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Honing Zone Zero On-Line Tele-Course 2013

Living Mandala

Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 5:00 PM - Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 6:30 PM (PDT)

Honing Zone Zero On-Line Tele-Course 2013

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Ended $195.00 $5.87
Standard / Supplemented Ended $129.00 $4.22
Session 1 (Aug 8): Your Zone Zero Zero Sweet Spot Ended $25.00 $1.62
Session 2 (August 15th): Composting Shoulds into Flowers of Choice Ended $25.00 $1.62
Session 3 (Aug 22): August 22nd, 2013: Transforming Enemy Images into Companion Planting Ended $25.00 $1.62
Session 4: (Aug 29): Inner Resilience by Mediating Internal Conflicts Ended $25.00 $1.62
Session 5 (Sept 5): Scalable Inner Gardening with Holistic Decisiveness Ended $25.00 $1.62
Session 6 (Sept 12): Transforming Enemy Images into Companion Planting Ended $25.00 $1.62
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Event Details

Honing Zone Zero:

Living Compassionate Communication & Permaculture to Sustain Self-Connection

6-week Tele-Course on Thursdays from August 8 - Sept 12, 2013

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm San Francisco; 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm New York


  •  Are the weeds of self-judgment, overwhelm and confusion overrunning the garden of your heart?
  • Ready to allow the sun of clarity to flower in your life?
  • Wonder how our worst enemies & most threatening competitors can evolve to become our best friends?
  • Co-create a harmonious life from the inside out.

Course Overview

As we all know there are many problems facing the world today - climate change, de-forestation, peak oil, species extinction, clean water, poverty, inequality, corruption... and so much more. Sometimes all of these challenges can seem overwhelming.

Many sages, yogi's and saints, including Mahatma Ghandi, Thich Nat Hahn, Ammachi, and others have said that our external situations, societal injustice, and ecological unrest are all eternal circumstances manifesting from the pollution of negative thought forms, unkind words, and hateful judgmental thinking. This gives us insight into how to clean up our world, one conversation at a time, starting within. To get to the root of the problem, we must tend to our inner garden.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Ghandi

Course Description

This course is all about tending to what is often referred to as Zone Zero (or 00) in Permaculture - the inner garden, the soil and seeds from which everything external sprouts and bears its bear fruit as an offering to the world.

During this course, using the language, teachings, and examples found in nature, living systems, permaculture principles, non-violent communication, pattern language, and universal listening, we will uncover practices to clean-up and transform our own inner gardens.

In this 6-Session live, interactive, tele-seminar series, we will learn various practices to restore balance and beauty to the mind and heart, and how to engage the world in a way the supports the thriving of life in ourselves, others, and the world.

With a dynamic play of live practice, interactive role-plays, and ground breaking interviews... we well:

• Explore the art of Self empathy by unlocking the prison of "should", and transform enemy images into Restorative Seeing.
• Learn a daily Self compassion practice to grow love in Self talk - a way to make stressful decisions from the heart with more ease to get to YES.
• Mediate internal conflicts so we don't spill pain on others, and find the sweet spot in our own lives to be a joyful and empowered agent of change through Permaculture, Compassionate Communication, & Climate Justice.

Whether you call in live from the rural permaculture farm or the heart of the urban jungle, you will experience the marriage of Compassionate Communication & Permaculture Principles with a small carbon footprint, meet and connect with an interdependent web of co-learners, worldwide, mobilizing for climate justice, from the inside out. We'd love to go on this journey with you in service to creating thriving relationships with ourselves, each other, and Mother Nature.

"This course is growing like a permaculture garden, itself. This is the third year we have played with the evolutions of this offering and delighted its re-seeding and taking a life of its own, synergizing with Jay Ma & Living Mandala, Evolver, Barbara Larson & Alan Seid who are Certified Trainers with The Center for Nonviolent Communication, community outreach supported by Elyssa Serrelli, and servant-lead by Sri Nath.

This ground-breaking course is co-designed with the intentions to serve the Soul to flourish and your unique gifts to thrive, brilliantly in service to balance with Earth.

Below are the descriptions of each of these amazing classes during this series. You can register for any individual session, or the entire course.

Session Dates, Times, and Titles

6-week Tele-Course on Thursdays from August 8 - Sept 12, 2013

5:00 pm - 6:30 pm San Francisco; 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm New York

  • Aug 8th: Your Zone Zero Zero Sweet Spot
  • Aug 15th: Composting Shoulds into Flowers of Choice
  • Aug 22nd: 4-Step Daily Compost Practice for Anger, Guilt, Shame & Depression
  • Aug 29th: Inner Resilience by Mediating Internal Conflicts
  • Sept 5: Scalable Inner Gardening with Holistic Decisiveness
  • Sept 12: Transforming Enemy Images into Companion Planting


Session Descriptions

Here are the amazing descriptions of each class during this series: 


August 8th, 2013: " Your Zone Zero Zero Sweet Spot" 


Sri Nath interview's Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer Alan Seid of Bodhi Creek Farm, Cascadia Workshops, and The Center for Nonviolent Communication. In this interview, Alan Seid and Sri Nath will be talking about the convergence between (1) personal development, (2) making a difference, and (3) crafting your ideal lifestyle. Alan works with people committed to the place where those three converge, and he sees five necessary components to being effective on that path: mindsets, tools, skills, resources, and community. Through Q&A with Alan, we will explore how Compassionate Communication and Permaculture principles can serve your Zone Zero Zero sweet spot in the age of climate turbulence, peak oil and economic instability, and lead to a positive and resilient "we" space.



August 15th, 2013: "Composting Shoulds into Flowers of Choice"


Here's an opportunity to experience and lWe will get more clear on the needs behind challenging tasks and get clear which strategies the life us wants to keep watering and weed out.  In this course, will dig in and turn over our own shoulds so that we can go beyond unconsciously doing what we don't want to and pick more soulfully aligned options to take us down the path we want to go and even begin to enjoy what we dislike so aversion can become the nectar of contentment with the authentic actions that challenge us to grow.  This Compassionate Communication process of Marshall Rosenberg's is like aeration for the Spirit and frees up a lot of space for new growth to flourish and thrive.


August 22nd, 2013: "4-Step Daily Compost Practice for Anger, Guilt, Shame & Depression"

Here's an opportunity to experience and learn the skills of tending Zone Zero Zero, the inner landscape of the mind/body/soul.  Bringing attention to the most ordinary experience of our common human daily practice, our own self talk, come on a journey within, exploring how what we tell ourselves, moment to moment, has a profound impact on the health of our inner garden, which in turn affects all life around us. Join us in slowing down...... and noticing..... how our self talk either contributes to a toxic inner environment leading to a life out of balance or,  can liberate ourselves to live vital, creative lives of contribution, in harmony with ourselves, our community and our environment. In this first session we'll practice one application of the skill of self-empathy: composting Life-alienating judgments, blame, shame, guilt and anger into Life-connected creative energies such as autonomy, love, contribution, belonging, integrity and purpose.


August 29th, 2013: "Inner Resilience by Mediating Internal Conflicts"

Yogi Berra said, "When you get to a fork in the road, take it."  The brain is an organ of duality and the heart is an organ of unity.  In this course, each person will be supported to work through an inner conflict through a simple 9-step internal mediation process designed by a man called "Shantigarbha" (Seed of Peace).  You will be supported to sit in the discomfort of Zone Zero Zero and bring non-duality to what seems to be an illusion of inner separation and move towards seeing the mandorla of the both/and, from within by looking and seeing the shared needs in two different strategies, "use the edges" and be prepared to move down the path with more heart connection, integrity, and clarity.


Sept 5, 2013: Sri Nath on "Scalable Inner Gardening with Holistic Decisiveness"

In the age of over-information, we are given so many seeds of possibility and only so time, physical vitality, resources, and relations to foster them to become successful dreams landed in reality. This course supports us to use the complexity of our options as a leverage point for focusing in on a more simple way of being that gets to the essence of what would truly serve a joyful and beautiful life.  Often times we think up strategies of what to do next without considering the consequences and with little regard for what the heart says. You will learn a easy and systematic Compassionate Communication process to organize and track many strategies that the mind is spinning and go through each of them back towards the somatic wisdom of how we feel in relation to the needs unmet or met by actions.  This process sharpens discernment and uses the diversity of the mental complexity to strengthen resiliency of slowing down, with a "start small and build on success" attitude.

Sept 12, 2013, 2013: "Transforming Enemy Images into Companion Planting" 



Its tough to create the harmony our soil of life needs when we are stuck in the illusion of separation. At our core, we are all inter-beings and interconnected with the tree of life. This course is a mindful space to be heard about the pain behind enemy image thoughts. Basically we will consciously use the sophistication of a war room, where enemy images are tracked and transform the call into a peace room, with the co-intelligence of empathy without fixing, or advising, or analyzing… just hearing the heart behind the words. We will be holding space for a compassionate "back yard burn pile" by having enemy judgment branches and heavy criticism logs of the mind be heard from the heart so those ashes become next seasons nutrients for harvests of friendship, ally images, and partnership. Gardens of sorts grow easier, when we move from opposition to collaboration and conscious co-creation.


Facilitator Bios

Barbara Larson

Barbara Larson has been sharing the process of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as a Certified Trainer for the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 1999 and growing a permaculture farm at NVC Family Camp ( on Vashon Island, WA for 9 years.. She has worked in numerous International Intensive Trainings with Dr Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC, served on the international CNVC board, and is a member of the CNVC Trainer Certification team. Barbara is a founding member and board member of Northwest Compassionate Communication. Barbara’s diverse trainings are inspired by her mission to live her values of compassion, community and social change by sharing the process of NVC and growing food close to home.


Alan Seid

Alan Seid (pronounced "side") has been studying NVC since 1995 and has been a Certified Trainer in NVC since 2003. He has been studying Permaculture since 1998, and attended a 4-week certificate course at the Bullock Brothers homestead in 1999. Alan and his partner Tricia found their dream property in 2000 with the intention of starting a learning center for sustainability tools and practices, as part of a larger vision for a functional ecovillage. Alan works as a coach, consultant, and seminar leader with individuals and organizations who are committed to positive change. Over the years Alan's clients have come from the academic, nonprofit, business, and government sectors, nationally and internationally. In early 2013 Alan organized a tele-summit on NVC and social change that attracted over 1600 people from over 30 countries, the largest NVC event to-date, on or off line. Alan grew up bilingual/bicultural in Mexico City, Mexico, and works mostly from home in the foothills of Washington State's North Cascades. As a recovering perfectionist, Alan believes strongly in being willing to take imperfect action, with two examples being and


Sri Nath

Sri Nath (pronnounced "shree-not") is joyful when seeing all of the flow of life experience, to be a pilgrimage into the heart of the whole Universe. He has co-learned & served in hands-on community permaculture projects in Ladakh, Auroville, Sonoma County, Kerala, Hummingbird Community and studied indigenous permaculture with Louie Hena from Tesugeh Pueblo and a PDC with Rico Zook from Northern New Mexico. Sri Nath apprenticed humanure composting toilet systems with Barbara Larson and Doug Dolstadt at NVC Family Camp and studied the process through North America & Asia. He has been an Empathic Life Coach with over 20 people and co-created hundreds of Compassionate Communication & Restorative Circle co-learning practice groups with 1000's of people in schools, universities, jails, massacre & natural disaster zones, police & sheriff's departments, border conflicts, gangs, militaries, governments, NGO's, social change settings, youth movements, religious groups, intentional communities and businesses throughout North America, India, and Panya Permaculture in Thailand since 2007. He has apprenticed Compassionate Communication with over 35 Certified Trainers, including founder, Marshall Rosenberg and slowly co-learning to put it into practice with Dominic Barter who teaches people to host Restorative Justice Systems and Restorative Circles to embrace community conflict. Sri Nath is a graduate of the 2011 Bay Area Nonviolent Communication Leadership Program and volunteered and participated with the Nonviolent Communication & Diversity Retreat, and co-facilitated in Compassionate Communication Community Camps in USA, India & Canada where Permaculture Principles have been integral.


More Information

For questions and more information regarding the course:

Visit the course website at

e-mail: or 

phone: 707-634-1461 

Have questions about Honing Zone Zero On-Line Tele-Course 2013? Contact Living Mandala

When & Where

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Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 5:00 PM - Thursday, September 12, 2013 at 6:30 PM (PDT)

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