How to Stop Binge Eating: 6 Keys to Freedom

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Binge Eating Disorder affects 6.5 million people, and many more are impacted by binge eating that is less frequent but equally distressing. In this 60-minute webinar, Dr. Gia Marson, a psychologist with an expertise in eating disorders, will draw on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to:

  • Explain scientifically validated concepts about binge eating
  • Identify eating and non-eating related triggers
  • Teach six self-help tools for recovery
  • Answer questions about the challenges

Children initially eat naturally. They enjoy foods without experiencing shame or pride as a result of their choices. At the same time, they listen to their body’s hunger and fullness cues...until they are bombarded with the myths of eating, the stigma of various body shapes and sizes, and the labels of foods as good or bad. How does this natural, biologically-driven relationship with food turn into a battle for so many adults and, for millions of people, turn into a cycle of binge eating? Most importantly, what are the keys to freedom with food?

Binge eating is characterized by eating much more quickly than is typical, eating until uncomfortably full, feeling guilty or disgusted after the overeating, often eating alone to reduce embarrassment, feeling a loss of control, and eating much more than would be expected even when not physically hungry. It is essential to recognize that binge eating is not only about food. For those who don’t know where to begin to rebuild a satisfying relationship with eating, learning the effective science-based strategies is a hopeful place to start.

While most people do not meet the full criteria for the disorder, anyone who experiences binge eating can benefit from what will be shared in this Webinar, the triggers that may lead to this cycle and the steps that, research shows, lead to healing.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize scientifically validated concepts about binge eating
  • Identify eating and non-eating related triggers
  • Apply six self-help tools for recovery
  • Assess the challenges to treatment for binge eating

CEs Pending: 1.5 LIVE OR 1.5 Home Study CE for $10. (Note: You must be signed in for the entire duration of the Webinar to quality for LIVE CE). CE's are optional; sold separately through R. Cassidy Seminars after the live event. Link will be provided after the live event.

Dr. Gia Marson is a psychologist, consultant and lecturer with private practices in Santa Monica and Calabasas, CA. She is a generalist with a specialty in treating eating disorders. Dr. Marson consults for UCLA’s Adolescent Medicine Eating Disorders Program, Nourished For Life, and was Director of the UCLA Counseling Center Eating Disorders Program & psychologist in the UCLA’s Athletic Dept. for 8 years. She is an expert contributor to Goop.com, has been featured on NBC, recoverywarriors.com, and in The Everygirl’s Guide to Life by Maria Menounos. Dr. Marson is a board member for a non-profit foundation using the arts to reduce mental health stigma--she believes in full recovery, the power of relationships and using strengths to create resilience.

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Date and Time

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Refunds up to 1 day before event

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