to help each person improve their work greatly. The workshop is the caffeine all artists need to push their work to the next level. The workshop is geared toward plein air artists, but every type of painter is welcome.

In this workshop, there is something for everyone! We want people to improve their skills in their own comfort zone, but also to try new things. 2 days of the workshop will be dedicated to landscape work, 3 days will be dedicated to figurative work (clothed models) indoors and outdoors.

We will paint in Cathy Kline's studio at her gallery in Parkville. Depending on the weather and our subject matter, some of the days we will paint indoors and others we will paint outside. Being flexible is key - as the weather in Kansas City is always an adventure in May.

Each day Slava will do a short demonstration and explanation of his process. We will then paint the same scene or model. However, it is not required that you paint what Slava demos. If he demos a figure, but you prefer to paint a still life or landscape, that is perfectly fine. He adjusts to what moves people the most. We will have multiple options, places, and subjects to paint daily.

Registration for the art workshop is limited to 15. This workshop always fills up very quickly, so make sure to sign up as soon as possible.

5 DAY PAINTING WORKSHOP - 5/18-5/22 - $625 (max 15)

5/18 - 5/22 Plein Air Painting Workshop 9-4 pm

Cathy Kline Fine Art Gallery

Parkville, MO

3 Days Figurative / 2 Days Landscape


-May is unpredicatable weather in Kansas City. Please be prepared to work in the heat, outdoors at the workshop on the days we paint landscape. It may also be very cold. So dress appropriately for outdoor days. Bring a lot of water.

-Participants are responsible for bringing their own lunch each day.

-Slava is a very easy going and flexible artist. This is what makes his workshops very special. Please expect some changes to itinerary and plans daily as needs arise (weather, model schedule, translator schedule, etc). We do the best we can to stay on track, but inevitably changes occur.

-Each day Slava will begin with a demonstration. On the figurative days, Slava will paint a live model (clothed). Artists are always welcome to paint landscape on the days we do figurative work, if that is their preference. The option to train in both is a great asset to this workshop, however. It's always great to work outside of your comfort zone.

-The models that we will provide will be paid by the workshop. We do encourage people to tip, however, if they so desire.

-Please bring your own art supplies. There are no special paint colors required for the workshop. Stacy will send out a list of the colors Slava uses regularly to those who register. Most of them are listed in Russian, however, and can be hard to translate. Just bring your normal set up.

-If you do not have plein air supplies, there is no need to purchase special equipment. You can pick up an in expensive easel to work on or feel free to bring a small table. Slava paints in oils. Students are welcome to use whatever paints they have. Oils may be the best option, given the weather and dry times, but it can be possible to use acrylics, if you bring extenders for dry time, etc. Canvas sizes are up to you, however, for the two figurative days, it is recommended to work with a canvas at least 16x20.

-Please bring a plein air easel (if you have one) or another way to set up your canvas and paint supplies inside the gallery or outside, The gallery does NOT provide any supplies or easels.

-Plein air painting experience is NOT necessary for this workshop. Your work will benefit from Slava’s instruction, no matter what your subject matter and experience level. Also, Slava is an impressionist painter. Painting in an impressionist style is NOT required for this class. Slava prefers that you paint in your own style. He is amazing at helping you find your own voice.

-Slava requires a minimum of 8 students to hold the workshop. If that is not fulfilled, refunds will be made. The refunds will be done through Eventbrite/Paypal. Timing of refunds is dependent upon Eventbrite and Paypal refund process.

-There is a maximum of 15 students that can register for the workshop.

-There is no maximum for the demo. It's a treat. Bring friends along! It is great to see Slava paint. Just make sure your friends (not attending the workshop) send Stacy an email at to let her know they are attending.

-If you need to cancel your registration, you have 30 days before the event to do so. After that time, refunds will not be made. Any fees associated with the cancellation of your registration will be paid by the participant (ie. paypal or eventbrite fees).

-Eventbrite (registration site), charges a small fee for use of their site. These fees are passed along to the participant at time of registration.

-Slava speaks a decent amount of english, however, he is not completely proficient in the english language. As he continues to travel more in the US, his english is continually improving. We will try to locate a Russian translator for parts of the workshop, although a translator is not guaranteed. Students normally understand Slava and his english has not been an issue.

-Although monetary payments will be made to Stacy Krieg via Eventbrite, all money will later be transferred, and made payable to Slava for the workshop. Stacy Krieg and Laney Haake will serve as the main points of contact for the workshop. Additional contact information will be sent upon registration.


Please email Stacy Krieg at or

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Date and Time


Cathy Kline Fine Art Gallery


Parkville, MO 64152

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Refunds up to 30 days before event

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