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How to Transition Your Consulting Practice to a Subscription Business Model

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Learn how consultants are using ManageHub to transition their practices from a fee-for-services business-model into a recurring subscription-based business-model. Learn how they are using ManageHub to replace the frustrating ups-and-downs of their current feast-or-famine revenue-stream with consistent, predictable and growing revenues. Learn how consultants are using ManageHub to accommodate more and more clients while dramatically improving their clients' results and satisfaction. Most important, learn how ManageHub is helping consultants grow the sales-value of their firms because subscription and membership-based businesses are known to be much more attractive M&A targets.

Join us for our 30-Minute webcast and you will learn about five real-life examples of how you can use ManageHub to disrupt your marketplace with remote, always-on "Consulting-as-a-Service" subscription plans. We will share specific examples and success stories from multiple industries including: CMMI, ISO, M&A, Cybersecurity, Baldrige and Traction/EOS.

You will learn how to:

  • Work remotely and avoid the time, cost, and frustration of traveling
  • Replace email, phone calls and meetings with online communication
  • Create a valuable repository of your advice and deliverables
  • Offer more systematic engagements that are efficient and consistent
  • Serve more clients while improving your professional standards
  • Improve your client's satisfaction, retention and referrals
  • Provide a "hub" for all communication with distributed teams
  • Become your client's most trusted advisor by providing "always-on" access to your support
  • Justify long term engagements by driving measurable results
  • Add innovative, new services that complement your current service offerings

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