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Highly Perceptive People - 3 Day Live Workshop

Receive a lot of personalized attention & healing!

Do you want to feel more loved, heard, seen & understood?
Are you ready to receive deeper healing, be less guarded, and let your true self-shine?
Are you ready to stop dreading negative people or environments because of how it makes you feel?
Whether you are a perceptive person or you are dealing with a loved one, co-worker or friend who is sensitive, these tools will help you!

5 Key Benefits:

  • Deep healing of old wounds, beliefs & traumas blocking you from standing in your power and manifesting the life that you want.
  • Releasing subconscious guards, walls, shields, and blocks affecting connection and the ability to receive even more love, money, blessings and good things in your life.
  • Being more present and available inside your body and increase your sense of self so that you can BE who are meant to be.
  • Increasing intuition and confidently taking action on your insights.
  • Have more awareness and stop taking on other people’s energies because you have developed better boundaries.

The Power:

when you harness your highly perceptive “spidey sense,” it gives you a stronger sense of self, more authenticity, confidence, self-respect, trust, self-honor and resiliency.

  • Discover how you can heal yourself so if you do take on other people’s energies, you can clean it up.
  • Ascertain who you are and how to tap into your strengths and brilliance, and realize that nothing is bigger than you. You are empowered, safe, healthy and full of joy!
  • Explore how to de-sensitize when needed and become even more intuitive, sensitive and empathic!

The Possibilities:

Allow your perception to make you smarter, sharper and able to “see and sense” through your gifted lens, enriching your world.

  • Discover how to tap in to even more of your intuition, be more compassionate with yourself and loved ones.
  • Heighten your abilities to tune into people and situations so you can have healthier relationships without changing who you are.
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself and others so you can come from compassion and acceptance.
  • Learn to trust yourself more and stand in your power!

The Problems:

Highly perceptive people may unknowingly contort themselves because they can easily sense what others need. Without appropriate boundaries, intuitive people may become stuck with the negative energy of people and environments.

  • Learn to stop contorting, be less self-sacrificing and refrain from collapsing your space and sense of self while around emotional people and negative environments.
  • Identify and become self-aware of when you are shrinking yourself and playing small out of fear, feeling unsafe & trying to please someone else. And then learn tools to choose a new, healthier, more empowering outcome for similar experiences in the future.
  • Stop walking on eggs shells around others and adapting to what you think they need and want from you.
  • Become aware of how often you guard yourself and block yourself from receiving wonderful things like more love, money, joy & blessings.

This highly interactive workshop is very experiential and tremendously healing! We will have a series of topics to discuss, immediately followed by kinesthetic exercises to give you hands-on tangible experiences so that you will discover your thoughts, emotions, and sensations in a variety of circumstances. You will have a stronger sense of self-identity. Some of these exercises will give you the ability to recognize and be with different levels of emotions so that you can be more present and available with a variety of people, places and things.

Imagine the healing and partnerships that can blossom when you experience this course together with your loved ones and co-workers! Invite them to participate in this workshop with you.

Tiffany Cano will teach you how to harness your genius, while also holding your space and boundaries. She was born highly perceptive, intuitive, empathic, psychic & clairvoyant. She struggled as a kid being so in tune to the energies all around her. Over the years, she has learned how to embrace these skills to help others, while staying clean, clear & strong. Now she is bringing it to you and is excited to help other highly perceptive people!

If you want to learn how to honor your gifts, as well as desensitize, have better boundaries and hold your space, this is the best class for you!

Workshop Hours

Friday: 6pm-9pm

Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am - 7pm

Early Bird Price:

$997 or 5 payments of $200 by October 10th

$1097 or 4 payments of $275 by November 10th

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Date and Time


Location TBD

SF Bay Area

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