How Do We Know It Works? (March 2023)

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How Do We Know It Works? (March 2023)

Explore an equity-centered approach to measurement and evaluation ✨

By Equity Meets Design

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  • 3 hours
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**This workshop offering is live & remote, via Zoom (a recording will be provided)**

Working in a job that “has meaning” and is meant to “better the world” can feel a little bit like crazy-making doublethink: sometimes we feel like we’re really making an impact, and other times we feel like our work isn’t moving the needle at all (or might even be making things a little worse). Yet, **almost all of the time** we don’t actually know which (or both) of these things are true, to what extent, and why.

In a nutshell: many organizations design evaluation systems as an afterthought, as an act of compliance to external demands, or in service of their own interests, needs, and timelines. Perhaps the most paradoxical part is that the folks most frequently left out of any kind of intentional process (if there is one) are in the communities we aim to design for and the staff on the actual frontlines of the work. When we ask organizations if whatever is being measured or evaluated is important to people on the frontlines, we usually get a whole lot of ?!😵‍💫!?

At Equity Meets Design we strive to build the capacity of individuals and organizations to align their equity values with all of their day-to-day practices, because design decisions aren’t neutral, power isn’t neutral, and numbers certainly aren’t neutral. For us, this kind of embedded practice contributes to meaningful changes in behavior and is the difference between paying lip-service to equity and truly doing equity.

This workshop will be an opportunity to explore how to do equity by more closely interrogating how you know what you do works and the methods you currently use to find out. Regardless of whether you’re still in the process of developing your evaluation/measurement practice or you already have an existing set of practices that are up and running, this workshop is a great starting point or gut check.


By the end of this session, our goal is for participants to walk away feeling comfortable in their ability to:

  • diagnose where your organization is in its current practice as it relates to its equity values (can’t improve if you don’t know where you are)
  • use some specific tools and approaches that are intended to strengthen the alignment between your evaluation and measurement practice(s) and your equity values (learning by doing)
  • identify where and how people who are most proximate to the problem show up or can show up throughout your measurement practices/processes (from the definition of research questions through the use of data to improve solutions)

We will share a tool called the 8 Problems with Evaluation & Measurement (see the 8 problems here) which participants will then apply to their own work.

Participants will be guided through a deep dive into their own evaluation and measurement practices and processes through the lens of each of these common problems. Examples and mini-cases will be offered, but the bulk of our time will be spent with you applying our framework to your particular context! Regardless of team size or the stage of your work, what we can promise is a fun and supportive environment in which to discuss and explore critical aspects of designing for evaluation and measurement equity and discover what you might bring to your specific organization context.

A word on what this workshop is not. We will not focus on developing an understanding of what equity is or what evaluation or measurement are – a basic knowledge of both will be assumed. We will not be touching on the technical aspects of evaluation research design, data analysis and visualization, or knowledge management systems; while we think that the 8 Problems with Evaluation & Measurement tool is helpful in the design of any aspect of a comprehensive evaluation or measurement system, technical aspects of creating those systems will not be covered.

Who should register: We encourage organizations to send whole teams (ideally with at least an evaluation person, a program person, and a communications person), but any group of three-6 folks from your organization who wish to have this conversation are welcome. You may only enroll in groups.

Pre-work: Because participants will be using the tools we provide as a way to understand their organization’s current practices, we will ask participants to bring artifacts of their current practice with them to the session. Registrants will receive an email closer to the workshop date with more details about what to bring.


This workshop will be led by Aislinn Betancourt and Dr. Kofi Taha.


This is a one-time workshop, which will be held Thursday, March 30th , 2023 @ 12pm - 3pm est.


This workshop will be recorded, and the recording will be available to registrants for 3 months after the workshop.


$475 for a group ticket of three seats or $900 for a group ticket of six seats -- we recommend bringing a team composed of an evaluation person, a program person, and a communications person, but any group of three to six folks from your organization who wish to have this conversation are welcome.

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We want you to be totally happy and fulfilled, so, if you’re not satisfied with the course, please let us know at and we’ll do our best to make it right. Refunds can be requested up until one calendar week after the course ends.

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1. Refunds are not available for scheduling conflicts, even unforeseen ones ☔. Don’t forget that the session will be recorded in case something comes up.

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How did y’all price this?

This offering is priced on the lower side because this is the second time we’re doing this content in this format! We’re still iterating our programming, refining our materials, and figuring out what questions and support folks need at this stage. If you like a good deal, might not be a bad idea to grab your seats this time ‘round because there’s a good chance admission will go up in the future ⬆️💸.

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