Hoosier Pagan Picnic Summer  2023

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Hoosier Pagan Picnic Summer 2023

Come join us for a PITCH-IN in the park to connect, picnic, celebrate and have fun in the sun (& shade) with fellow pagans from all over IN!

By Fellow pagan volunteers

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Saturday, August 19 · 11am - 6:30pm EDT


Southeastway Park 5624 South Carroll Road Shelters #4 & #5 New Palestine, IN 46163

About this event

  • 7 hours 30 minutes
  • Mobile eTicket


We're so excited to invite all Indiana pagans to gather and celebrate together this summer! We've got alot more to add & organize as we get nearer the date but we have a HPPS facebook page with a HPPS facebook event page to keep everyone updated & in-the-know.

Here's our HPPS facebook page!

No matter what path you follow, no matter what place you are in the state, we want you to be able to make it here. So we're trying out a RIDE-SHARE option for those that live farther out from central IN, basically an organized carpooling. Whether you'd like to volunteer to share your ride and drive a few others in your area or you want to attend but want/need to share a ride from another nearer you; we have a document form at the following link to help unite locals to RIDE-SHARE to and from our first HPPS.

Want to drive others or want a ride with others? Click here to RIDE-SHARE!

HPPS 2023 is a pitch-in picnic and more. We want you to bring a dish to share and we want to be sure we have a good variety as well as safe choices for those with food/drink allergies. So whilst you think on what you'll make/buy/bring to share, our PITCH-IN organizers are working on that process to update all soon as well.

We must adhere to park rules, one of which is no loud, amplified music. Our SOUND-ENTERTAIN organizers will help us monitor that. If you've a drum to bring to share in circle or if you've other gifts you'd like to share *family friendly*, such as a poem, a song, etc: we may have a little open-mic time.

There's no booths, vending, etc allowed by park rules. But we can converse, connect & share! So our CRAFTY-SHARES organizers are gathering those who'd like to share their craft, their skills: whether you {for examples} knit, crochet, woodwork, soapmake, divinations, wandmake, make spellbottles, wrap jewelry, dance or want to learn something new from others sharing ... today will be that day! For up-to-date information check out our HPPS facebook page and the agendas section below. If you are interested in sharing your craft/craftiness, you may contact our CRAFTY-SHARES organizers on our HPPS facebook page. We'll definitely be learning a little of the Witches Dance {Schüttel deinen Speck}, so bring your besoms, staffs, or find a stick to "Shake Your Bacon" with us.

Here's our HPPS facebook page!

*NOTE: no electricity aside from our event use only.*

We've several areas we still need volunteers to help organize and make this a great event for all. You can see in hashtag image the areas we've grouped and those interested in volunteering in one or more of these by being an organizer; before the event, the day of or even both ... please, contact us on our HPPS facebook page.

You may also email us at : hpps.2023@gmail.com

This is a family friendly and (by park rules, which can be seen on their website) dogs on leashes only friendly event. We'll be very near forested areas, so please no other pets or animals. * Another park rule is NO alcohol.

There will be pictures and videos taken during the event by one or more of our volunteer organizers and most certainly by event attendees.

Southeastway park is a188-acre nature park managed by Indianapolis Parks & Recreation Department and is located at the south-east corner of Marion County.

We've made a suggested BYO list for you below that will be updated as needed.

BYO list: (lawn/travel) chair/s, picnic blankets, eating utensils, sunscreen, bug spray, cups, water bottles,  NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED BY PARK, child's toys and must haves, besoms, small drums, staffs/walking sticks, small divination tools, NO ATHAMES ALLOWED BY PARK, sunglasses, small umbrella (no holes made in park, please), epi-pens &/or first aid items .... what would you add to this list? Go to our facebook page to let us know, so we can add it here!

Here's our HPPS facebook page!

We also have a supply list that you may donate to if you'd like and this will be updated as needed as well.

SUPPLIES list: cleaning wipes, paper towels, extra tp, napkins, eating & serving utensils, plates, bowls, cups, extra trash bags, foil, clear wrap, bandaid & first aids, pens & paper, serving area tablecloths, waters, charcoal (fluid), grilling utensils.

This event is free to all with HUGE THANKS & GRATITUDE to our sponsor this year!

Here's our HPPS facebook page!

Want to drive others or want a ride with others? Click here to RIDE-SHARE!

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