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Hot Naked Man-Fun!

A dynamic, fully-conscious Men's Erotic Play Space!

hosted by Brad Amberheart, Mahan Kalpa Khalsa, and Mountain Men of Spirit

ASHEVILLE, NC * May 18, 2019 * 7:30 PM-2 AM


We're making this event accessible and avaialble to everyone! There are a few work-trades options available in exchange for tickets. We need 3 or 4 helpers to help with setting up for the event, checking people in (while you check 'em OUT!) and cleaning up the next day, so if you would like to trade 3-4 hours of your time for a ticket, please contact the organizers!

Doors open at 7:30 and close at 8:00 so that we can set the container.

You’re welcome to leave at any time, but no one will be re-admitted once they leave.

Consider staying till the Closing Circle at 1:30 AM!

COMING FROM OUT OF TOWN? Some kind, wonderful men in our Asheville community are offering rooms and beds for rent at really affordable rates! You can read about the options by pasting or re-typing this link into your web browser: https://www.bradamberheart.com/lodging. When you buy your ticket here on Eventbrite, just scroll down to see our list of lodging options, which you will purchase on EventBrite, separately from the event ticket.


We’ve established 3 simple rules which will make this a dynamic, fuckin’ hot, delicious, playful, erotic, dick-throbbing FUN MEN’S SEX SPACE.

There will be an opening circle at 8:00 PM to welcome everyone, say hello, and set the stage for some BIG fun this evening! Everyone will be invited to say who you are and even one word about what brought you here, then we’ll do a few ice-breakers to practice these few simple rules for dynamic, exciting group man-fun tonight:

Rule #1:

No one has to play at a play party. Relax. Be yourself.

Voyeurism is Participation. You are welcome here just as you are. This is a place to BE. All expressions of humanness which are clear and kind are welcomed.

Rule #2:

Consent is Sexy.

You can ask for anything you would fucking LOVE to receive!

If the answer is “NO,” then you can ask for something else, or just ask someone new! We’re going to practice fearless asking for what we really want, saying FUCK YES, and saying “no thank you”.

Rule #3:

Drug & Alcohol-Free Play Space

We’re creating a space where we can explore how good it feels to simply be immersed in male-male erotic energy and enjoy a natural high. Ride the great vibe! Get high naturally!

Frequently Asked Questions (Q & A)

What exactly is this…is it really an orgy?

Yes, it’s an orgy…with the added dimension of being a CONSCIOUS orgy.


We’re here to celebrate hot sexual and erotic fun with other men, with respect for each other’s desires and boundaries. We’re keeping it drug and alcohol-free so that everyone here can be fully present, alert, and on the same wavelength. And we’re actually giving everyone a voice—to speak their wildest desires, and to learn how to gracefully receive a “Fuck Yes” or a “No Thank You”.

Will everyone there be old and fat?

No. There will be smokin’ hot men here of all ages, shapes, sizes, colors, and persuasions, and besides…what turns you on is really up to you. Some of us get excited by large, voluptuous men…others by furry men…others by young men, and yes—others get excited by OLD men, and beyond that…old, young, fat, thin are all words which are directly proportional to each person’s individual perception… TOGETHER, we’re about to find out just how HOT and FUN a night can be when we’re open to exploring, and…just WATCHING could be over-the-top fun, regardless of how much you actually play.

What about STI’s (sexually transmitted infections), HIV, and AIDS?

Many of us have had dynamic, incredible sex lives with hundreds--even thousands--of men and continue to do so with health and complete vitality. You’re welcome to educate yourself, talk to other men, and decide what feels comfortable to you! The most important thing is to be able to walk away from here knowing that everything we have shared has ultimately been an enhancement to our health and well-being. Some people do this by using condoms. Others do this by using PrEP. Others do it by rubbing cocks together for hours on end and writhing in euphoric ecstasy but not fucking. Others do it by whacking off to a good hot sex scene in progress. Others find their ecstasy by sitting and having orgasm after orgasm without even touching themselves or anyone else. There are innumerable ways to enjoy the fuck out of yourself and enhance your health at this orgy. Above all—have fun, and leave here feeling blessed through and through, inside and out, by this ecstatic communion with a group of men!


For more inspiration in your journey of creating the sex life YOU desire, go to bradamberheart.com

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