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Camelia & Co., 4 Jalan Klapa

Singapore, 199316


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Do you find COMMUNICATION to be very important?

Or perhaps you've wondered why sometimes the person you are talking to seems like they're from another planet?

We’ve all had experiences where we’ve tried to understand other people’s communication styles. And sometimes you give up trying because you just can’t seem to get along with them no matter how hard you try, and your relationship begins to crumble.

In this workshop, we'll show you a way to understand these different communication styles that people have and help you to not only see where they are coming from, but also to communicate more effectively with them so everyone can be on the same wavelength.

This is especially important in this day and age because of the fact that we are required to communicate with people no matter which stage of life we're at; school, work, in our personal lives, etc.

"Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success." - Paul J. Meyer

In this workshop, we'll be covering topics such as:

  • The 9 Working & Communication Styles present in any environment

  • A look into YOUR Working & Communication styles

  • A template to create Effective Communication between Different Communciation styles

Think about this, if you can communicate effectively with anybody and everybody, then you're geared for Success in any area of your life!

So if you find that this is an important skill and something you need, then we hope to see you there at the workshop!

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Event Details:

Time: 7.30pm - 9pm (Registration begins at 7pm)

Venue: 4 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199316

Please note:

  • Dinner will not be provided. Snack and drinks may be brought in.
  • Photos and videos of the session may be recorded for marketing and advertising distribution purposes. By registering, you are agreeable to being recoreded/photographed by #inspireyoutoo.


About the speaker: -

A Millennial with a passion for understanding Inter-Communications between individuals. Through his passion, Fadly became the Youngest BELBIN Accredited Trainer in the World at the age of 20, going on to hone this skill by Observing, Facilitating and Training both individuals and teams using the 360° profiling system over the last 7 years. Fadly has experience running and assisting these Team Programmes in Laos, Egypt, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand & the UK.

Fadly aims to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders through sharing his knowledge on inter-communication skills. Fadly's work down the years have shown him that regardless of whether they are students in schools or adults in the workforce, one thing that remains throughout is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with those around them. With the drive from his own personal background and the passion found from his new found knowledge, Fadly looks to inspire others to build and work well in teams and perform on an individual basis as well. Fadly believes that in doing this, not only can he impact individuals directly, but those individuals can also go on to leave a positive impact on the rest of the community, creating a wave of inspiration!

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Date and Time


Camelia & Co., 4 Jalan Klapa

Singapore, 199316


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