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A curated healing and transformational online wellness experience featuring yoga, breathwork, meditation, sound & energy healing and more!

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High Viber Virtual Retreat is a curated healing and transformational online wellness experience!

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A mind, body, and soul immersions featuring online yoga classes, breathwork and meditation classes, energy healing sessions, shamanic healing and rituals, mindful practices, wellness, and a group life coaching session.

​Would like to know how to raise your vibrations? How to maintain the higher viberational state so you can create the best version of yourself?

Increase your personal power = Attracting and manifesting will become a breeze!

​When you take High Viber Virtual Retreat you will...

  • Gain more sense of clarity and purpose about your life.​
  • Learn all the ways to raise your vibrations to attract and manifest more positive outcomes to your life.
  • Learn about foods and lifestyle practice that boost your immune system, assists in self healing and anit-aging.
  • Learn about the chakras, how to increase and work with your intuition
  • Become better at managing your stress, anxiety and learn to observe rather than reacting.
  • Let go of your old subconscious programming and upgrade your consciousness.
  • Let go of your unwanted habits and create new habits to bring real measurable change.
  • Release your traumas and energy blocks.
  • Re-wire and re-program your brain for success with powerful Hypnosis, Subliminal Messages and Sound Frequencies.
  • Learn to transform your life by mastering your thoughts
  • Learn to practice yoga, work with your breath and subtle body to tune in and increase "prana" (life force energy).

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