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Phone Call with Suzanne or Rose

11438 Lebanon Road

Sharonville, OH 45241

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When some one "Holds You Tight" it gives you a secure & safe place to step out of yourself and into a happier, healthier relationship.

About this Event

Register for a free 20-minute phone consultation to learn more about our weekend couples workshop in Cincinnati. Step into a better relationship today.

Hold Me Tight® Cincinnati Workshop Registration fee for one couple:

Early Bird $525

Regular Fee $575

What to Expect at a Hold Me Tight® Workshop:

Hold Me Tight® is a groundbreaking and remarkably successful relationship enrichment program. It creates stronger, more secure relationships by:

  • Identifying your stuck patterns of behavior
  • Understanding the emotions that drive your actions
  • Developing awareness of your partners responses
  • Slowing down your actions to have more choices
  • Building a deep and secure trusting bond

Your Hold Me Tight® weekend workshop will consist of a combination of presentations by workshop leaders, videos of other couples expressing their insights, and exercises you and your partner will complete on your own.

See our video explaining more and below for a sample workshop schedule.

Sample Couples Workshop Schedule

We create a safe, supportive and comfortable environment to explore and strengthen your relationship. We will break up the day with some activities and a few games to keep it fun! Assistance and suggestions will be available to you as needed from the facilitators.

Group discussion can be a powerful way to remind you and your partner that you are not alone, as the group can ask questions and support each other with the process. You are invited to share as much or as little with the group as you want (ie. sharing is not required). There are seven conversations that you and your partner will experience together to help with this. These seven conversations are described in the sample workshop schedule below.

Day One:

Recognizing the Demon Dialogues

Identifying the negative pattern that occurs when you feel frustrated, stuck, or disconnected.

Finding the Raw Spots

Exploring your vulnerable emotions that get activated when you are in conflict.

Revisiting a Rocky Moment

Healing begins from past moments of disconnection where you may still feel difficult or painful emotions.

Day Two:

The Hold Me Tight Conversation

This conversation draws together everything you have learned so far to help you and your partner safely communicate about needs, hopes, and longings. This is the cornerstone of the workshop.

Forgiving Injuries

Deepening our ability to ask for and receive forgiveness for past hurts.

Bonding Through Sex and Touch

Understanding the ways your emotional connection impacts your physical intimacy.

Keeping Your Love Alive

Establishing plans and rituals you can use at home to keep your connection strong.

About the Workshop Facilitators:

Suzanne Telintelo & Rose Kormanyos met at an Emotionally Focused Therapy consultation group, doing what they each love, learning and growing. From the start, we shared a passion for sharing Hold Me Tight® with as many people as we could. Suzanne & Rose have been working together to create a team that will support you while you and your partner every step of the way. We both have different life experiences and unique ways of explaining the material that may connect with each couple in a different way. We love to laugh, and bring our playful energy to break up the content with activities and games. We have been presenting this workshop together for some time now, and have truly enjoyed what we’ve learned about our professional relationship and friendship through the process. We can’t wait to share this program with you and your partner!

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Date and Time


Phone Call with Suzanne or Rose

11438 Lebanon Road

Sharonville, OH 45241

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