Ignite Your Light. Weekend Workshop

Ignite Your Light. Weekend Workshop

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116 Rice Rd

116 Rice Road

De Kalb Junction, NY 13630

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Join us for a powerful weekend designed to help you ignite your light, awakening the purpose, abilities and passion that lay within!

About this event

We all have a light within, meant as an inner guidance that can lead us in spectacular ways. Sometimes, the expectations of daily life leave us feeling that light has dimmed. It hasn't; it's still there and yearning to shine.

With the guidance of three healers / mentors who have used their own struggles to ignite their lights, this weekend workshop will offer incredible healing opportunities, as well as conversations, explanations and fun exercises giving you the freedom to explore your own abilities , purpose and inner peace.

About the Weekend:

We'll combine Carol Cottrell's nationally recognized Awaken Your Ability course with transformative therapeutic hypnosis and guided meditations led by Erin Lassial, M.Ed and Renee Smith. All aspects will be integrated throughout the retreat to deepen your connection to self and source.

Experience enlightenment by accessing inner wisdom through hypnosis while opening the channels of peace and clarity through guided meditation. To help you enhance your own routine, we will workshop a combination of techniques to cleanse, heal, and empower you on all levels; mind, body, and spirit.

The weekend will also help build the groundwork, as well as provide tools to help further develop your intuitive, psychic and mediumistic abilities, with focuses on:

Psychic Readings ❥ Mediumistic Readings ❥Trusting your Intuition ❥The different ways to connect with Spirit ❥ Symbols & Signs ❥ Seeing & Feeling Energy ❥ The Chakras ❥ Meeting our Guides and how they can help us ❥ Ethics of Mediumship ❥And more

Please note: this weekend is not just for those who want to use intuition, psychic or mediumistic abilities for professional purposes. All of these skills can be used for self healing, connection to personal passed loved ones and a restored confidence for your personal journey

About The Event Space: In the late winter of 2001, Roy and Renee Smith made a life-changing decision to bring their small family back to The North Country. They were committed to raising their children with an admiration for nature, an understanding of sustainable farming and a pure love for family and friends, so they followed their hearts. Intuition guided them to a small farm, built in 1894, now known as Sugar Hill Farm.

Nineteen years later, Renee was diagnosed with Stage 4B Lung Cancer. Family, friends, and even complete strangers, rallied to offer strength and support, providing the means to seek medical care at the renown Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. With the love of so many people, and the amazing energy of the farm The Smiths had grown to cherish, Renee realized the power of gratitude and a positive, healing mindset.

Spirited by the blessings of Sugar Hill Farm : the natural world it offered to raise their three children, the animals that have grazed the fields and the abundance of healthy food they have grown, Renee and Roy found the strength to be lifted by all the opportunities the cancer brought them. Opportunities to live their best life, and to share their healing with others. This magic of Sugar Hill Farm has graced Renee and her family with a soul connection to the pure intention of helping others heal through love, mindset, gratitude, energy and intuition.

Sugar Hill Farm is a place of healing, allowing its visitors to breathe in all the magic that is life.

About the Event Hosts:

Erin Lassial: Owner, Grasse River Wellness, is a Certified Therapeutic Hypnosis Practitioner and Reiki Master. In addition to facilitating individual and group sessions in holistic wellness, Erin is on the training and review team for clinical and spiritual hypnotherapy courses with Bryn Blankinship, author of Limitless Soul.  Erin was inspired to learn more about the ways in which sound vibration influences the human energy field after witnessing significant enhancements to her energy work when using tuning forks. Recently, Erin has completed a training and mentorship focused on sacred sound instruments and singing bowls with author, Diane Mandle, Ancient Sounds for a New Age. Her training focused on the use of sound as an independent healing practice, as well as a complementary method in energy work and meditation. Erin is passionate about quality education in holistic practices that address the connection between mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Carol Cottrell: A native of Potsdam, NY and now based in Charleston, SC, Carol is an internationally recognized intuitive (psychic) medium who communicates with spirits to bring healing, love and guidance from those who have passed on. Carol has learned from some of the world's most respected mediums / teachers including Tony Stockwell, Lisa Williams and Mavis Patilla. Carol demonstrates mediumship for audiences throughout the world and offers group and one-on-one readings. She also teaches intuition and mediumship workshops and is the creator of nationally known courses, such as Awaken Your Ability and Let's Get In-Tu-It. She also offers one-on-one mentorships to help others develop their own intuitive, psychic and mediumistic abilities.

Renee Smith: Passionate about the power of gratitude and mindset, Renee Smith, a warrior of Stage 4 Lung Cancer, has been navigating her healing journey since diagnosis in September of 2020. Renee has grown to recognize the power of intuition and energy healing, along with western medicine, as her trusted allies. She’s been guided through her journey of healing with mechanisms that have provided her the ability to connect with and trust her higher self and the path she now follows.

In early childhood, Renee’s maternal grandmother introduced her to a lifelong belief in Spirituality, and that belief continues to develop day-by-day, as she explores and mentors with healers around the country, including Erin Lassial and Carol Cottrell. Through her development, Renee has come to feel and trust the power within and has made it her mission to share that understanding, healing and comfort with others.

COVID Disclaimer: By clicking register, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By attending Ignite Your Light, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to hold Renee Smith, Sugar Hill Farm, Carol Cottrell, Carol Cottrell, LLC, Erin Lassial or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury.

Workshop Disclaimer: The $444 workshop registration fee is for participation in the workshop only. Travel costs, lodging and meals are the responsibility of the class participant and will not be covered by the event organizers. Refunds will not be offered after September 28, 2022, (except in the case of positive COVID test results or other emergency). If you have been exposed, have tested positive or are showing any symptoms, please contact one of the events hosts to discuss options. Because the class size is limited, there may be a waitlist. With this in mind, if you need to cancel your registration, please let the event organizers know as far in advance as possible to allow time to fill the spot. Payment in-full is required at time of registration. Registration for class can not be confirmed until payment is received. Gift certificates for either Carol Cottrell, LLC or Erin Lassial or Grasse River Wellness are not redeemable for this event. Readings, teachings and other services provided are for guidance only. What any client or class participant decides to do with the information provided, including any actions taken, is the personal responsibility and choice of the client / class participant. All readings, teachings and information provided should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, emotional, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgement. The services of Carol Cottrell, LLC , Erin Lassial or Renee Smith are not a substitute for professional services; it is advised you seek advice from the relevant qualified expert. Participation as a student in any class or mentorship program offered by Carol Cottrell, LLC does not guarantee the student the ability to communicate with spirit. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. This class is for students 18 years or older.

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