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The ultimate guide to the procedural mentality for the real-time interactive production

About this event

Houdini & TouchDesigner

are complementary programs for solving a wide spectrum of creative tasks for 3D graphics, motion design, performance art, and interactive installations.

Both programs are based on the same node engine and share the procedural approach, a variety of data formats, and UI concepts.

Become a professional in motion graphics and interactive technologies and kick start your career as a real-time 3D artist during 43 weeks of curated learning

What Makes this Course Unique:

Academic approach.

You will learn how to find solutions yourself.

You will deeply understand the data flow and hidden logic of Houdini and Touchdeisgner.

We teach the way of thinking instead of just going through the particular topics.
It's a first course in the market combining different programs with a continuous comparison of pros and cons of solving different production tasks in each of them.
  • Extremely fast diving in practical work
  • We teach to think out of the box and to find our own ways to solve the problems
  • Academic approach with an in-depth look into the procedural paradigm
  • Parallel learning of TD and Houdini researching pros and contras of choosing the workflow in the frame of the practical task

Actually learning TouchDesigner you already learning Houdini and the opposite.

My teaching style was developed during 21 years of educational practice and is based on the academic approach explaining not the “menu options” but the ideology and paradigm of the software, teaching you how to think by nodes and corresponding grammar, but still providing enough of the practical examples and cases.

I will explain in parallel the similarities and differences between both programs

Hou2Touch image


How can you make your work more effective using a procedural approach?

  • Find a unique solution instead of using standard approaches
  • Automatization
  • Extend your professional field of application
  • Save your time using digital assets and real-time rendering
  • Fields of Application:

    • Generative Art and 3D graphics, compositing, and FX
    • Interactive Installations and Presentation
    • Realtime Data Visualization and motion graphics
    • Projection-Mapping
    • Audio-Visual Performances
    • Application and Pipeline Building

    Who is the course intended for?

    • New Media Artists
    • Motion Designers
    • 3D Artists
    • VR / XR Producers
    • NFT Artists
    • Interactive Developers
    • Musicians and VJs
    • Creative Coders

    Understanding proceduralism is a key to generative modeling and animation as well as a way to develop opening abstract thinking abilities for creating generative art, automating tasks and optimizing your workflow.

    You will learn how to:

    1. Understand the visual and code-based programming
    2. Use the Node-based workflow,
    3. Understand data types inside Houdini & TouchDesigner
    4. Exchange geometric and animation data and output the final results in Houdini & TouchDesigner
    5. Make real-time compositing and color grading, postprocessing fx, and produce generative textures
    6. Visualize sound and synchronize animation with sound
    7. Animate using procedural and keyframe animation and program the interactive logic
    8. Create procedural geometry and complex generative systems
    9. Setup rendering in Houdini using Mantra, Karma, and Redshift
    10. Do dynamic simulations and growth effects
    11. Setup real-time rendering using TouchDesigner
    12. Integrate sensors and external programs to TouchDesigner
    13. Create your own asset library
    14. Build custom UI and manage a content playback
    15. Exchange data between Houdini/TouchDesigner and Unreal

    You will be able to create after the course:

    • Generative abstract textures
    • Procedural 3D animations
    • Performance UI and Logic of the media server
    • Data-driven motion design systems
    • Interactive Applications
    • AV Shows

    Course Format

    The course is completely prerecorded and includes around 150 video lessons.


    All lessons are structured in 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

    Each level contains 3 blocks of modules.

    Each module contains 3 lessons with one project.

    After the 3rd module, you will have a week to finish the assignments and a webinar with Q&A


    After every level, you will have an additional week to finish the assignments and relax.


    For communication, during the course, we have a chat with the tutor, course curators, and other participants.

    Level 101. Basics

    Module 101.1:

    Week 2: UI and Basic Projects

    Week 3: Compositing

    Week 4: CHOPs concept

    Week 5: Live Stream. Time to finish the homework

    Module 101.2:

    Week 6: Time Management and Animation

    Week 7: Python in TouchDesigner

    Week 8: Movie Bin

    Week 9: Live Stream. Time to finish the homework

    Module 101.3:

    Week 10: SOP Intro

    Week 11: Geometry Attributes and Procedural Modeling

    Week 12: CHOP Export and Recording

    Week 13: Project 1

    Week 14: Live Stream. Time to finish the Project 1

    Level 102. Intermediate

    Module 102.1:

    Week 15: CopySOP and Geometry Loops

    Week 16: Procedural Modeling Technics

    Week 17: Instancing in TouchDesigner

    Week 18: Live Stream. Time to finish the homework

    Module 102.2:

    Week 19: Landscape

    Week 20: Particles in TouchDesigner and Houdini

    Week 21: Rendering

    Week 22: Live Stream. Time to finish the homework

    Module 102.3:

    Week 23: Geometry Growth. VEX & SOP Solver

    Week 24: Dynamics I

    Week 25: Dynamics II

    Week 26: Project

    Week 27: Live Stream. Time to finish the Project 2

    Level 103. Intermediate 2

    Module 103.1:

    Week 28: Rendering in TouchDesigner

    Week 29: Rendering in Houdini

    Week 30: Digital Assets

    Week 31: Live Stream. Time to finish the homework

    Module 103.2:

    Week 32: System Architecture and UI

    Week 33: Kinect Lesson

    Week 34: Render Pick and Multitouch

    Week 35: Live Stream. Time to finish the homework

    Module 103.3:

    Week 36: Infographics and Dataviz

    Week 37: Sound Synthesis in TouchDesigner

    Week 38: Integration with Ableton

    Week 39: Integration with Unreal

    Week 40: Live Stream. Final Project

    Week 41: Time to finish the Final Project

    Week 42: Final Live Stream.

    Hou2Touch image

    Who is teaching:

    Stanislav Glazov (Licht.Pfad Studio)

    Media and CG- Artist with work experience of more than 22 years and teaching since 2001

    Worked in film production as Technical Director for:

    • Trixter
    • Scanline CA

    Worked with:

    • Onformative
    • WhiteVoid
    • Sila Sveta
    • Raduga Design
    • Kommersant

    Teached in:

    • SAE Academy
    • ScreamSchool
    • Realtime School

    Since 2008 producing eductation content at a custom platform Online and Offline.

    His large-scale art installations and live performances produced standalone and in collaboration with Dasha Rush, Robert Lippok, Valentin Tszin, Alexander Abdukarimov, etc were presented at countless events and festivals around the world, including Gamma Festival, Berlin Atonal, Mutek Montreal, Ars Electronica Linz, Unsound Festival in Krakow, Komische Oper Berlin, Raster-Noton night in Berghain, Barbican London, Resonance Festival in Tokyo, Mira Festival Barcelona, L.E.V. Festival, Light Festival Lyon, Telefonica in Lima (Peru), Lowry Theater in Manchester, and many others.

    More than 2000 artists took the workshop and courses created during this time.

    We guarantee the high-quality education based on the system developed through 20 years of tutoring experience

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