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HubSpot Mastery Bootcamp (Online Event)

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What Is The HubSpot Mastery Bootcamp?

Designed for marketers and account managers, this hands-on training bootcamp includes four 90-min long sessions that will take place over the course of one month. Its goal is to deepen your HubSpot knowledge in order to help you execute your marketing strategy via HubSpot. We will share tips, best practices, and trends based on what you, the participants are trying to accomplish via HubSpot in order that you are positioned to crush your marketing goals.

"These workshops are of great help and all this promotion and explanation work is eventually very useful in everyday implementation. Thank you."

Tatiana Shchertsovsky, Beyond Verbal Communication

Who is it for?

This training has been created for marketers who need to build on and deepen their understanding of how to use HubSpot to execute their marketing strategies. Therefore, if you are a marketer who just joined a marketing team that uses HubSpot; if you are an account manager joining an agency, or a business owner managing HubSpot that needs a refresher, this bootcamp is for you.

Also, this hands-on bootcamp will include exercises during and after each session so that you can implement the best practices learnt as soon as possible and see results. Therefore, it will be important for your success that you are able to dedicate 2 to 3 hours per week to attend the sessions and to complete the practical exercises.

"Very happy to have attended this comprehensive, informative and interesting workshop, and am leaving with new ideas and strategies to try out!"

Lizzi Goldmeier, BriefCam Ltd.

What is the format?

The HubSpot Mastery Bootcamp is comprised of four 90 min weekly group sessions via Zoom teleconference software (free download). All topics covered will feature real case studies submitted by you, the attendees.

You’ll also be asked to spend about 1-2 hours time to implement the follow-up actions and learned concepts.

Topics Covered

October 7 - Do a Live HubSpot Portal Audit with Us & Learn how to Generate some Quick Wins

Before we begin we need to ensure your portal is configured properly. This session will go over a handy checklist that covers everything you need to set up your personal account and application settings. We will also go over the core HubSpot CRM & Sales tools, and give you tips on how to train your sales team on using those tools.

We will also go over some ideas that will take no more than 1-2 hours to set up and which are specifically designed to help you generate quick wins in HubSpot and justify the investment to doubtful team members.

October 14 - Database Import, Clean Up and Maintenance

After importing contacts into your database you and your team need to ensure that the database stays updated and clean over time.

This project will help develop a consistent process for keeping your database clean.

  • Finding unusable contacts

  • Evaluating contact properties

  • Identify duplicate contacts

October 21 - Attract Leads

This session covers the tools related to the fundamentals of inbound marketing. The steps here will help you lay out a plan for your inbound strategy and start attracting visitors to your website. Keywords, personas, content strategy, social media and blogging are all included in this session.

October 28 - Convert Leads

This session will help you understand the most effective ways to convert contacts into leads based on your current marketing strategy (what methods/channels are most effective). You will also learn how to measure the efficacy of your efforts using analytics tools.

"It's always great to attend these workshops! They are very helpful and entertaining :) 100% recommended!"

Valentina Wainstein, MyHeritage

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