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How To Become Money Workbook - With Alison Cox

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What if your point of view creates your reality with money?

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Alright Party People!

Are you ready?

To read the book you've had for years and never opened!

To read the book you've read a half chapter of because you fell asleep every time!

To read the book that if you do it 100 times you's BE 100 million dollars!

To read the book you never read, that you know you should read, that if you would read it, would change ALL of your money "problems"!

Let's do this together!

We'll be exploring the amazing tools and questions of the "How To Become Money Workbook" written through the amazing Gary Douglas!

What's in Store:

Call 1 - NOV 6

Introduction and Chapter 1: This one's a DOOZY... and it's just the beginning! #getyourbarfbagsready

Call 2 - NOV 13

Chapter 2 & 3: If money means anything to you... oh god... good luck!

Call 3 - NOV 20

Chapter 4 & 5: If you don't know what money REALLY looks like, or feels like, how the heck do you expect to find it?!

Call 4 - NOV 27

Chapter 6 & 7: Can you eat money? Does money grow on trees? haha WE SHALL SEE!

Call 5 - DEC 3 (Tuesday)

Chapter 8 & 9: Which kind of money do you need the most? The green kind? The Purple kind? The flat kind? The 2 dimensional kind?

Call 6 - DEC 11

Chapter 10 & 11: Where is your money going and why can't you change it?!?!

Call 7 - DEC 18

Chapter 12 & 13: DEBT. And why your money solution suck and don't work... nuff said. lol

You MUST have the book before we start!

go here if you don't 'n get it! ---- > https://www.accessconsciousness.com/en/shop-catalog/book/how-to-become-money-workbook/#/a_aid=Alison

You have TWO choices to Join!

  1. Individuals calls where you can pick and choose which one you'd like: $35/call
  2. or All calls for $210!

BONUS: If you get all of the calls ($210) you will receive a 15 minute one-on-one facilitation MONEY session with Alison redeemable by the end of the year!

All calls will be live and recorded on Zoom, you will receive the recordings to listen again and again forever!

We start NOVEMBER 6TH at 1:00pm Mountain Time (USA):

Your time -----> https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Money+Workbook%21&iso=20191106T13&p1=75

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