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ICT Skills Baseline exam - Social Work

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This is a 2 hour competency test and you are required to achieve 80% overall and 50% in each section to pass.

Module sections:

Computer and network basics

  1. Log on and off a network using a network ID and password
  2. Use a Graphical User Interface (Windows and Mac)
  3. Manage files using folders and drives
  4. Perform the following file management operations – create, save, open and close files
  5. Perform the following file management operations –copy, delete, rename and move files

Electronic mail

  1. Open an email application and read a message
  2. Download files from an email message
  3. Reply to or forward received messages
  4. Send files as attachments to email messages

Word processing 1

  1. Perform simple editing & formatting of text and saving a document
  2. Carry out a spell check
  3. Carry out a word count

Word processing 2

  1. Change margins
  2. Change line spacing
  3. Set up headers (text that appears in the top margin of every page) or footers (text that appears in the bottom margin of every page)
  4. Use footnotes or endnotes in documents for referencing or providing explanations
  5. Insert automatic page numbering or dates into documents
  6. Insert and use a table
  7. Format a table
  8. Use automatic bullets or numbering for paragraphs
  9. Insert page breaks
  10. Insert symbols/mathematical equations into a document
  11. Locate and use Clip Art within a document
  12. Use drawing facilities in a word processing or integrated package

Searching for information

  1. Search an on-line library catalogue for a book
  2. Search an on-line library catalogue for a journal
  3. Print, save or email the results of a library search
  4. Locate electronic databases
  5. Locate subject specific internet gateways
  6. Open an Internet browser and search the internet using search engines
  7. Save search results

Basic spreadsheets

  1. Enter data
  2. Edit and format data
  3. Use formulae for calculations
  4. Create a chart from spreadsheet data
  5. Title and label a chart

Integration of IT applications

  1. Switch between applications
  2. Insert one object from one file into another
  3. Copy text from the internet and insert it into a document
  4. Insert a picture from the internet into a document

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