How To Avoid Costly Mistakes Many First-Time Home & Condo Buyers Make!

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Kemper Pointe Office Building Classroom

7870 East Kemper Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45249

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Attention Cincinnati Apartment Renters and First-Time Home & Condo Buyers:

Which of These Apply To You?
  • Are you tired of helping pay for your landlord's mortgage?

  • Do you wish your kids could play in a back yard of their own?

  • Can you stand to hear people yelling & TVs/stereos blaring?

  • Do you want to start building your own equity in a new home?

  • Wouldn't you love to paint and personalize your own home?

  • Are you sick of scraping ice and snow off your windshield?

  • Do you hate having repairs done on "Your Landlord's" time schedule?

If you're planning to start your home search, NOW is the time to start your learning process! So before you start looking, get 'educated' in the home buying & mortgage process - from start to finish.

Over 1,733 people before you have gained 'insider secrets' and learned valuable money & time-saving strategies with the knowledge they gained from the classes. Today's real estate transactions are becoming more complex and, if you're not aware of the pitfalls, it can become a difficult, frustrating and money-draining experience. Even if you already own a home, chances are, part of the process has changed.

The money and time-saving strategies you'll learn in this class will reduce your stress while ensuring you avoid many costly buyer mistakes. This class is designed to build your confidence and arm you with the knowledge to become an informed consumer, so that YOU can make the best decisions for your situation.

You will learn first hand from two of the area's top consultants, with 33 and 30 years of experience, respectively, on how to approach your real estate transaction to your advantage. Understanding the natural chain of events will greatly enhance your negotiating strengths and allow you to be in control of your situation - not some 'salesperson'.

You can walk into the Home Buying Class unsure of where to start, feeling overwhelmed, worried about committing the largest amount of cash you've probably ever invested into one item...2 hours later, walk out feeling confident, knowing exactly how to begin your home search and with simple, fill-in-the-blank forms to guide your smooth, hassle-free, home buying process. Many attendees have commented that our class will save you time, money and worry, even if you've owned a home before. Whether this is your first time entering the home buying marketplace or it's been a few years, you are probably a little nervous wondering where you'll end up living and in what kind of home. That's OK! You are embarking upon one of the most important investments of your lifetime - a new home.

At this FREE Home & Condo Buyer Class, You'll Learn About.......

- What you should NOT buy prior to any home/condo purchase!

- Why most "Homes For Sale" web sites are a waste of your time!

- Learn how to avoid overpaying, even if you've 'fallen in love' with the property!

- The BIGGEST mistakes most buyers make......what every home buyer should NOT do!

- How to become aware of and avoid COSTLY money traps found in some homes!

- How to know when 2 companies have identical rates - which is better...lower costs!

- The 4 SERIOUS things CONDO buyers NEVER think to ask before making an offer!

- What's So Important that an agent needs to take the time to have one with you!

- ZERO DOWN & Low Down Payment Mortgages with NO hidden, junk fees!

- Why saving for a down payment DOESN'T work in a seller's market & only costs you money!

- How to make your written bid STAND ABOVE the others in a multiple-offer situation!

- The CRITICAL mistakes SMART people make when filling out an offer to purchase!

- What closing costs are & what the rest of the fees are really called!

- A SIMPLE way to prevent you from buying a "Money Pit"!

- How to select the RIGHT mortgage company - salesperson vs. mortgage consultant!

Here's a few more strategies you'll learn in the class:

  1. Why working with more than one Realtor can cost you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!
  2. The LITTLE-KNOWN formulas that lenders use to qualify you for a mortgage!
  3. Why seller's agents are HAZARDOUS to your financial wealth!
  4. Real estate & mortgage know, the mumbo-jumbo & alphabet soup of terms!
  5. Why a verbal Pre-Qualification can be a KISS of DEATH in getting your dream home!
  6. How to BEAT Other Buyers to the HOT, New Listings! Most web sites are dated!
  7. The 5 CRITICAL QUESTIONS you must ask a Realtor before hiring them!
  8. Which "RED FLAG" signs to look for when viewing properties!
  9. How to help you make sure that you select the RIGHT home for YOU!
  10. How to painlessly PAY OFF your mortgage 7 - 10 years EARLY!
  11. If you need a real estate attorney - reviewing documents & answering legal questions!
  12. How selecting a home inspector from the INTERNET may cost you dearly!
  13. A potentially, DEADLY environmental issue, if not stopped and removed!
  14. Why some real estate agents AREN'T motivated to get you the best price & terms!
  15. What to do if you MUST SELL your current home before buying another one!
  16. How to figure out how much home you can afford... without eating PB&Js every night!

Some Comments From Past Attendees......

"Well organized! Provided enough information without drowning!

Excellent speakers and very impressive!"

"We're new buyers and we were able to get our feet wet!"

"Instructors were VERY knowledgeable...also seemed to care about the well-being of attendees!"

"I learned a lot! There were many points I hadn't thought of!"

"Very informative! No pressure and very professional! Interesting examples!"

"Speakers were clear and concise! Great open format for discussion!"

"As a first-time buyer, it gave me a better understanding of the home buying process!"

"I was very impressed with the speakers and their knowledge and expertise!

They spoke in very easy to understand terms!"

"Very informative! They answered our questions and made us more confident in buying our first house!"

"I would have gladly paid money for all of this valuable information!

I had gone to another seminar and all they wanted to do was try to sell me stuff.

You gave us what we wanted with no big sales pitch.
Thanks for keeping your word!"

Bring your concerns & unanswered questions to this Free, Home & Condo Buyer class. It's the most helpful, pressure-free 2 hours you'll spend in this important process.

PLEASE arrive 10 - 20 minutes to register and get settled we will start at 10:00am SHARP!

See you there,

Dan Weis, Real Estate Consultant - Comey & Shepherd Realtors

Rick Pilger, Mortgage Consultant - Union Home Mortgage

cell/text: 513-615-1890

"Educating Home Buyers & Sellers since 1987"

Equal Housing Opportunity

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Date and Time


Kemper Pointe Office Building Classroom

7870 East Kemper Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45249

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