Honoring the Feminine...Loving the Feminine: 6-Month Coaching by Phone

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Today, men are challenged with interpersonal relationships
in ways they've never been before:

Women are learning to speak up for what they want & need.
BUT Men actually enjoy learning to be more attuned to feminine sensibilities.
Couples are learning the "7 SECRETS of Domestic Bliss".

Now, it's YOUR TURN!

Learn how to ~
- Master Male-Female Dynamics
- Talk to your Lover
- Please your Partner
- Unlock the secrets of Dating for Keeps
- Communicate what you want to give & receive
- Understand the 5 Love Languages, Tantra Yoga, & FLR
- Build trust, respect & DESIRE by Honoring the Feminine & Evolving the Masculine
- Finesse your unique flirting style, sexual fantasies & personal fetishes

6-Month Program has 98% success rate:
- Helps you attract & KEEP the Love of your Life.
- Within a year, SINGLES are engaged or married;
- COUPLES renewing vows.
- WEEKLY SESSIONS make ALL the difference!
- COACHING-by-PHONE makes it simple & easy!

“You changed my Life.” PS, Sr. Executive, Credit-Suisse, Zurich
"​In a day, I got my game back."​ AL, XDeep, London, UK
"I'm married! I couldn't have done it without you."​ SH, Psychiatrist, Napa
"Happily married with children. Thank you."​ JN, Smith Barney, NYC
"You're my guru." - RS, Physician, Washington, DC
"We just met you & you understand everything about us." - GR, Architect, SF
"You're the best therapist I've ever met." - MZ, Psychologist, San Diego, CA
"No dates for 6 months; after one session, I had 3 in 1 week." - MT, PhD., Palo Alto, CA
"You are fascinating! This Female-Led Relationship course saved my marriage!" Tim, Philadelphia
"​In 1 weekend, you did what 8 psychiatrists failed to do in 8 years! Men need this work!"​
WS, VP Marketing, HP, Palo Alto

Fortune 100 Clients: AT&T, Credit-Suisse, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Marriott, Silicon Graphics, Smith Barney, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Wells Fargo

Text: 858-367-0116

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