Hogwart's Holiday Party - a Cherry Noir, ADULT Harry Potter event - Thurs....

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Saints & Sinners Swingers Club

2533 Emery Street

Philadelphia, PA 19125

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Mistress Zeneca Presents:
Cherry Noir Hogwart's Holiday Party

Thursday, December 12th, 2019 - 8pm-2am


This Cherry Noir is decorated like it's Christmas/Yule at Hogwart's..... with an adult twist. We're burning the candles at both ends this year. This party is the answer to the question, "If I grew up going to Hogwarts, what would my ideal satire holiday party look like?" So, we're digging up the most adult twists to the theme we can think of. We're also including some special touches.

  • Each participant will receive a holiday tree ornament for the House that you signed up with. This is your souvenir from the party and a gift from Mistress Zeneca to you.
  • There will be a HOUSE CUP contest featuring games and activities that help you earn points for your House. The winning House will be announced at Midnight and the club's lighting will change to show the winning House's colors.
  • Each House will have a special portion of the club dedicated to them, although anyone may hang out anywhere in the club they care to.
  • There will be some weird and wacky Harry Potter themed porn, performances, music videos, and more played on the TV screens.
  • This music for this event WILL NOT BE NORMAL CLUB MUSIC! All music is selected to convey the ambiance, humor, and theme of the night. We're aiming at somewhere between Harry Potter movie ambiance with electronica elements. You will be hearing songs that have clips from the movie mixed in, or humorous songs based on the theme. Who knows what we'll find as we're scraping the darkest fanfiction erotica for ideas for this party.

Dobby needs punishment

(MUST RSVP to get in the door as it's considered a "Private Event". Pre-payments of tickets preferred - Details below)

Come dressed in your "wizard best". That means that you should dress in what feels right to you as a wizard or muggle in attendance. This is a one-of-a-kind party that surely won't be repeated.


Non-Gendered pricing - $20 per person. No memberships or fees. Just $20 when you pre-pay at the Saints and Sinners website. If you RSVP and don't buy your ticket ahead of time, it'll be $30 at the door.

Our venue, the Saints and Sinners Club, considers our Non-gendered Thursdays to be PRIVATE EVENTS. So you MUST RSVP in order to get in. There will be no walk-ins. Then purchase your ticket on the website with your promo code.

Cherry Noir Thurs & Fridays

Come on out to the Saints & Sinners Swingers Club and enjoy a 6,000 sq. foot playspace with public and private rooms, perfect to get it on or take it off. Bring your toy bag and prepare to play. Mark your calendars for Thursday December 12th for our super special themed party, then Friday December 13th for Cherry Noir 'Classic' with a more tamed version of this holiday theme.

RSVP for Cherry Noir 'Classic' - Friday, December 13th at:


Must be 21 or over, BYOB, 6,000 sq. ft play space, Private rooms, Secured Parking Lot, Dinner served

2533 Emery Street Philadelphia, PA 19125

Photo credits: Thank you Google.

Check out the Cherry Noir FAQ for answers to many common questions.

Philadelphia BDSM Club Cherry Noir

General Event Description of Cherry Noir BDSM Parties:

Cherry Noir is a BDSM & Swingers play party held on select Thursday/Fridays (Back-to-back events) at the Saints and Sinners Swingers Club. Truly an upscale and hip lounge environment, with an intimate vibe that encourages new experiences and meeting new people. Play publicly or in private. Party in a 6,000 sq. foot playspace. Cherry Noir Thursday nights are a bit of a different beast and Mistress Zeneca can close the club for her specialty events. So the Thursday nights have a different feel and energy to Friday's Cherry Noir 'Classic' events. For Thursday parties the club is closed to all swingers and must be on Mistress Zeneca's list to attend.

Cherry Noir is proof that everyone can have a night that works for them, and that harmony between communities can make for some great parties!

Appropriate for newbies and experienced players age 21 and up. Cherry Noir events cater to couples, triads, and poly groups on Fridays, and open to all Kinksters on Thursdays with a particular emphasis in welcoming the LGBTQ crowd. Prices vary depending on the night, but range from $20/person non-gendered pricing on Thursdays with pre-paid admission or $30 at the door with RSVP only, to $40 per couple and $60 for Triads for Fridays. Single folks have a different pricing structure on Fridays so singles are encouraged to bring a friend, a lover, a date, a wingman, a companion, a bro, a compadre, an associate, a human-pet, a dominant, a submissive, a bff, a bosom buddy, a comrade, a confidante, a friend with benefits, a pal, a fet friend, etc. to come to the event with. Check the particular event you're interested in attending for the correct pricing structure for that party.

Cherry Noir Dance Floor without dungeon furniture

When you enter Cherry Noir for the first time, you might not notice the gorgeous cherry wood flooring or the murals of semi-nude beauties adorning the ceiling above the elevated seating area. But, you will notice the well crafted dungeon furniture, the clean and stylish couches, and the dance floor containing a stripper pole that will definitely get some action throughout the night. Directly to your right is the buffet and safety equipment tables. Cherry Noir opens at 8pm on Thursday events, and 9pm on Friday. Dinner (or buffet nibbles on Thursdays) is already ready for you when you walk in. The safety supplies include paper towels, bottled waters, Clorox wipes, band-aids, condoms, lubes, hand sanitizer, chuck pads, nitrile gloves, a blanket, and a slew of other stuff nearby should you need anything. The entire nightclub feels posh and sleek with the main bar area adorned in a mood lighting that feels warm.

Mistress Zeneca has a host of people known as the 'Ambassadors of Love' identifiable by the large red heart badges and glow sticks they wear. These are the people who you can feel free to ask questions about the club, about the lifestyle, about skills, talents, etc. They secure scenes from intrusion and mingle around to make sure that everyone is having a good time. Ambassadors of Love can even make introductions or give you a person to hang with if you're on the shy side. Their job is to make everyone feel comfortable and to make sure that everyone's safety and security are managed. The Ambassadors of Love are an extension of Mistress Zeneca's hosting and each one displays the type of hospitality and warmth that she would like to extend personally to you. If you have any issues, problems, or concerns, grab an Ambassador and the issue will be addressed. The club staff is also top notch and will handle anyone that steps out of line.

The music is bumping, featuring a combination of dark electronica, electroclash, pop songs that are more on the sensually erotic side, DJ created mash-ups of rock songs, and danceable industrial songs. It's a good mix for dancing or for beating someone to. The DJ takes requests as well, so you can feel free to add your own flavor to the night.

Cherry Noir bar at the Saints and Sinners Swingers Club

Around 10:30pm or so, a class will open up on the quieter Mezzanine level most nights. The teacher will teach some pre-arranged topic or have a discussion about what everyone would like to learn. It's always standing room only and very informative.

Usually by midnight, all around you are scenes of all sorts. People being sexually intimate with their partner(s), people in exquisite agony and ecstasy, and people trying out something new. Exhibitionists and voyeurs getting just what they came there for. Whatever you thought your night could be, it can be even better. The open minded vibe of the entire place just fosters that type of energy. The club stands by a NO means NO rule. So nothing is expected and you can feel free to do nothing or everything, with your partner(s) or with someone new. There is no pressure to ever engage with someone outside your relationship(s). Use the energy of the place to inspire you. The party ends at 2am on Thursdays and 3am on Fridays. Plenty of time to do whatever your heart desires.

Since Cherry Noir takes place at the Saints and Sinners nightclub, a BYOB establishment, you can bring whatever alcoholic beverage you'd like to drink for the night. Mixers, sodas, etc. are provided for free. Be sure to tip the bartenders. If you're drinking, we encourage you to partake lightly. The bartenders will stop serving someone that appears intoxicated.

There are 4 levels to the club: Locker room level with open shower area, Bedroom level with public and private bedrooms, Mezzanine level a quieter seating/play area with the second stripper pole, and the Main dance floor level. The levels are connected by staircases. The club provides towel service and coat check.

Tips: Bring a lock for the locker room. Dress to impress or Dress to undress - Dress up to go out. No fire, scat, or guns. All messy play keep to the shower area and clean up after yourself. Keep your scenes clean and safe. Mind your sharps and dispose of anything with bodily fluids/blood appropriately.


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Contact Mistress Zeneca with any questions - username: ElegantlyKinky

Mistress Zeneca's Cherry Noir

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Date and Time


Saints & Sinners Swingers Club

2533 Emery Street

Philadelphia, PA 19125

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