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Wasserman Football Center

309 Westwood Plaza

Los Angeles, CA 90095

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UPDATED LOCATION: All day visitor parking permits are available in Lot 4 and Lot 8 (TOP LEVEL ONLY).

Saturday 1/5 we will be in the Wasserman Football Center. If you type in Spaulding Field to google maps, it will take you to the correct location. Please enter through the main lobby doors directly across from Pauley Pavillion.

Sunday 1/6 we will be in the JD Morgan Center Press Room which is located inside the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame.

The Press Room, located in the J.D. Morgan Center, is just East of Pauley Pavilion and West of the UCLA store at Ackerman Union. Enter UCLA from Sunset Blvd. at Westwood Plaza. Drive directly ahead to the Parking Information Booth. Convenient parking is at the south end of LOT 4.

Human Performance Applications

Dr. Craig Liebenson and Coach Nicole Rodriguez are back at UCLA, January 5th & 6th, 2019! Last year we discussed your role as a movement mechanic. We discussed coaching philosophies, the common denominators in movement and common movement dysfunctions.

Course Objectives: Our goal in 2019 is to explore the most effective ways towards application. Together, we will discuss First Principles of Movement and optimizing Human Performance in both individual and team-based settings. Throughout the course, we will provide you with practical examples and programming templates so you can fully experience the principles of Dr. Craig Liebenson and Coach Nicole Rodriguez. The Coach-Clinician team approach is at the heart of person-centered programming. Dr Liebenson’s focus this year will be on resilience while Coach Rodriguez’s will be on performance.

Course Schedule:

Wasserman Football Center: 9:00-10:45

8:45AM Registration

9:00-9:15 – Introduction, Expectations and the Game Plan

9:15-10:00 Coach Nicole Rodriguez: Understanding Physical Needs (30 mins)

*Explain how to put it all together from a programming (execution) perspective. Explain how to obtain a Needs Analysis and create a Program Design Structure. This section will start the programming conversation.

10:00-10:45 Dr. Craig Liebenson: First Principles of Movement (30 min)

Why a systematic approach is needed as an antidote to the challenge of how to efficiently integrate so many “systems”

A Scalable Approach: The Principles

  1. Over-protection (Pain Tolerance/Fragilista mindset)
  2. Motor Control/Body Weight
  3. Under-Preparation/Load Tolerance/Resilient
  4. Variability/Anti-Fragile mindset

11-12:15 Coach Nicole Rodriguez: Optimizing Performance with External Load (Strength-Speed)

  • Using External Load to guide Positional awareness (Starting Strength), Explosive Strength (Pattern) and Power.
  • Understand were Isometric Strength gets applied and feeling intent through external load

12:15-12:30 Dr. Craig Liebenson: White-boarding functional regressions

LUNCH 12:30-1:30


  • Whiteboard Discussion: Programming and Application

3:00-4:00 Dr. Craig Liebenson: Gamification & constraints-based motor learning for problem-solving, skill retention & transferability

4:00-5:00 Coach Nicole Rodriguez:

  • Speed-Strength for Speed Development
  • Using External Load for positional feedback and potentiation for 360 degrees of movement

5:00-5:30PM Q&A


JD Morgan Center

8:15AM Registration

8:30-9:30 Coach Nicole Rodriguez: Real-Time Programming for Long-Term Athletic Development: The application of Speed development, Strength Training and Conditioning in one program.

9:30-10:30 Dr. Craig Liebenson: Precision Approach: Relatedness as the spark for problem-solving resilience issues

10:30-11:15 Dr. Craig Liebenson: Live Assessment & Programming

11:15-11:30 Coach Nicole Rodriguez: White-boarding performance progressions

11:30-12:00 Q&A


Training gear needed: training attire, turf shoes, water bottle, snacks

Date and Time


Wasserman Football Center

309 Westwood Plaza

Los Angeles, CA 90095

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