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How To Get Out Of Inertia And Start Thriving

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So, what do I mean by inertia or what is the actual definition of inertia?

Inertia is the lack of movement or activity, especially when movement or activity is wanted or needed. So, a feeling of not having the energy or desire that is needed to move or change something.

Now, we all get hit by inertia, we all have a moment or more moments in our lives and our realities where inertia is a stronger energy than our capacity to create.

What was interesting is that I didn’t know what inertia was, and I don’t think I had really heard of it consciously. I had come to some interesting awareness’s about where I had given up already and given in, in certain areas of my life. I went to bed that night and this energy, it was almost like a skin that was being peeled off of me, off my being, off my body called inertia. It kept on coming up and I was really present with it the whole night, it was just in my world, this whole world of inertia, how I was actually physically working while I was sleeping, on getting rid of this energy, destroying and uncreating this energy.

So, the thing is, what’s beyond inertia is this limitless capacity, this limitless energy, that’s available to you that, where we used to have these places where we would stop ourselves or we would want to stop working or where we would want to have a break or where we would want to carry on doing something else, other than actually creating toward our business or our lives of whatever it is, or if we could simply not get out of bed to create, or being hit by this inertia energy when something shows up like someone didn’t pay or something like that.

Now, imagine your world beyond that and the energies available for that now, like there’s this reality beyond inertia that’s really available where, actually, inertia is not a possibility. Limitless energy and limitless possibility is available here and there’s a few key and unique energies and points we can get to, to actually destroy and uncreate that from your life.

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