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Software is Knowledge

8th International Workshop on Software Knowledge - SKY 2017

1 - 3 November, 2017 - Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, Portugal

In conjunction with the 9th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management - IC3K 2017


What was the motivation for Google, a software company, to enter the market of autonomous vehicles? Why this and other software companies totally disrupted the traditional vehicles market, from small cars to giant trucks? Why so many people are in danger of losing their jobs in developed countries? Why intelligent people are afraid of their lives being challenged by Artificial Intelligence?
The short answer: Software is Knowledge and Knowledge is power.
For details: SKY’2017 International Workshop on Software Knowledge.


Iaakov Exman
The Jerusalem College of Engineering - JCE - Azrieli

Brief Bio
Iaakov Exman is a faculty member at The Jerusalem College of Engineering (JCE – Azrieli), Dept. of Software Engineering. His research interests are: “Software in the Sky with Stars and Comets” where: SKY = Software Knowledge ("Interestingness"); STARS = Software Theory by Algebraic Representation ("Linear Software Models"); COMETS = Composition by Entanglement.

Anabel Fraga
Carlos III of Madrid University

Brief Bio
Dr. Anabel Fraga is a Computer Engineering professional. Previous to set aside in the academic work, she committed her efforts in the industry as UNIX/Windows Administrator, Application Administrator for Telecom companies, Project Management and Consultancy. She obtained in 2004 her E-commerce and Networking Msc. in the Carlos III University of Madrid and in 2010 her PhD degree in Computer Science in the same university at the Knowledge Reuse Research Group. Her central areas of research are: Software Architecture, Information Engineering, Knowledge Management, Requirement Engineering, Systems Engineering, ITIL/ISO20000 and Reuse; but she is also interested in Ethics, Innovative methods of learning for supporting new software architects and the improvement of the CS Curriculum. She is Visiting Professor of Software/Systems engineering, Information/Knowledge Engineering and Programming in Carlos III University of Madrid. She is member of ACM CSTA, INCOSE, AEIS and IASA, and she is one of the leaders of the IASA Chapter of Madrid.

Juan Llorens
Carlos III of Madrid University

Brief Bio
Juan Llorens is Professor at the Informatics Department of the Carlos III University of Madrid - Spain. He received his MS degree in Industrial Engineer from the ICAI Polytechnic School at the UPC University in Madrid in 1986, Spain, and his PhD in Industrial Engineering and robotics at the Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain in 1996.
Dr. Llorens is the leader of the KR Group (Knowledge Reuse Group) within the University. In 1998 he was invited to the Högskolan på Åland (HÅ) (Åland, Finland). From 1998 to 2008 he split his educational activities between Madrid's University and the HÅ, where he taught different Software Engineering subjects.
His CV is presented in:
.Research Gate
The importance of Software Knowledge mainly stems from three points of view:

As suggested by Fred Brooks, based upon his extensive experience of systems development, and deep considerations: “The most important factor for successful design and development of systems is Conceptual Integrity”, where concepts are the “atoms” of Knowledge.
System modeling (by UML or SYSML or even MODELICA) is essential for rational system design and development. But that’s not enough. One should go upwards one more layer of abstraction and start with an application ontology. From the ontology one can obviously generate UML class diagrams and so on. One then has a much deeper understanding of the system.
Critical and very complex systems, such as aircraft, demand zero software bugs. Otherwise, human lives are endangered and giant financial losses are incurred. Precise system requirements should therefore be formulated and understood by all the involved people, be they developers or stakeholders.
There are NO immediate Expected Outcomes for the SKY’2017 Workshop.
Software Knowledge is a difficult, important and continuing effort that will radically change software and system industries.


Joint Conference

Special Submission (Regular and Position Papers)
Paper Submission: September 4, 2017

Regular Papers
Paper Submission: June 12, 2017 (expired)
Authors Notification: July 24, 2017 (expired)
Camera Ready and Registration: September 8, 2017

Position Papers
Paper Submission: July 10, 2017 (expired)
Authors Notification: August 4, 2017 (expired)
Camera Ready and Registration: September 8, 2017

Workshop Proposal: June 2, 2017 (expired)
Paper Submission: September 4, 2017
Authors Notification: September 7, 2017
Camera Ready and Registration: September 12, 2017

Special Sessions
Special Session Proposal: June 2, 2017 (expired)
Paper Submission: September 4, 2017 (extended)
Authors Notification: September 8, 2017
Camera Ready and Registration: September 15, 2017

Tutorial Proposal: September 13, 2017

Demo Proposal: September 13, 2017

Panel Proposal: September 13, 2017

Camera Ready and Registration: September 12, 2017
To be soon announced in the website (http://www.ic3k.org/SKY.aspx)
SKY’2017 will invite recognized researchers to deliver challenging invited talks in the workshop.

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers in any of the topics listed above.
Instructions for preparing the manuscript (in Word and Latex formats) are available at: Paper Templates
Please also check the Guidelines.
Papers must be submitted electronically via the web-based submission system using the appropriated button on this page.

All accepted papers, including position papers, will be published in the workshop proceedings book and on CD-ROM support, under an ISBN reference.
All papers presented at the conference venue will be available at the SciTePress Digital Library (http://www.scitepress.org/DigitalLibrary/).
SciTePress is member of CrossRef (http://www.crossref.org/).

Keynote Lectures

IC3K is a joint conference composed of three concurrent conferences: KDIR, KEOD and KMIS. These three conferences are always co-located and held in parallel. Keynote lectures are plenary sessions and can be attended by all IC3K participants.
Knowledge Engineering through Process Mining - The Practice
Linda Terlouw, ICRIS Consultancy, Antwerp Management School, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Nyenrode Business University, Netherlands

The Role of Software Operation Knowledge in Software Ecosystems
Slinger Jansen, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Knowledge Engineering through Process Mining - The Practice

Linda Terlouw
ICRIS Consultancy, Antwerp Management School, Avans University of Applied Sciences, Nyenrode Business University

Brief Bio
Dr. ir. Linda Terlouw holds both an MSc in Computer Science and an Msc in Business Information from the University of Twente. Her PhD research focused on modularization of organizations and IT systems using Enterprise Ontology and Service-Oriented Architecture. At the moment she is mainly working on data science (e.g. forecasting), data visualization and process mining (www.processminingfactory.com). Before she started her own company, Icris, she worked for IBM and Ordina (a large Dutch consulting firm). Clients she has been working for include several Dutch water suppliers, a large municipality, several factories, and the Ministry of Defense. She is lector (professor) at the Avans University of Applied Sciences and teaches at Nyenrode Business University and Antwerp Management School.


Large organizations often lack insight into the performance of their business processes, making it difficult to improve them. Process mining is an interdisciplinary field combining techniques from business process management and data science. It can, for instance, be used to check compliance of processes and to gain insight into bottlenecks in business processes. This lecture focuses on the problems and successes encountered in the practice of process mining. The main message is illustrated by various practical experiences.

The Role of Software Operation Knowledge in Software Ecosystems

Slinger Jansen
Utrecht University

Brief Bio

Slinger Jansen is a senior researcher at the Department of Information and Computer Science at Utrecht University. He is one of the leading researchers in the domain of software ecosystems and co-founders of the International Conference on Software Business, the Workshop on Ecosystem Architecture, and the International Workshop on Software Ecosystems. He is lead editor of the book “Software Ecosystems: Analyzing and Managing Business Networks in the Software Industry” and of several others. Besides his academic endeavors he actively supports new enterprises and sits on the boards of advisors of several start-ups, one of which is ThinkEcosystems.com.

Increasingly, software producing organizations collaborate in networks that have become known as software ecosystems. The intricate structures of platforms upon platforms enable rapid innovation like never before. In this talk, we explore how these platforms collect knowledge about the platform itself, the applications running on it, and the end-users that make use of these applications. Through examples and case studies is shown that software operation knowledge in software ecosystems is essential for creating better software, happier users, and more productive developers.

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Date and Time


Hotel Vila Galé Santa Cruz

Rua São Fernando, 5

9100-173 Santa Cruz


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