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Homeschool Support Group

Share your homeschooling highs & lows for the week, and be inspired by other homeschoolers who can relate.

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We’ve gotten guidance from the homeschooling workbook, videos, and classes. Now, let’s address any lingering struggles, and work toward teaching fun, educational lessons, so we can continue to enjoy a thriving homeschool experience.

Through a series of reflections and writing exercises, we’ll:

  • Reflect on the highs and lows of the month.
  • Consider feasible resolutions.
  • Create an action plan to do even better.

Then, we’ll chat about our homeschool journeys, and one or more of the following topics:

  • Feild trip ideas.
  • Lesson Planning.
  • Portfolio reviews.

We’ll meet via Zoom so that everyone can attend from the comfort of their own home. The zoom link will be sent with your ticket.

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(If you could use a visual reminder of your homeschooling abilities before class, print and display your Empowerment Diploma + Resume as a visible testament to your transferable skills.)

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All are welcome:

This group is geared toward those who have completed their How to Homeschool workbook, watched the homeschool YouTube videos, attended the other homeschool classes in this collection, and/or are members of our online chat community. That way, attendees have already covered the basics, and can get the most out of their monthly support group meetings. Even still, these helpful prerequisites are in no way mandatory, so all are always welcome—that of course includes parents who are just curious about homeschooling, too.

How to get more bang for your buck:

You’ll get the most bang for your buck by becoming a support group member, since you’ll also get access to Weekly Challenges, Motivational Tips, Ask me Anything sessions, and this monthly gathering, which is included in your Support Group Membership.

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It takes a village to raise a child. And, it takes a village to homeschool to the fullest. I hope to see you there during our next homeschool support group gathering.

Until then, keep thriving!

Andrea Calloway

Quality of Life Coach


Andrea is a homeschooling mother of 3. She’s dedicated to teaching homeschool startup classes so that other parents can enjoy an easy transition into homeschooling.

Truly Thriving Lives is a Black-owned, Woman-owned business founded on Christian principles promoting holistic health & homeschooling resources to the African American Community, and the world.