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Himalayan Pilgrimage with Bharat Thakur in Nepal - Group 3

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The Dharma Institute is hosting a pilgrimage with the amazing Yogi Master Bharat Thakur in Nepal. Spanish translation will be available in this program.

Stay: The Park Village Hotel and Resort

Price: $3,000 USD Double occupancy + taxes and fees

What's included: Accommodation, food, meditation workshops, sight seeing and transportation to and from the airport.



27th - Check in

28th, 29th, 30th - Retreat

1st, 2nd, 3rd - Kathmandu Sight Seeing

4th - Check out


Pilgrimage is a 3 day residential meditation retreat with Dr. Bharat Thakur, a renowned spiritual master from the Himalayas. Dr. Thakur belongs to a lineage of enlightened masters of the Kriya Yoga tradition who has been spreading the science of yoga and meditation through his workshops and yoga company, Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga. His yoga company has branches in India, the UAE, UK and Russia.

Dr. Bharat Thakur lived in the cave monasteries of the Himalayas above the snow line for fourteen years from the age of four with his master, Sukhdev Bhrahmachari. His life there was dedicated to realizing the ultimate potential of meditation, away from civilization, in the very heart of the spiritual centre of the entire world - the Himalayas. He completed his formal education in Gwalior, central India, which culminated in a post doctoral degree in exercise physiology. Following this, he embarked on spreading the knowledge of the ancient science of meditation, as per the wishes of his master.

A master is not only enlightened, but has some important distinguishing qualities -

1. He has the skills and powers to recognize, address and solve the daily issues his students might face in the course of life as a meditator.

2. He has the communication skills that are needed for a fruitful interaction.

3. He has his master's seal of approval to do so. This is what makes him capable of initiating you into your inner journey. It is only through the involvement of a master that you can hope to progress rapidly in your quest.

Pilgrimage is not just another retreat. It is time spent with an adept who has walked the talk and is bound to enrich your quest for the spiritual.

What is it that you will be immersed in, in the retreat?

1. The source - the Master. You get to see, interact with and experience the adept who you would be learning from.

2. The scope of the workshop - it isn’t based on any religion, it does not expect you to belong to any cult, you do not need to blindly believe in any dogma. It is a spiritual science that any one from any walk of life or faith can get into and would in fact help you get deeper into your prayer and meditations.

3. Yoga deals with different layers of the being. You work on meditations and visualizations that awaken the physical body, breath body, mental body, psychic body and the bliss body.

4. You are exposed to the experimental approach needed to succeed at the art of meditation.

5. You will learn the yoga needed to prepare you to meditate. This includes postures, breathing techniques, neuro-muscular locks, and cleansing techniques to loosen stiff joints, strengthen the core, strengthen a weak back, energize the cardio respiratory system, reduce mental disturbance and improve your capacity to stay still for longer periods.

6. You are then initiated by the master into the world of meditation. The initiation is a significant event that can only happen through a master. This will play a huge role in your success as a meditator.

To sum it all up, you will be given initiation into the spiritual life by the master, you will be introduced to meditation through concrete techniques of kriya yoga and you will be taught the yoga that you would need to be able to be successful at meditation.


At once a country of peace and a retreat for mankind, Nepal has sights sounds and experiences like no other place in the world. Still maintaining the connect with ancient traditions and practices of the Yogis, it is difficult to remain untouched by the sheer spiritual exuberance of this Himalayan Kingdom.

Kathmandu, Capital of Nepal, is at once an international destination for spiritual seekers, trekkers, and cultural tourism. Over centuries, it has been a melting pot of Indian, Tibetan and Napali cultural and spiritual activity. From Yogi Gorakhnath, Gautama Buddha, to Guru Padmasambhava and Naropa, Nepal has anchored enlightening exchanges between the Tibetan and Indian streams of inner sciences.

And now he has planned for you, an excursion ..

The Park Village Hotel and Resort

The Park Village Hotel is ideal for you to acquire a foundation of spiritual practice that you can maintain long after they've returned to back to your world.

The Park Village Hotel is located at the edge of Shivapuri National Park. It has been preserved for nature and spiritual excursions by its developers who have avoided bringing commercial activities into the facility as they are keen on creating an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritually uplifting experiences.

A place, a time of a lifetime …

The Himalayas are a great place to meditate, revive, rejuvenate and above all to begin a journey inwards. This retreat is an opportunity to get the advantage of immersing in the mystic embrace of the Himalayas. that mystics have sought from antiquity. You have it through this workshop, guided by a mystic who has lived and walked the life of the Himalayan Yogi.

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Park Village Resort




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