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How to Save Your Home From Foreclosure and Navigate Loan Modifications the...

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How to Save Your Home From Foreclosure and Navigate Loan Modifications the RIGHT WAY!

Journey Community Church - The Corner Room, La Mesa, CA

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Please arrive around 15 minutes early to get a good seat and know that your confidentiality is highly respected. This workshop is designed to help you get all your questions answered or to find out where to find all the answers.

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Keller Williams Realty San Diego Metro have created the “Save Your Home Project” to empower Homeowner’s to make better decisions when it comes to avoiding Foreclosure.   Our team has uncovered programs available to struggling homeowners that choose to remain in their home or keep their properties. 

The “Save Your Home Project” is a FREE consumer based service.  We have helped hundreds of families save their homes by tapping into many programs available to struggling homeowner’s that are underutilized, even if you are working with a bank to renegotiate your loan or working out a Loan Modification.  We have the answers to WHAT BANKS WON’T TELL YOU!   

Can't wait for the workshop???  Call us TODAY at 1-844-900-0294 ext. 1011 NOW for your FREE NO OBLIGATION CONSULTATION. 


  • Did you know California will give you $25,000 to catch up on your mortgage?

  • Did you know California will give you a $100,000 principle reduction?

  • Did you know there are government programs to suspend your mortgage up to 21 months?

  • Learn if your mortgage qualifies for a principle reduction.

  • We have saved hundreds of homes form foreclosure.

  • We have obtained loan modifications even when previously denied.

  • We work with all lenders.


You may have equity and don’t even know it.  If you do, then we need to talk TODAY about your situation. Don’t let happen to you what happened with so many others in the last market crash. If you have equity in your home and do nothing, the banks will foreclose on your home FIRST!  Let us tell you how much your home is worth to preserve your equity.

There are many options available to you and we are here to HELP!!

Call our FREE hotline now to hear about your Mortgage Relief Options @ 1-844-900-0294 ext. 1011 NOW!

You have 10 Mortgage Relief Options available to you in addition to Private & Non-Profit Programs.   If the bank forecloses on your home, you lose your equity during the foreclosure process.

 At this FREE WORKSHOP you will find out the truth about the following:

Short sales vs. distressed properties clearly & simply explained!

Are YOU likely to qualify for a short sale, distressed property sale, loan modifaction or any of the programs wwe will be going over?

Can you really do short sale with -$0- out of YOUR pocket?

How long short sales take...& how to cut the time in HALF**

Tax impacts of short sale vs. foreclosure (verify w/ your CPA!)

The document your attorney must read closely to avoid problems

Your 7 options if you owe too much. Most agents only tell you 3.

Which "hardships" qualify you for a short sale? Which don't?

The specific clause you need in your contract with the buyer.

Do you need to be CURRENT on HOA dues? Property taxes?

Do you need to be BEHIND on your mortgage payments?

If an agent does THIS, they likely don't know short sales or about how to help distressed property homeowners. 

5 reasons a short sale is usually better than a foreclosure.

THE most important thing to have to do a short sale.

Impact & how long is a short sale be on your credit?

How soon can you buy a home after a short sale?

Will a short sale delay or prevent foreclosure?

Can your lender go after you for their loss?

Should you spend $ to fix up your home?

Sell your home for market value.

Avoid Foreclosure & Bankruptcy.

Pay $0 in commissions or closing costs of your property is worth less than is owed. 

Sell your home with NO mortgage Debt and NO Tax Liability.

Traditional sales - MLS, fees, repairs, time and other considerations.

Options when you owe more than your home is worth.

What happens when you can't refinance - other alternatives?

Short sales versus bankruptcy, foreclosure and just "walking away" including the pros and cons of each decision from a personal, tax and practical stand-point.

Who benefits from short sales?

Why banks and lenders like short sales.

How to determine if a short sale is the right opportunity.

How to get a free evaluation of your property.

Will YOU qualify for a short sale?

How long short sales take…& how to cut the time in HALF!

Why a short sale is almost always better for you than a foreclosure

THE most important thing you MUST have to do a short sale — without this, prepare to be miserable

Got a 2nd trust deed? Banks will either fight your short sale or cooperate, depending on this one thing.

The document you (& preferably your attorney) must read closely or you may be in big trouble later

If an agent does THIS, they probably don’t know really know how to handle your short sale

Which “hardships” qualify you for a short sale, and which don’t?

How much more a foreclosure drops your FICO than a short sale

“Recourse” vs. “nonrecourse” loan...why you need to know this

What REALLY hurts your’s NOT what you think?

Should you be CURRENT on HOA dues? Property taxes?

Do you have to pay anything to do a short sale?

Avoid dangerous scams, including the latest one.

How soon can you buy a home after your short sale?

Can you sell to family or a friend?

Can your lender go after you for their loss?

Will a short sale delay/prevent foreclosure?

Much, much more...


As Certified Pre-Foreclosure Specialists, we can also help you Short Sale your home at NO COST TO YOU if that is what is needed, your don't qualify for any programs or you are about to lose your home to the bank. 


We have a track record of success!

Seating is limited. Pre-Register Today!


Hosted by:


Chris Spade - Certified Pre-Foreclosure Specialist and Licensed California Realtor an Associate of Keller Williams Realty San Diego Metro

Robert Schantz - Certified Pre-Foreclosure Specialist, Broker of Record for Keller Wiliams Realty San Diego Metro

Time is of the essence and know that we are here to help.  You don’t have to let the bank take your HOME!

We understand and respect your privacy at all costs.  Your name will not be shared with anyone unless you ask to speak to one of our counselors.  




Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

No.  Bring a friend if you want. 


What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

There is plenty of parking in the church parking lot. 


What can/can't I bring to the event?

You don't need to bring anything.  Just be ready to ask lots of questions. 


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

1-844-900-0294 ext. 1013


Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Of course.  If you know of someone else who could use it.  Just let them know all the information like time and place. 


Can I update my registration information?

Only if you feel you need to. 


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Not really.


What is the refund policy?

It's free.  So there is no need for a refund.


The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

We usually find that some people want to remain anonymous.  That's okay.  We get it. 


Journey Community Church - The Corner Room - 8363 Center Drive THE CORNER ROOM, La Mesa, CA 91942 - View Map

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