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How to boost your confidence, ditch the overthinking + self-criticism, so y...

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The Mug

Rue Charles Martel 6

1000 Brussels


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How to boost your confidence, and ditch the overthinking + self-criticism, so you get to live your full potential and stun the world (+ yourself) with what you're truly capable of.

  • Do you intellectually know that you are smart + capable, yet it doesn't always feel that way? Do you somehow have that nagging feeling that you can screw up any moment for all the world to see how you're not that smart + capable after all?

  • Are you driven and ambitious, yet you find yourself not putting yourself out there and into a leading/impactful position as much as you'd like, because there's that lingering doubt that you might not be able to pull it off? Or maybe you're worrying you'll come across as too pushy or ambitious if you just ask for what you want?

  • Does it feel as if there's so much in you that's not coming out? Does it feel as if something is holding you back? And you don't seem to be able to put your finger on it and push through?

  • Do you find yourself overthinking, hesitating, second-guessing yourself while others seem to be much more decisive and sure of themselves? Do you know - deep down - that they aren't more skilled or capable than you are, yet you can't seem to muster up that same "I got this" flair? (And that feels pretty frustrating at times.)

  • Do you find yourself more often than you’d like not speaking up in meetings? Because what you got to say might not be spot-on, agreed upon by everyone? Or you find yourself worrying that you're coming across as too direct, rude, being too difficult, stupid, naive, ... and afraid to spoil your good reputation? (While your colleagues don't seem to be bothered by that at all.)

  • Do you assume that others have better ideas, more expertise, … so you listen and nod. And afterwards you're mad at yourself because their ideas were not better than yours and why didn’t you just speak up yourself?!

  • Do you find yourself not asking for what you really want, like getting that lead in that project, extra resources, that promotion, a raise or even just claiming the time you need to express your views in a meeting?

  • Do you find yourself looking for feedback, yet when you get some negative comments, they stick with you for days? Do you keep mulling over negative criticism - even though on the outside you pretend you're taking it in stride?

  • Do you find yourself being highly criticial of yourself - there's always something that's not good enough - while being supportive and encouraging of others?

  • Do you see others around you getting promoted, acknowledged, being included in workgroups and meetings, while you're left on the sidelines even though you are at least as smart, experienced or up to it as they are.

  • Do you believe that if you work hard, do the right thing and don’t ruffle any feathers that you'll be noticed and rewarded? Do you work hard to be nice, helpful and cooperative, committed and loyal? Do you work hard to deliver great results, perfect emails and presentations? Do you make long workdays to get it all done, and yet no-one seems to even notice?

  • Do you see others around you “talk big + loud, dominating meetings, not listening to others, make deprecating jokes and feeling super confident" and do you want to feel that same confidence without adopting that "big + loud" style? Do you want to be seen + valued, while being true to your own style, but not sure how make that happen?

If you said yes to at least 3 of these questions, and you're a smart, driven, hardworking woman, then this workshop is designed for you!

In this class you’ll learn

1) the big myth about confidence and how that's holding us back;

2) the typical go-to solutions we turn to in an attempt to boost our confidence (and why they create the opposite effect);

3) the 5 building blocks of confidence (and some might be surprising!);

4) the very next step you can take right away (and the typical pitfalls that will keep you stuck despite your best intentions).

We’ll also be doing a few exercises together, so makes sure to bring

  • pen + paper because there’s tons of goodies coming your way!

  • a few examples from your own life, so that you can dive in + apply what you’re learning to your life right away!

My classes are no frills, high energy and built on a foundation of brain science, psychology and practicality.

Here's a few things participants in previous workshops shared:

"Insightful, uplifting, empowering!"

"It was to the point, very practical and 100% related to me and my life."

"The thing I loved most was your feedback, and you certainly challenged me to look inside.
I loved the questions you asked - if answered truthfully they were very liberating."

Please note that this class is women only.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Wait! What?! Why is this class women only?

Yep - women only! And here's why!

I'm on a mission is to help at least 1.000 women in Brussels by end 2018 to

  1. thrive by being who they truly are (instead of being who they think they should be in order to be successful in life), and to help them to

  2. create the career (+ life) that’s truly aligned with their talents, strengths and aspirations without being paralyzed by worries, doubts and fears, being snowed under by shoulds and have to's, or being trapped by what others might think of them,

so that they

  1. get to live their full potential, feeling fulfilled, focused + on fire,

  2. get to show what they’re truly capable of (+ blow their own minds!), and

  3. can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning, eager to start the day - even when things go different than expected.

2 - What's the refund policy?

Please note that there are no refunds for this class.

Now I know that sometimes things can happen, so if you'd not be able to make this class, you can transfer your ticket to a friend or you can use your ticket fee of 25 EUR (Early Bird Ticket) or 35 EUR (General Ticket) towards a future purchase of any of my classes or programs.

If you're not able to make this class, please make sure to send me an email at an@unapologeticandhappy.com and let me know which option you prefer.

In case there would be no more than 10 participants for this class, I reserve the right to cancel this class. In that case, I'll make sure you'll get a full refund of the ticket fee you paid.

3 - I still have a few questions. What do I do?

Don't hesitate to shoot me an email at an@unapologeticandhappy.com !

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Date and Time


The Mug

Rue Charles Martel 6

1000 Brussels


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